Membership Benefits

CMG is dedicated to providing IT professionals with professional development to drive their careers forward and education to keep them up to date on changes and trends across all platforms.

CMG offers its members opportunities for education, networking, and leadership.  In addition to events and webinars hosted by CMG International, more than 25 international chapters host meetups and conferences focused on information sharing and tech education.


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All CMG Members Benefit From:

  • Access to a repository of more than over 1,000 research papers, presentations, and white papers from industry experts for the information you need for delivering improved results.
  • Free 1 hour webinars featuring industry experts and technology demos and recorded webinar access.
  • Free newsletters that feature the latest informative CMG news.
  • Quarterly issues of the CMG Journal
  • Discounted registration for CMG International-hosted events.
  • Access to CMG imPACt conference presentations and papers.
  • Access to our members-only videos channel with event videos, interviews and more.
  • Discounted registration for CMG’s international annual imPACt conference bringing together the best in the industry for four days of research, training, workshops, networking and practice sharing.
  • Access to our international Member Directory.
  • Access to CMG's Slack channel and LinkedIn to take part in performance and capacity discussions, hot topics, evaluations, information, networking, stay up to date with company news, and more!


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Membership FAQ

How can I join CMG? Or renew my Membership?

You can join CMG or renew your membership by clicking, here.

What is the difference between a National CMG membership and a Regional CMG membership?

The U.S Regions and International Regions have their own memberships separate from National CMG. The Regions are special interest groups that conduct meetings & conferences throughout the world. Being a member of a region does not give you access to the National’s CMG member’s only section, discounted CMG publications and/or discounted CMG International Conference registration.

When does my membership expire or need to be renewed?

CMG memberships are now based on Anniversary Date. It runs from the date you join to a year from the date you join. To be a current active CMG member one must renew each year or attend last year's conference.

I signed up for MeasureIT, can I access past proceedings?

Sorry, but you must be an active CMG member to access past proceedings. Please consider joining CMG.

What is my username?

Your username is the email address you registered with CMG.

How do I reset my password?

You can change and get a password reminder using our password utility.

Does my Company have a membership?

You would have to ask your manager or employer if they applied for a company/corporate membership. Or you can email CMG Headquarters at [email protected] to look it up for you. If you know your company doesn't have a company/corporate membership and would like to join, you can apply for it, under "Corporate Membership", by clicking here.