Conference Proceedings: 2009

Guidelines for Better Performance Testing
Tuli Nivas

International: CMG-UK Best Paper
John Westnedge

Measuring for Transaction Aware Performance Modelling
Michael Kok, Andrej van der Zee

Capacity Planning

Analytic Modeling Techniques for Predicting Batch Window Elapsed Time
Debbie Sheetz

Beyond Operational Monitoring-Performance Management that Knows the Apps and Predicts the Future
Garry Kremer

Capacity Management of Internet Bandwidth
Ankur R. Hajare

Capacity planning in an Oracle database
Megh Thakkar

Do More for Less in Lean Mean Green Times by Using Capacity Management Best Practice.
Adam Grummitt

Do More for Less Using Capacity Management: A Practitioner Guide
Adam Grummitt

Estimating Server Power Consumption
Paolo Cremonesi, Giovanni Versaci

How Much of Your Midrange Computing Power Is Actually “Usable”?
Chris Lynn

How To Do Capacity Planning for Oracle
Tanel Poder

Implementation Strategies for Solid State Devices
Gilbert Houtekamer, Wim Oudshoorn

Modeling and Optimization in Virtualized Multi-Tier Environment
Dr. Boris Zibitsker

Multi-Core Computing and the Tiered Storage Model
Anthony G. Mungal

Network Capacity Planning for Video on Demand
Ankur R. Hajare

Predicting SPEC Benchmarks Values for Untested Systems
Paolo Cremonesi, Marco Bertoli

The 7 Habits of the Highly Effective Capacity Planner
Denise P. Kalm

The Engine's Running, So How Come We're Not Moving?
John Baker

What is the ''Best'' Capacity Planning Method for Evaluating Large Shared Physical Environments?
Chris Lynn

Hot Topics

An Energy, Memory, and Performance Analysis Case Study on the Mainframe
Elisabeth Stahl, Michael Buechele, John Rankin

Business Service Governance - Managing from Above the Clouds
Dr. Michael A. Salsburg

Capacity Planning for Mission-Critical SaaS Style System
Atsushi Haruna, Yoshiyuka Sekimoto, Takashi Muira

Cloud Computing for Capacity Managers
Chris Molloy

Deduplication Performance and the SPC-3 Benchmark
Bruce McNutt, Nir Hepner, Shai Parnafes

Green Capacity Planning Workshop
Amy C. Spellmann, Richard Gimarc

Implementing the Poughkeepsie Green Data Center -- Showcasing a Dynamic Infrastructure
Elisabeth Stahl

Into the Cloud
David B. Martin

Leveraging the Cloud for Green IT: Predicting the Energy, Cost and Performance of Cloud Computing
Amy C. Spellmann, Richard Gimarc, Mark Preston

Server Virtualization Inside Out
Dr. Jie Lu

The Impact of Software as a Service (SaaS) on the Enterprise Data Center
Amy Wohl

Understanding Cloud Computing: Experimentation and Capacity Planning
Daniel A. Menasce, Paul Ngo

Understanding Microsoft Hyper-V Performance
Desmond P. Atkinson

Using the Cloud to Crunch Your Data
Adrian Cockcroft

Virtual Software Test Labs
Kamala Sreenivasan, Lakshminarayana Prasad Kantam, Kishor Arumilli

Management and Reporting

Automating Manual Procedures with AutoIT
Stanford E. White III

Developing a SAN Storage Consumption Solution
Brett Allison

How Do You Measure and Analyze 100,000 Servers - Daily?
Dr. Charles Z. Loboz

How's Your Mentoring Project Going? or Have the Young Guns Picked up on z/OS yet?
Gregory V. Caliri

Inside Microsoft Windows Services
Kongkon J. Dutta, Wedson Almeida Filho

Lean Monitoring Framework for eBusiness Applications
Ramapantula Udaya Shankar

Mantras, Astras & Shastras for ITSM Transformation
Shaju L. Kurup, Arvind Raman, Adarsh Kumar

MF Optimization: How to Deliver More and Spend Less
Teresa Hart-Sears

Passwords, Shannon's Entropy And Capacity – Related?
Chris Greco

Problem Management Yields Service Improvement
Malcolm Gunn

Reducing the Cost of IT - Sustainable Cost Reduction
Theo Adis, Peter Wright

Server Platform Selection and Positioning
Rick Lebsack, Mark Dixon

Step Right Up
Denise P. Kalm, Glenn R. Anderson

The Case for Business Transaction Management (BTM) in Troubled Times
Amir Alon, Russell Rothstein

z/OS CPU Measurement Update
Peter Enrico


A Mainframe Guy Discovers SOA and Cloud Computing
Glenn R. Anderson

CMG-T: I/O Architecture (Part 1): z/OS I/O Architecture
Gilbert Houtekamer

CMG-T: I/O Architecture (Part 2): z/OS I/O Architecture
Gilbert Houtekamer

CMG-T: I/O Architecture (Part 3): z/OS I/O Architecture
Gilbert Houtekamer

CMG-T: Linux/Unix (part 1): Unix/Linux CMG Quick Start Course
Adrian Cockcroft

CMG-T: Linux/Unix (part 2): Unix/Linux CMG Quick Start Course
Adrian Cockcroft

CMG-T: Linux/Unix (part 3): Unix/Linux CMG Quick Start Course
Adrian Cockcroft

CMG-T: TCP/IP (Part 1): TCP/IP Response Time Monitoring
Nalini Elkins

CMG-T: TCP/IP (Part 2): TCP/IP Network Health Check
Nalini Elkins

CMG-T: TCP/IP (Part 3): Baselining and Security Alerting for TCP/IP
Nalini Elkins

