Conference Proceedings: 2010

CMG-T: An In-Depth Look at the VMware vSphere Performance Analysis Tools and Application of those Tools - Part 3
Johnathan Paul

CMG-T: An Introduction to VMWare vSphere 4 Performance Analysis: CPU and RAM - Part 1
Johnathan Paul

CMG-T: An introduction to VMWare vSphere 4 Performance Analysis: Storage and Networking - Part 2
Johnathan Paul

CMG-T: Modeling and Forecasting Basics - Part 1
Michael Salsburg

CMG-T: Modeling and Forecasting: Queueing Network Models - Part 2
Michael Salsburg

CMG-T: Modeling and Forecasting: Simulation and Forecasting - Part 3
Michael Salsburg

CMG-T: Windows System Performance Measurement and Analysis - Part 1
Jeffry Schwartz, Brett Allison

CMG-T: Windows System Performance Measurement and Analysis - Part 2
Jeffry Schwartz, Brett Allison

CMG-T: Windows System Performance Measurement and Analysis - Part 3
Jeffry Schwartz, Brett Allison

CMG-T: z/OS Tuning Basics: Managing z/OS Workloads Using the WLM - Part 2
Glenn Anderson, Brett Allison

CMG-T: z/OS Tuning Basics: Monitoring z/OS Workloads Using SMF and RMF - Part 1
Glenn Anderson, Brett Allison

CMG-T: z/OS Tuning Basics: WLM Management of Transactions and Servers - Part 3
Glenn Anderson, Brett Allison

Performance Engineering Parables
Chris Papineau

Capacity Planning

E-mail Gateway Capacity Planning
Ankur R. Hajare

Eleven Things Not to Forget in z/OS Capacity Planning
Gregory V. Caliri

Expressing Latent Demand as a Single Number
Jim Horne

Method and Model to Assess the Performance of Clustered Databases: The Oracle RAC Case
Kevin P. Molloy, Daniel A. Menasce

vSphere Perfomance and Capcity Overview
Mr Jamie Baker

Workshop: I/O Subsystem Performance and Architecture
John Baker

Workshop: Planning and Auditing Your Firms Capacity Planning Efforts
Mr. Ron Kaminski

Hot Topics

Architectural Efficiency
George Zakharia

Benchmarks for Storage Energy: Stress Tests versus Realistic Workloads
Bruce McNutt

Cloud Computing: The New Reality or Just Vapor?
Dr Tim R. Norton

Framework for Assessing Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability Impact of Cloud Computing 

IT-Control Charts
Dr. Igor A. Trubin

Linux 2.6 IO Performance Analysis, Quantification, and Optimization
Dr. Dominique A. Heger, Richard Quinn

Performance Versus Cost in a Cloud Computing Environment
Dr. Yiping Ding

The Green Data Center, Beyond Facilities and Power
Stephen Marksamer, Jim Castronovo

Workshop: Managing Virtual Systems
Jie Lu

Load Testing

A Load Testing Story
Alexander Podelko

A Study on Performance Management Methodology in Financial Information System
Sunjung Kim, Jaekwon Yang, Byung Chan Ahn

Load Testing Techniques for Enterprise Packaged Applications
Jose Fernandes, Matthew Demeusy

Management and Reporting

A Framework For Automated System Performance Testing
Amol B. Khanapurkar, Suresh B. Malan, Manoj K. Nambiar

A Survey of Business Transaction Monitoring Solutions

Capacity and Performance Considerations for VMware vSphere 4
Ellen Friedman

Data Synchronization Speed Up Under High Concurrency
Manoj Nambiar, Mehul Raval, Rajesh K. Mansharamani

Delivering Comprehensive Reports for the Pan-European Research Network based on ITIL Best Practices

Determining Capacity Utilization Tradeoffs for 100,000 Servers
Dr Charles Z. Loboz

Do You Have Dashboard Difficulties?
Chris Greco

How to Build Tabular Dashboards using Proc Report
Shana J. Bereznay, Raff Rushton, Frank Bereznay

IT Performance Management in a Financial Crisis: An informal Report
Fernando Martinez

Putting Out Fires
Mr. Charles T. Foy, Douglas G. Kasznay

Removing Bigger and Installing Better - A Journey to Success?

Service Management: A Competitive Advantage
Guy Olney

Using Statistical Process Control to Improve the Quality and Delivery of IT Services

Why Do We Capacity Model in the UK, Performance Test/Report in the USA & Resource Monitor in Japan?
Adam Grummitt


An Introduction to Web Analytics for Performance Analysts and Capacity Planners
Dr Anna Long

Evaluating Storage Performance Through Benchmarks
John A. Adams

How to Manage a More Precise Capacity Planning by Simple and Well Known Techniques
Atsushi Haruna

On the Issue of Managing 100,000 Servers Daily
Uriel Carrasquilla

Virtualization Performance and Capacity Data Classification Schema
Debbie Sheetz

Modeling / Statistics

Analytical Modelling of Commit-Time-Locking Algorithms for Software Transactional Memories
Prof. Pierangelo Di Sanzo, Francesco Quaglia, Roberto Palmieri

Applicability of Spectral Analysis Techniques for Computer Performance Data Analysis
Dima Seliverstov

Application of Stock Market Technical Analysis Techniques for Computer System Performance Data
Dima Seliverstov

Information Loss through Data Aggregation

Multi-Threading on Multi-Core Machines: Performance Gains and Energy Savings
Ginger Tseng, Silvia Figueira

Research on Implementation of an Information System Simulator
Jaekwon Yang, Byung Chan Ahn

Workload Correlation and Visualization
Dr. Tom Wilson

Performance Engineering

Data Analysis and Reporting Best Practices
Tuli Nivas

Enterprise Application Workload Analysis
Arunava Bag, Vijay Jain, Kishor Gujarathi

I/O Performance Evaluation & Analyze in Virtualization
Mr Xudong Zheng, Jiangang Duan

Main Memory Stubs to Simulate Heap and Stack Memory Behavior
Peter Trapp, Christian Facchi

Performance Engineering - The Agile Way

Performance Engineering of a Trading Exchange's Risk Management System
Dr Manoj K. Nambiar, Rajesh K. Mansharamani

Performance Requirements Analysis - A Proactive Approach towards Performance Management 
Apparao B

Principles and Applications of Quantifying End-to-End System Performance
Piyush Shivam, Brian Wong

Scalability Model Applied for Batch Jobs - A Practical Approach
Shraddha Dhamangaonkar, Vaishali V. Gulve

The Obscure World of Performance Requirements
Alexander Podelko

Threads: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Claire Cates

WAN Accelerators
Ankur R. Hajare

Workshop: Java Performance Analysis and Tuning
Peter Johnson


10 Completely Obvious Tuning Tips

Java Garbage Collection Analysis Using R

The BLIND SIDE of the Response Time in the Single-Hosted Global B2C

Understanding the Fibre Channel Buffer to Buffer Credit Recovery Mechanism
Dr. Stephen R. Guendert

z/OS Performance Optimisation Intiative
Mr Ian C. Baldwin