Conference Proceedings: 2006

Business Performance Management

A Methodology For Determining Response Time Baselines
Charles Hoover

A Technology Cost Model for Server Infrastructure Management
Russell A. Rogers

Accountability for System Performance
Cary V. Millsap

Achieving Business Agility with SOA: Governance & SLA Management of Shared Service Ecosystems
Dr. Jeffrey P. Buzen, Annie W. Shum, PhD

Adding Value to Performance Management with Business Metrics
Scott A. Chapman

An Implementation of a Business Metrics Database
Scott A. Chapman

Application of Supply Chain Mechanisms to an On Demand Operating Environment
Sam Nokes, Dave Cohen

ARM-Based Performance Monitoring for the Eclipse Platform
Ashish Patel, Ashish Patel

ARMing the Enterprise
John Yennie, Oliver E. Cole, Steve M. Sturtevant

ITIL Capacity Management: More Than Charts Over Coffee
Rich Fronheiser

Managing Financial Systems: The Peak Experience
Jon E. Schmidt

Managing SOX Compliance in the Age of SOA
Hugh B. Taylor

Measuring and Projecting Power for High Density Computing
Dr. Thomas E. Bell

Monitoring, Availability, and . . . Maslow?!
Chris Greco

Performance Reporting in the 21st Century - Changes in Scope and Direction
Gregory V. Caliri

System Management by Exception, Part 6
Igor A. Trubin

The ABCs (or should I say, CASs) of I/T Chargeback
Robert E. Chaney

The Future of Peformance Management and Capacity Planning
Chris Molloy

The Minimum Daily Adult - The Right Metrics & the Wrong Metrics
Denise P. Kalm

Transaction Processing using J2EE Application: Performance with Tens of Millions of Users
Mark M. Maccabee

Virtualization - Inhibitors to Server and Storage Virtualization, and How to Mitigate Them
Chris Molloy

What Performance and Capacity Management People Need to Know About Finance
Chris Molloy

Fundamentals/Core Competency

A Cohesive Framework to Quantify Computer Systems Assurance
Dr. Dominique A. Heger, Phil A. Carinhas

A Nifty Little Technique for Finding the Trancodes that Caused A Performance Problems
Dick Arnold

A Practical Approach to a Processor Migration Capacity Analysis
Robert Hamilton

Active Baselining in Passive Data Environments
Dr. James Bouhana, Mike Tsykin

An Internet Business Capacity Model - More Tiers, Less Tears!
Todd R. Bourne, Mike Moroz, Theo Adis

Analytic Performance Models for Single Class and Multiple Class Multithreaded Software Servers
Daniel A. Menasce, Mohamed Bennani

Applying Queuing Theory to Optimizing the Performance of Enterprise Software Applications
Dr. Henry H. Liu

Apriori Evaluation of Data and Selection of Forecasting Model
Alex Gilgur, Mike Perka, Bill Fuller

Back of the Envelope, Rules of Thumb and Little’s Law
James Holtman

Bringing ITIL® to Life: Automating IT Capacity Management
Martha S. Hays

Build a Home Computer Lab, Change Your Life and Save the Earth.
Robert D. Andresen

Case Study of Modeling Performance in a Politically Charged Environment
Carol M. Petroski

Citrix Benchmarks
Florin David

CMG Italy - Best Paper: AIX Micro-Partitioning
Mark Cohen

Creating a Software Performance Engineering Team - Lessons Learned
Gregory Dawe

Did Something Change? Using Statistical Techniques to Interpret Service and Resource Metrics.
Frank M. Bereznay

Encouraging Wider Use of Performance Metrics through Web Technologies
Todd Schmitter

Five Steps to Establish Software Performance Engineering
Dr. Connie U. Smith, Lloyd Williams

Forecasting + Modeling: A Partnership to Predict and Prevent Capacity Bottlenecks
Margaret A. Churchill, Martha S. Hays

Getting to Know Your Production Response Time
Dr. Charles A. Letner

Java Performance Analysis 301
Peter Johnson

Load Testing: Points to Ponder
Alexander Podelko

Measuring DDF Capacity and Performance
Robert E. Chaney

New Perspectives on Benchmarking, Modeling and Monte Carlo Simulation: Operational Analysis 2.0
Dr. Jeffrey P. Buzen

New Perspectives on Benchmarking, Modeling and Monte Carlo Simulation: Operational Analysis 2.0
Dr. Jeffrey P. Buzen

Performance Signatures: A Qualitative Approach to Dependency Guidance
Rico Mariani

Quantitative Techniques to Improve Your Application Profile
Richard Gimarc

Six Sensible Steps Towards Implementing ITIL Capacity Management
Adam Grummitt

The Bottleneck Cycle
Denise Arruda

The LOWE Down on Capacity Planning
Jim Horne

The Myth of Memory Utilization on Midrange Systems
Brian Johnson

The Roadmap for Full Lifecycle Performance Engineering
Amy C. Spellmann, Richard Gimarc, Christopher Lee

