Introduction - Computer Measurement Group


Think of some of your favorite conference presentations. Think of the presenters.

What do you remember?

My guess is that you remember the presenter first and foremost. They spoke concisely and clearly. They smiled and made eye contact. They engaged and emitted an “energy” when they spoke.

Do you remember the deck?

You probably remember some graphs or images or a video, but I doubt you would be able to recall 10 bullet points on slide 5. But that is because best presentations wont have 10 bullet points on one slide. They may not contain any bullet points.

Sure, we’d all like to be as polished as a FAANG executive on the day of a product launch, but lets face it. They have invested tens of thousands of dollars in presentation coaching and employ teams of people whose job it is to create presentation decks meant to inspire and engage.

But, you do not have to have those resources to create and deliver an excellent presentation. You just need to remember some simple tips and practices that will transform your story into an engaging presentation.

Ready? Let’s get started!