2014 Annual Conference Information

2014 Annual Conference Information

Author by Kathy Steffens

The 2014 Conference Committee would like you to plan on attending the 40th Annual International CMG Conference to be held at Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center in Atlanta, GA.   Dates are Monday through Thursday, November 3-6, 2014.

Registration has opened for the conference and can be referenced at https://www.cmg.org/conferences/performance-capacity-2014/registration-2014/. This page gives links to hotel information and registration as well as the overall conference schedule and ways you can volunteer. One item we want to point out is that the Georgia Tech Hotel is a very nice hotel with all amenities one would expect: No dorm rooms as some people have suspected. Check out the hotel at http://www.gatechhotel.com/atlanta-georgia-conference-center-en.html.

CMG has already closed the Calls for Papers but will be looking for Late-Breaking papers with a Call in the mid-July timeframe. And while referees are already working on blind-refereeing the papers already submitted for this year’s conference, volunteers are always needed to assist with editing accepted papers in the mid-July thru late August timeframe. If you would be interested in doing that, or looking into some other activities to volunteer for, just go to the volunteer form at https://www.cmg.org/conferences/volunteer/.

Look for more Conference details in upcoming e-mail announcements!

Kathy Steffens
Program Chair
Performance and Capacity 2014 by CMG