An Affordable Option

Author by Denise Kalm, CMG VP


Want to join CMG but the $175/year cost was just too high? This year, we’re offering a new option – a group membership for groups of up to five members. The cost is $350, which breaks down to a much more affordable $70/person. Best of all, you get all the benefits of membership; you simply pay less for them. These include the conference discount, access to all archived papers and presentations and the ability to contact other CMG members around the world.

Modeled after successful membership programs in other organizations, all you need to do is gather up to four friends or colleagues and collect their portion of the membership fee. Sign up for membership on the CMG website and list the information for all group members. It’s that easy!
It’s open to anyone who forms a group, not just members of one company. Though we hope it will encourage everyone to take another look at CMG membership, we’re particularly hoping that students and people at the beginnings of their IT careers will find this attractive. For many, having the opportunity to network and learn from experienced colleagues is a very valuable career-building tool.

Once you’re a member, check out the members-only site. And begin to take advantage of all CMG offers you. We have regional meetings in many parts of the country and the world. We also have an online publication, Measure IT, which offers regular information and education. Only members receive the prestigious CMG Journal, an online resource offering great educational and thought-provoking articles.

Any questions regarding the new membership option, please contact CMG Headquarters at [email protected] . Join us! Get your group together and begin to enjoy the many benefits membership offers.