2016 February25th MSPCMG Meeting

“Containers – They Are The Future; Starting Yesterday”


Date: February 25, 0000011111100000
Time:                  8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Location and Address:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota - Roseville
Crossroads of Roseville
1647B County Road B2 West
Roseville, MN 55113

Minneapolis / St. Paul CMG meetings are open to anyone who would like to attend.

Cost: n/c



8:00 – 8:05 Business Meeting / Round Table


8:05 – 8:45 “Docker Up & Running” – Jim Goergen -

We will review the Nutshell book entitled Docker Up & Running focusing on some basic definitions of Container, Docker, and related Linux concepts. The goal of this talk is to establish a basic understanding of Container technology for the following talks of this meeting.
Jim has spent the past 6 years supporting Data Protection technology, in particular EMC's Data Domain and Avamar and Veritas' NetBackup on various Operating Systems. He has several years of UNIX system administration experience and enjoys writing Korn shell and Bash shell scripts to automate some of the backup and storage operations tasks. He worked for Control Data in the 1980s on their propriety Operating Systems.

Here is Jim's Presentation:   CMG_Docker_presentation_02252016


8:45- 9:00 Break - Coffee – Sponsored By EMC


9:00 – 9:45 “The Container movement, the players involved, and their potential impact for your organization” – Gabriel Chapman Cloud Architect, Agile Infrastructure

While the concepts of containers are not new, the current popularity of Docker and the emergence of DevOps has brought the technology to the forefront of next generation data center computing. Over the course of this presentation we will expand on the current state of the Container movement, the players involved, and their potential impact for your organization.

Gabriel joins Solidfire to focus on Agile Infrastructure with the top tier partners in the Cloud and Enterprise Ecosystem. A Prime Mover, Technologist, Unapologetic Randian Social Media Junky, Writer, Bacon Lover, and Deep Thinker, he has a primary goal to Speak Truth to Technology and make complex ideas sound simple. A 4X vExpert that transitioned into the vendor side after spending 15 years working in the end user Information Technology arena. Gabriel has specialized in storage and virtualization technologies over the last decade.. Today his primary area of expertise revolves around storage, data center virtualization, hyper-converged infrastructure, rack scale/hyper scale computing, Cloud, DevOps, and Enterprise infrastructure design.. In his free time he is the host of the In Tech We Trust podcast, and enjoys blogging, and public speaking. Prior to joining SolidFire Gabriel was a storage technologies overlay covering the United States with Cisco, focused on the Global Service Provider customer base. Before Cisco, he was part of the go to market team with SimpliVity, where he focused on crafting the customer facing messaging, pre-sales engagement, and evangelism efforts for the early adopters of Hyper Converged Infrastructure.


10:00 – 10:45 “In Depth Introduction to Containers on Microsoft Platforms” – Dave Strebel - Microsoft

The container virtualization movement is upon us. Containers deliver the promise of portable development, rapid deployment and true scale capabilities. Containers will be very impactful to developers, IT Pros and those in between. During this session I will discuss fundamental aspects of container virtualization and the detail for using containers on Microsoft platforms. This will be a demo heavy session and will appeal to both those familiar with containers and also to those who are new to container technology.
Dave Strebel currently serves as a Technical Specialist for Microsoft, with a focus on distributed system management and cloud computing technologies. Dave brings over 15 years of hands-on experience in the architecture of distributed and virtualized systems. On the side, he is the organizer of the Minnesota Cloud Foundry and Docker Meetups.

Dave's Slides are here:  win-containers-160225231010


10:45- 11:00 Break


11:00 – 12:00 “Mesos and Cloud Native Infrastructure at Optum”
– Joel E Carlson - Sr IT Architect / Craig Maxson - IT Architecture Consultant

Biography: Joel E Carlson
Joel Carlson has been involved with distributed computing systems at very large scale for over 20 years. industry experience includes University of Minnesota, Cray Research, UBS, Seren and Optum. The focus has always been Linux and open source solutions. His passions are golf and programming Haskell. Currently, leading a cloud native team focused on Mesos and Docker.

Biography: Craig Maxson
Craig has 30 years of IT experience with shared infrastructure at large MN shops including United Health Group/Optum, Cargill, and Xcel Energy. The last 16 years were focused on enterprise storage. The last two years were spent bringing in emerging technologies such as Cloud/object storage, scale-out and software-defined storage, and most recently with Cloud-Native and Open-source technologies such as Mesos, Docker, and OCP. Passions are family, mountain backpacking, adventure travel, and extreme fishing.

Joel and Craigs presentation is right here:  Mesos and Cloud-Native Highlights


12:00 – 12:30 “Lunch” – Sponsored by SolidFire


12:30 – 1:30 “Microservices 101: From DevOps to Docker and beyond” – Donnie Berkholz, Ph.D. Director - Development, DevOps, & IT Ops,451 Research

Containers and microservices are two of the fastest-growing trends in technology, enabled by a modern approach to software development and deployment called DevOps. This talk will delve into the increasingly mainstream trend of DevOps, the Docker and containers ecosystem including current enterprise adoption, and how they combine to form a new style of software architecture dubbed microservices. We'll close by looking at real-world examples of containers and microscopes architectures at leading-edge companies.

Donnie Berkholz is the research director for the Development, DevOps, & IT Ops channel at 451 Research, which covers the technologies employed for software development and software lifecycle management to drive business growth. Prior to joining 451 Research, he was a senior analyst at RedMonk. Donnie has previously served as a research fellow at the Mayo Clinic and a writer for LWN.net, and he has spent more than a decade as an open-source developer.

Donnie's presentation can be found right here:  dberkholzmspcmgmicroservices-160225202518


1:30 –2:30 ““CloudOS – Containing The Containers - Kubernetes” – Enlin Xu  - VMturbo


Enlin Xu is a proud graduate of Columbia University in the City of New York (M.S. Computer Science) and has been a software engineer in VMTurbo since 2011. Before coming to US, Enlin graduated from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, obtaining a B.Eng in Electric and Electronic Engineering.
During his years at VMTurbo, Enlin has been inventor of multiple pending patents in DataCenter management, including Network Aware Placement, Container Control, Software License control, and CloudOS control.

Elin's presentation is here:  CMG-Kubernetes


2:30 – 2:45 Break Sponsored by VMTurbo


2:45 –3:30 “TBD” – Brian Lewis - EMC



3:30 – 4:15 “ The Multiple Dimensions of Data Protect” – Tom Becchetti Advisory Systems Engineer

Please feel free not to hang around for this. This will be a trial run for my presentation in May at Interop. I will be including data protection consideration for your container environment.