Paper or Presentation?

41st International IT Capacity and Performance Conference

November 2-5, 2015

The St. Anthony Hotel, San Antonio TX


Author by Bryan Drake, 2015 Conference General Chair

Paper or Presentation?

The IT Capacity & Performance Conference accepts both papers and presentations.  Which one should you submit and what are the differences?


CMG Papers are formal academic papers suitable for publication.  Papers normally include footnotes, references, text, charts and graphs.  Paper submissions are peer-reviewed and selected based on content and quality for inclusion in the Conference.  All Papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings.  Each attendee receives a device with the PDF files of all the papers at the Conference.  The Proceedings are processed by a publishing company and formatted for printing after the Conference.    All authors of accepted papers will receive an email after the Conference with a link to purchase a printed copy of the Conference Proceedings and the ISBN assigned so that the published papers can be referenced appropriately in other papers, publications or Curriculum Vitae.

All accepted authors are expected to attend the Conference and present their research, findings, experiences and conclusions in a session.  Paper authors generally produce a set of PowerPoint slides for this presentation.

Each year one or more papers are awarded “Best Paper” for the Conference.  These papers may also be re-published in the Journal of the Computer Measurement Group, a quarterly publication distributed to CMG members.


Some authors do not submit papers but only submit the slides for a presentation.  Presentations are reviewed by a committee for content and format prior to acceptance. CMG distributes the PDF of the presentation along with the Conference papers.  The presentation submission should include both the slides and enough speaker notes that someone who did not attend the presentation can follow and understand the material.  Presentations are not eligible for “Best Paper” awards.  Presentations are a great way to share your user experiences, techniques, lessons learned, etc. without the requirement for a formal paper.

Visit the conference web page and be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

Download the call for papers, and consider submitting either a paper or a presentation this year.


Subject Areas

Related topics

Server Computing

Windows, UNIX & Linux hardware & operating systems.

Cloud & Mobile

Android, iOS, Windows mobile, hand held devices and operating systems, wearable technology, Cloud, Social, Privacy, Big Data, IoT


VMware, HyperV, PowerVM, Linux on z etc.

Z Series

Capacity and Performance topics related to operating systems and applications that run on IBM mainframes (z/OS. z/VSE, zVM, zTPF)

Network Capacity and Performance

LAN, WAN, Internet, wireless networking, capacity and performance monitoring, forecasting analysis and reporting.


Managing, capacity reporting, performance analysis and prediction for storage on servers, SAN and Cloud including backup and data protection.

Application Performance Management & SPE

Application performance testing and modeling, web performance, workload optimization, Software Performance Engineering (SPE).

IT Service Management

Capacity and Performance as a managed ITIL process. Value creation though effective management of IT performance and capacity and cost across the enterprise.

Analysis and Reporting of Capacity & Performance Data

Collecting, analyzing and reporting of capacity and performance data, techniques for effectively presenting data including data visualization and reporting.

Organizational & Cultural 

Industry trends impacting capacity and performance management, cultural and organization impacts, career management and information for capacity and performance professionals.


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