CMG-T: Windows PA (Part 1): Windows System Performance Measurement and Analysis
Jeff Schwartz

CMG-T: Windows PA (Part 2): Windows System Performance Measurement and Analysis
Jeff Schwartz

CMG-T: Windows PA (Part 3): Windows System Performance Measurement and Analysis
Jeff Schwartz

Connecting the Dots: WLM, Dispatchable Units, zIIPs and zAAPs
Glenn R. Anderson

Considerations in Workload Characterization for Parallel Access Volumes
Dr. Thomas Begin, Alexandre Brandwajn

How to Handle Memory Bound Systems: A Specialization of Dynamic Performance Stubs to Memory Stubs
Peter Trapp, Sebastian Bittl, Christian Facchi

Measuring Response Times of Code on Oracle Systems
Cary V. Millsap

Metric Patterns and Their Performance Implications
Dr. Yiping Ding

Service Quality: Ensure Value by Complete End-User-Experience Performance Analysis Across All Tiers
Barbara J. Rotondo

Understanding I/O Measurements From a Workload Point-of-View
Peter Enrico

Workload Dependent Performance Evaluation of the Btrfs and ZFS Filesystems
Dr. Dominique A. Heger

Modeling / Statistics

''R'' Can Do Pivot Tables and More
James Holtman

Achieving Cost Optimization and Business Intelligence - An IT Services Cost Modeling Solution
Steve Blanding

CMG-T: Modeling (Part 1): Modeling and Forecasting Basics
Michael Salsburg, Ph. D.

CMG-T: Modeling (Part 2): Queueing Network Models
Michael Salsburg, Ph. D.

CMG-T: Modeling (Part 3): Simulation and Forecasting
Michael Salsburg, Ph. D.

How 'Normal' is Your IT Data?
Dr. Mazda Marvasti

How to Get Beyond Monitoring, Pretty Damn Quick!
Dr. Neil J. Gunther

Leptokurtosis, Litotes and Other Seemingly Diseased Techniques in Statistics and Syntactics
Adam Grummitt

Modeling Virtualized Environments in Simalytic Models by Computing Missing Service Demand Parameters
Dr. Tim R. Norton

Power of Control Charts: How to Read, How to Build, How to Use
Dr Igor A. Trubin

Queuing Model Estimating Response Time Goals Feasibility
Anatoliy Rikun

R – An Environment for Analyzing and Visualizing (Performance) Data
Jim Holtman

Survival Analysis In Computer Performance Analysis
Brian Barnett, Perry Gibson, Frank Bereznay

Variability, Uncertainty, and Workload Characterization
Dr. Jeffrey P. Buzen

Performance Engineering and Load Testing

A Consolidation Workload Characterization Study on Modern Platform
Xudong Zheng, Jiangang Duan

A Performance Engineering Story with Database Monitoring
Alexander Podelko

Custom Protocol Load Testing - The Case of Visual Studio Test Edition
Oleksiy Volkov

How to Automatically Execute Performance Models and Transform Output Into Useful Results
Dr. Connie U. Smith, Catalina M. Llado, Ramon Puigjaner

How to Integrate Load Testing with Capacity Planning
Paolo Cremonesi, Giuseppe Nardiello

Improving the E2E Response Time with the Pattern Analysis in the J2EE Environment.
Choong In Lee, Dong-Jin Cho, Byung Chan Ahn

Load Testing Is Easy. Good Load Testing Is Not. Preparation is the Difference.
Chris Lynn

Load Testing on a Budget, Part II
Peter Johnson

Multi-Core Processor Memory Contention Benchmark Analysis Case Study
James W. McGalliard, Tyler Simon

Performance Crisis Prevention in Portals Projects. Approach, Preliminary Results and Challenges.
Enrico Ottolini

Software Performance Engineering: A Tutorial Introduction
Dr. Connie U. Smith, Lloyd G. Williams

The Software Tuning Agent: A Tool for Workload Characterization and Microarchitecture Studies
Dr. ElMoustapha Ould-Ahmed-Vall, James Woodlee, Charles Yount


CMG-T: z/OS Monitoring Tuning (Part 1): z/OS Tuning Basics: Monitoring z/OS Workloads Using SMF and RMF
Glenn Anderson

CMG-T: z/OS Monitoring Tuning (Part 2): z/OS Tuning Basics: Managing z/OS Workloads Using the WLM
Glenn Anderson

CMG-T: z/OS Monitoring Tuning (Part 3): z/OS Tuning Basics: WLM Management of Transactions and Servers
Glenn Anderson

Experiences with UNIX IPC for Low Latency Messaging solutions
Manoj Nambiar, Sricharan Samudrala, Sundar Narayanan

Finding the Critical Path - A Simple Approach
Scott Chapman

IBM System z Support for Large Pages
Elpida Tzortzatos

Improving z/OS Capacity and Performance with Parallel Sysplex
Michael Giglio

Java Performance Analysis and Tuning
Peter Johnson

Maximizing z/OS Performance and Capacity
Ivan Gelb

Reducing Java Garbage Collection Pause Times
Peter Johnson

Using Solaris Performance Tools to Solve a Performance Mystery
Dr. Patrick F. McGehearty