About the Authors

About the Authors

Here is a little information about the people who provided this month’s articles.


Stephen Balzac  -

The Blofeld School of Management

Stephen Balzac is an expert on leadership and organizational development. A consultant, author, and professional speaker, he is president of 7 Steps Ahead, an organizational development firm focused on helping businesses get unstuck. Steve is the author of “The McGraw-Hill 36-Hour Course in Organizational Development,” and “Organizational Psychology for Managers.” He is also a contributing author to volume one of “Ethics and Game Design: Teaching Values Through Play.” For more information, or to sign up for Steve’s monthly newsletter, visit www.7stepsahead.com. You can also contact Steve at 978-298-5189 or [email protected].


Suhanya Jesudason  -

Book Review:  Java Performance: The Definitive Guide

Suhanya Jesudason is a performance engineering consultant at Tata Consultancy Services. She beginned her career as a capacity analyst and gradually developed interest in the field of end to end performance engineering. Over the years she has gained experience in performance engineering within distributed architecture and is now involved in enterprise application performance  consulting.


Claire Cates  -

Memory Caches

Claire is a Distinguished Systems Developer with the SAS Institute, Inc. and has been with SAS Institute for 31 years.  During this time she has been involved in the development of many areas of the SAS  System.   For the past 20 years she has worked primarily on software performance, resource usage and testing tools and has 5 patents in this area.


Alex Podelko  -

Breaking Performance Silos

For the last seventeen years Alex Podelko has worked as a performance engineer and architect for several companies. Currently he is Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Oracle, responsible for performance testing and optimization of Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence (a.k.a. Hyperion) products.

Alex periodically talks and writes about performance-related topics, advocating tearing down silo walls between different groups of performance professionals. His collection of performance-related links and documents (including his recent papers and presentations) can be found at www.alexanderpodelko.com. He blogs at http://alexanderpodelko.com/blog  and can be found on Twitter as @apodelko. Alex currently serves as a director for the Computer Measurement Group.