CMG Digital Library – we’re still growing

CMG Digital Library – we’re still growing

Authors by Amy Spellmann & Richard Gimarc, CMG Board

CMG’s Digital Library is one of our most prized and valued assets.  Our Library started in 1976 with the first CMG International Conference and continues to grow in both breadth and depth.  In addition to our Conference proceedings and select recordings of Conference sessions, we have our MeasureIT archive and our new set of CMG webinars.

CMG’s Digital Library is one of the ways we are providing professional development and educational resources to IT professionals.  Take a few minutes to look over what we have; there may be a topic that’s relevant to the challenges you are facing today.

Webinars.  The CMG webinar series in August of 2014.  We currently have a library of 11 recordings and one scheduled for October.  Webinar recordings and presentations are available on the CMG web site.

Go to Webinars for recordings of the following presentations:



MeasureIT.  MeasureIT is our free newsletter that is published 10 times per year. Written by and for computer professionals, MeasureIT features informative articles, CMG regional and national updates, book reviews, and more.  We currently have an archive of 13 years of MeasureIT, dating back to 2003.

Go to MeasureIT for access to the MeasureIT digital archive.

Conference Papers.  Our largest set of digital content is our collection of Conference proceedings dating back to the first CMG Conference in 1976.  We currently have over 3,700 papers in our library.  Access to Conference papers is limited to CMG members (one of the benefits of membership).  The following chart shows how our collection of Conference papers has grown over the past 39 years.


The library of conference proceedings is available on the CMG web site.