CMG’s MeasureIT – Issue 2.11 November 2004

Workload Information Repository for Analysis and Modeling by Dr. Tim R. Norton Help Wanted: Storage Stewards by Janet Butler Performance and Capacity Planning Considerations for Web Portal Applications by Ellen Friedman Information to Get You Started at CMG2004 by Rick Ralston The itSMF USA Conference - Trip Report by Clayton Ching Northern California CMG - Meeting of November 2nd, 2004 by Denise P. Kalm

This month in MeasureIT

With the annual US Conference almost upon us, this issue of MeasureIT offers a Quick Start guide to getting around at this year’s convention in the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, including the instructions you will need to logon and use the Internet Café at the show, courtesy of the Conference Committee.

Dr. Tim Norton’s lead article this month discusses the need to map business processes to the computer resources they consume. He describes building a business workload information repository that can be used to develop consistent modeling and analysis to support capacity planning. Tim’s article also details how to create a database repository for business workload mapping data, implementing a schema proposed in Kaminski and Ding’s 2003 CMG paper. Business Metrics and Capacity Planning.

The first of a two part article by Ellen Friedman on the performance and tuning of a Websphere-based Internet portal and its applications is also featured. The first part of Ellen’s article describes the architecture of a Websphere portal and its portlets, the J2EE JavaBeans applets that the portal hosts. The second part of the article, which is scheduled to run next month, will feature the results of load testing the portal applications prior to implementing them in production.

Can you handle an exabyte worth of data? Staff writer Janet Butler explores the explosion in digital information growth that is occurring and what that means for Information Lifecycle Management, the latest watchword in storage management. For her article, Janet interviewed two of the storage industry gurus that will participate in the upcoming Storage Futures panel discussion at the CMG 2004 Conference.