About the Event:

At this event featuring U.S. Bank, we will discuss the status of TLS 1.3 (the version of TLS being worked on at the IETF). TLS1.3 disallows the use of RSA key exchange. This means that large data centers will need a different way to decrypt out of band traffic. We need ways to manage our networks when traffic is encrypted. When you cannot inspect traffic, there can be malware, leaks, fraud and many other security and diagnostic problems.

Scheduled Presentations:

  • Review of TLS
  • TLS1.3 impact on large data centers
  • Potential Protocol Changes for Data Centers


October 2, 2017
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

U.S. Bank
Arrowhead Conference Room
1 Meridian Crossing
Minneapolis, MN 55423


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