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2018 June:  If the answer is DevOps, what are the questions, including, what is DevOps?


2018 Winter:  Do You Have a False Sense of Security?

2017 Fall:  "Isn't Everything Defined by Software?"

2017 Summer:  "Mainframe Day - Get the Most"

2016 Summer: “Software Defined X”

2016 Winter: Containers – They Are The Future; Starting Yesterday”

2015 Fall:  "Topics on Big Data"

2015 Summer: “Mainframe Day – It’s Not Leaving Anytime Soon”

2015 Spring: “Security – Now YOU Really Need To Care

2014 Fall:  “Flash – A Real Life Experience”

2014 Spring:  “How’s your App Day?”

2013 Fall: “Technolutianary Day” 

2013 Spring:  “Scalable NAS and Object File Systems”

2012 Fall:  “Networks – You Can’t Ignore Them” 

 2012 Summer: “Big Data - Why Should You Care?”

2011 Spring: “File Systems, Volume Managers and Storage Protocols”

2011 Winter: “What’s In Your Cloud? – Cloud Storage”

2011 Fall: “Mainframe Day!” 

2011 Spring: “Storage Subsystem Performance, Tuning and Analysis” 

2010 Fall:  “End to End Performance Monitoring”

2010 Spring: The Forecast is for Clouds! 

2009 Fall: Is your mainframe efficient? What’s up with the ‘specialty engines” Can you zIPP and zAPP?

2009 Spring: “Is your storage efficient?”

2008 Fall: “The Green and Virtual Data Center” 

 2008 Fall: “Open Systems Performance Topics and Tools (OSPT2)”

2008 Spring: “Z/OS it’s not just your Daddy’s OS” 

2008 Winter: “Is Storage and I/O Still Important in a Virtual World?”

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