About the Authors

About the Authors

Author by Richard Gimarc

Here is a little information about the individuals who provided this month’s articles.


Chris Greco - Capacity Planning and Project Management

Chris Greco has been a manager, supervisor, and project manager for over 35 combined years in the military, private industry, academia, and public service.  He has used capacity planning in his project management philosophy with IT, writing, and even illustrating books.  He has published several childrens' books on projects and project management, as well as management and works of fiction.  He currently works as a contractor, but also owns his own business -- GRECTECH, where he espouses a philosophy based on learn, offer, value, and educate (or LOVE).  He lives in Baltimore with his wife, Kathy and they have two grown daughters and one son-in-law.


Adrian Cockcroft - Utilization is Virtually Useless as a Metric!

Adrian was presented with CMG's A. A. Michelson Award in 2007 in recognition of his significant contributions to the discipline of computer performance and capacity management.  Adrian is currently a Technology Fellow at Battery Ventures; his full profile can be seen here.


Alex Pokelko - Exploratory Performance Testing

For the last seventeen years Alex Podelko has worked as a performance engineer and architect for several companies. Currently he is Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Oracle, responsible for performance testing and optimization of Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence (a.k.a. Hyperion) products.

Alex periodically talks and writes about performance-related topics, advocating tearing down silo walls between different groups of performance professionals. His collection of performance-related links and documents (including his recent papers and presentations) can be found at www.alexanderpodelko.com. He blogs at http://alexanderpodelko.com/blog and can be found on Twitter as @apodelko. Alex currently serves as a director for the Computer Measurement Group.