The Straight Capacity Line
Linda J. Carroll

Traffic Capacity Testing a Web Environment With Transaction Based Tools
James F. Brady

Using Native Data and Automation to Perform Rapid Triage and Reporting
Jeff Doubleday

Hot Topics

Ever Feel As If The World Is Passing You By? Wanna Catch Up Fast?
Dr. Bernard Domanski, Rob Domanski

Grid Technology – Vision, Architecture, and Node Capacity Considerations
Phillip Carinhas, Dominique Heger, Greg Simco

It May Be Virtual, ... But the Overhead Isn't
Dr. Michael A. Salsburg, Peter Karnazes, William Maimone

ITIL vs. Agile Programming: Is The Agile Programming Discipline Compatible With The ITIL Framework?
Charles Hoover

Measuring and Modeling the Performance of the Xen VMM
Jie Lu, Lev Makhlis, Jianjiun R. Chen

On the Number of Partitions
Yiping Ding

Optimization with Service Level Objectives in Virtual Environment
Dr. Anatoliy Rikun, Yiping Ding

Performance Tuning and Resource Management in Java Applications
Robert E. Ritchie

Real World Adventures in Server Virtualization
Peter J. Weilnau, Stephen Marksamer

Security and Compliance Incident Response
Dipto Chakravarty, John Melvin Antony

Targeted Capacity Planning: Delivering a Business Focussed, Cost Effective Service.
Rod Parsons

The Virtualization Spectrum from Hyperthreads to GRIDs
Dr. Neil J. Gunther

The Well-Managed Web Service
Herb Van Hook

Utilization is Virtually Useless as a Metric!
Adrian Cockcroft


10 Steps to Securing Your Web Applications
Peter Johnson

A Tutorial on SIP Application Server Performance and Benchmarking
Dr. Curtis Hrischuk

Achieving Practical Network Application Impact and Response Time Projections
James H. Baxter

Evaluation and Comparison of Search Engines Using the LSP Method
Dr. Jozo J. Dujmovic, Haishi Bai

Identifying Network Failures and Evaluating Link MTBF from Utilization Logs
Paolo Cremonesi, Dr. Guiliano Casale, Stefano Visconti

Instrumentation and Analysis of Web Transactions in a Large Multi-Tier Banking Services Application
Mark W. Johnson, Bret Patterson

Measurement of Transaction-Based End-To-End Response Time in Un-Armed Environments
James Bouhana, MIke Tsykin, Christofer D. Langshaw

Softswitch Testing
Garland Kan

Ten Commandments of TCP/IP Performance
Nalini J. Elkins


Bertha: A Benchmark Tool for High-Performance Storage Subsystems
Lewis Myers, Dave Wagoner, John Lenehan

Cache Management of Competing I/O Workloads
Bruce McNutt

Can You Afford Low Cost Storage?
James A. Yaple, Greg Lee, James Barton

Database Backups Using Virtual Tape Volumes
Kathleen N. Hodge

Forecasting Database Disk Space Requirements:
Edward L. Tretel

Remote Copy 100 km testing
Bruce McNutt

Understanding the Performance Implications of MIDAWs
Dr. H. Pat Artis

Workload Characterization Algorithms for Remote Copy
Dr. H. Pat Artis


AIX System Performance Experiences and Basic Tuning
Irvin G. Eiceman

Capacity Planning by Simulating UNIX Servers
Uriel J. Carrasquilla

Out-of-the-box Performance of OLTP on High-end Servers - A Comparison of File Systems & Configuration
Timothy P. Cook

The Need for Speed: Simple Tested Techniques to Beef Up Performance of Your Solaris/Oracle Database
Peg McMahon, Bob Sneed


Core System Event Analysis on Windows Vista
Dr. Insung Park

The Reality of Virtualization for Windows Servers
Mark B. Friedman

Utilizing Performance Monitor Counters to Effectively Guide Windows and SQL Server Tuning Efforts
Jeffry A. Schwartz


A Performance Analyst’s Guide to the RMF Type 70 Record
William L. Shelden, Jr., Ph.D.

CICS Open Transaction Environment And Other TCB Performance Considerations
Steven R. Hackenberg

Designing and Managing FICON Inter-Switch Link Infrastructures
Stephen R. Guendert, H. Pat Artis

Dials for an PM Dashboard: Velocity’s Missing Twin, and Quantifying Surprise
Rich Olcott

Effect of Parallel Access Volumes (PAV) Technology on z/VM Guest Disk I/O Performance
Dr. Brian K. Wade

Measurement and Modeling of DB2 zIIP Workloads
Ned A. Diehl

The Effect of Distribution and Correlation Statistics on the DB2 Optimizer
Tom Moulder

Use Trending to Manage Application and System Performance
Bruce Perkinson