Modeling & Forecasting

Salsburg, Michael

Availability Intelligence

Phillips, Brent

Processor Reporting from Capture Ratio to RNI

Havekost, Todd

SMF Through Application Eyes

Houtekamer, Gilbert

Introduction to Hadoop MapReduce and Spark

Pentakalos, Odysseas

Capacity Management - Session 1

Johnson, Charles

Capacity Management - Session 2

Johnson, Charles

Capacity Management - Session 3

Johnson, Charles

Windows System Performance Measurement and Analysis

Schwartz, Jeffry

The Relatively New LSPR and The IBM z13 and z13s Performance Brief

King, Gary

Cloud Monitoring - Focusing on Forecasting

Kucherova, Kristina

Capacity Planning & Performance Reporting

Friedman, Ellen

Lee, Roger

Is Your Capacity Available?

Trubin, Igor

Modern Performance Dysfunctions

Tomlinson, Mark

Why did my job run so long?

Baker, John

Pros and Cons of Doing Performance Testing Along with Development Versus at the End of it

Toledo, Federico

Palamarchuk, Sofía

Working on Application Slowness in Mainframe


The Convergence of Performance and Security

Wilson, Ron

Performance Monitoring and Capacity Planning for Cloud/SaaS Applications

Friedman, Ellen

Arora, Priyanka

To MIPS or Not to MIPS

King, Gary

The Capacity Manager in a Commoditized World

Fronheister, Rich

Cyber Security in Enterprise Networks

Corliss, John

Analyzing SSD/Flash Performance in High-End Storage

Meendernik, Cor

Blockchain: What, Why, How


System Utilization: Keeping the Glass Half Full

McNutt, Bruce

It’s not what you know - It’s who you know

Kalm, Denise

z/OS Performance Hot Topics

Walsh, Kathy

The Challenges of performance managament in the cloud

Wustenhoff, Edward

Invited: Optimization Beyond the Infrastructure

Salsburg, Michael

Enterprise Performance Assurance Based On Big Data Analysis

Zibitsker, Boris

vSphere Capacity Management Essentials Workshop

Baker, Jamie

Get More MIPS out of your Processors

Houtekamer, Gilbert

Oudshoorn, Wim

Havekost, Todd

Performance Engeneering For Big Data Applications

Zibitsker, Boris

Lupersolsky, Alex

Mainframe High-Performance In-Memory Technology

Strickland, Larry

Populating Big Data Repository from IMS

Strickland, Larry

Performance or Capacity?

Gilgur, Alexander

Politis, Steve

Invited: Reinventing Performance and Capacity Analysis with Real Time Big Data

Harzog, Bernd

How Do You Measure that New z13?

Walsh, Kathy

The Business Risks of the Release Pipeline

Ariola, Wayne

Yes, And: What Performing Improvisation Has Taught Me About Collaborative IT

Anderson, Glenn

Reimagining Your Mainframe in the Digital Age

Anderson, Glenn

CMG-T: Java Performance Analysis and Tuning

Johnson, Peter

The Association Between Capacity Management, Cybersecurity, and Insider Threat

Greco, Christopher

Automated Capacity Planning for Cloud and Virtual Environments

Dixit, Aniket

How To Get Started When You Don’t Know Where To Start

Martin, Justin

How Rendering is Killing Your Scalability

Pulley, James

z/OS Performance Management in the World of Cloud, Mobile and APIs

Anderson, Glenn

The Definition of Normal

Reitbauer, Aloice

Dynamic Load Balancing and Continuos Service Delivery in a Big Cloud Infrastructure

Ardulov, Yuri

We’ve got to improve the bottom line!

Bajer, Jamie

Reinventing Performance Testing

Podelko, Alexander

Productivity: a new metric for performance analysis of multi-core and multi-threaded processors

Doni, Stefano

Giglioli, Francesco

Efficient Synthetic Data Generator for Structured Data

Phalak, Chetan

Singhal, Rekha

Virtualisation Oversubscription

Bell, Phil

Fewer/Faster vs More/Slower: Practical Considerations

Chapman, Scott

How to Emulate Web Traffic Using Standar Load Testing Tools

Brady, James

VMware Cluster Capacity Planning

Bell, Phil

zllPier & zllPier: Down the SMT Measurement Rabbit Hole

Chapman, Scott

Modeling Minor Garbage Collection Overhead in Java SE 8 HotSpot Virtual Machine

Lou, Xiaosong

Accounting and Chargeback

Bonomini, Renato

z/OS Tunning Basics: Managing z/OS Workloads Using WLM

Anderson, Glenn

Performance Management in the Virtual Data Center

Friedman, Mark

Performance Management Made Easy

Fesite, Dale

Notes on Optimizing Two Tiers

Oudshoorn, Wim

Performance Testing HTTP/2

Moore, Scott

z/OS Tunning Basics: Intro to RMF - Where do I find the important data?

Anderson, Glenn

Performance Engeneering Modern Web Applications

Verma, Mohit

Capacity Management from the Ground up Case Study

Fesite, Dale

Memory Management in the TB Age

Chapman, Scott

Achieving Significant Capacity Improvements on IBM z13

Havekost, Todd

IoT Performance and Capacity Planning in the Hybrid Cloud Era

Bakalov, Vess

Trace replay base I/O performance studies for enterprise workload migration

Virk, Rupinder

Solutions that solve mainframe batch window challenges

Zander, Allan

Capacity Management Maturity, Maslow, and You

Fronheiser, Rich

Invited: Modeling and Optimization of Multititiered Server-Based Systems

Menascé, Daniel

Avoiding costs, delays and failed releases with Lifecycle Virtualization

DeCapua, Todd

Capacity Management - Develop KPI’s and Automating the process

Johnson, Charles

A Knowledge Base to Support the Automatic Derivation of Performance Models of Operational Systems

Awad, Mahmoud

Spark and SMF: Fasten your Seatbelt. This is going to be a Wild Ride!

Kyne, Frank

Analytical Modeling and creating effective Baselines

Johnson, Charles