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Regional Paperwork Details

On an annual basis, CMG U.S. Regions are responsible for filling out and submitting two types of forms:

Annual Report (region status as an "active" Not-For-Profit Corporation):

Annual Report form is sent by the State of Illinois to the CMG’s lawyers, who then mails the form to CMG HQ.   Michelle reviews the form & verifies regional officers' member status.  Then she mails it to the Regional Chair for his/her signature.  Once she received the form back from the Regional Chair,  she does a final review for any changes and/or works with the regions to resolve any issues.  Michelle then mails the signed form directly to the Jesse White, Secretary of State of Illinois,  including a check payment for the annual fee.  Filing an Annual Report registers the region as active group for the current year. Failure to fill out and return the paperwork will be considered a "failure to file" resulting in the region being involuntarily dissolved.  Annual Reports are due based on their Anniversary Date of Establishment. Each region varies on dates.

Financial Forms (IRS tax information):

CMG’s (including all U.S. Regions) fiscal year ends annually on March 31st. Financial forms are sent out to each region mid-March to be filled out and returned to CMG HQ.  Michelle reviews each region's tax forms &verifies the regional officers' member status then sends them to Stermer (our CMG bookkeeper) for further review. Each region has the same due date - it’s April 15th just like our personal tax date deadline. If a region’s paperwork is delayed for any reason, then it also delays our bookkeeping process, which can result in potential for fines. Stermer sends the final documents on to CMG’s Auditor, who takes information and prepares all CMG's tax forms. Later, the  CMG's Auditor will send out tax forms back to Regions for signatures. These tax forms must be postmarked to the IRS by August 15th. Failure to do so results in a potential for fines - the Region can be charged daily for every day the tax form is delayed.

Regional Annual Report & Fiscal Form Mailing Schedule

Web Space Information

CMG will provide:

  • A pointer to the initial web page for that Region.

In order to participate, one of your board members needs to be responsible for the account, and this agreement needs to be signed  sent to CMG Headquarters. Your region must also be an authorized CMG Region.