Conference Proceedings: 2005

CMG2005 Papers


Fundamentals/Core Competency

A Methodology for Predicting the Scalability of Distributed Production Systems
Dr. Charles A. Letner, Richard Gimarc

Analysis of Workload Alerts in Consolidated Servers
Dr. James Bouhana, Mike Tsykin

Bandwidth and Latency: Their Changing Impact on Performance
Yiping Ding

Benchmarking 101
James A. Yaple, Jennifer Sutherland

Calculating Expected Reliability of Systems and Hardware
Michael Wiener

Capacity Planning for Shared Middleware Environments; A Methodology
Chandra Lanka

Choosing a Load Testing Strategy
Klaus Fellner, Heidi A. Gilmore

Closing the Gaps – Understanding Capacity Summarization
Linwood Merritt

CMG Australia Best Paper: The Holy Grail: Building Applications That Can Survive the Unpredictable Web
Tony Allan

CMG Italia Best Paper: Excellence in Operations, Why Bother?
Andrea Giudici

Dashboards, Black Boxes and the Database or Data as the Foundation for Correlative Analysis
Chris Greco

Determining Architectures of Existing Systems
Dr. Thomas E. Bell

Distributed Resource Reclamation: Enterprise Shared Servers
Stuart Plotkin

Is It Time for Capacity Planners to Hang Up Their Cleats?
G Jay Lipovich

It’s All About Statistics!
Rupa S. Joshi

Java Garbage Collection Performance Analysis 201
Peter Johnson

Making Your Web Portal a Dynamic Website
Frank Bereznay

Measuring Performance in the Lab and Validating it in Production
Ellen M. Friedman

Performance Management of a J2EE Application to Meet Service Level Agreements
Shanti Subramanyam

QNS - an Online System for the Study of Queuing Models
Dr. Jozo J. Dujmovic, Hemamalini Sankar

QSEM: Quantitative Scalability Evaluation Method
Dr. Lloyd G. Williams, Connie U. Smith

Reactive Capacity Planning – An Alternative
Dick Arnold

Scaling up the JBoss Application Server
Peter Johnson

Sense and Respond Systems
K. Mani Chandy

Service Demand Models for Enterprise Software Applications
Henry H. Liu

Software Performance Engineering Considerations in Unreliable Computing Environments
Dr. Pierre M. Fiorini, Yiping Ding

Survivor - The Corporate Jungle
Denise P. Kalm

To V or not to V: A Practical Guide to Virtualization
Gene P. Fernando

Underground SPE: Moving from Performance QA to SPE
Dr. Mary R. Hesselgrave

Using Fuzzy Logic to Automate Performance Analyses
Michael D. Maddox

Using Principal Component Method for Performance Data Compression and Analysis
Dr. Anatoliy Rikun

Using Six Sigma to Define the Focus of Software Performance Engineering
Kevin Mobley

Virtual Performance Won't Do: Capacity Planning for Virtual Systems
Prof. Ethan Bolker, Yiping Ding, Ken Hu

Want to Know WHY Response Time is So Long? Listen to the Wire.
Jack B. Woolley

Wholesale Distributed Capacity Planning
Irving Smith, Russell W. Burns

Workload Generation: Does One Approach Fit All?
Alexander Podelko

Hot Topics

A Performance Model Web Service
Dr. Connie U. Smith, Catalina M. Lladó, Ramon Puigjaner

Encryption Primer: An Introduction to Data Protection
John C. Becsi, Cathy Nolan, Prentice O. Dees

Introduction to Data Center Markup Language (DCML)
Chris Molloy

Managing J2EE Applications with Application Response Measurement (ARM)
Dr. Carl J. De Pasquale

Measuring Up for Server Virtualization
Peter J. Weilnau

Modeling VMware ESX Performance
William L. Shelden, Jr., Ph.D.

Redefining Capacity Planning for Grid Computing
Marina Cismas

SOA and the Social Order - City Planning, Post Office & Business Protocols
Dr. Jeffrey P. Buzen, Dr. Annie W. Shum

Through the Prism of Fractals: Why SOA Should Reflect the Natural Order
Dr. Annie W. Shum

Virtualization: Concepts, Applications, and Performance Modeling
Daniel A. Menasce


Achieve IT Agility by Integrating SOA with ITIL Based BSM
Jim Waring, Annie W. Shum, Avtar Dhillon

ITIL Capacity Management Deep Dive
Chris Molloy

Mainframe (z/OS)

8 Great Myths of Software Asset Management
Michael P. Swanson

A Multi-Tiered Approach With Data Normalization To Analyzing CPU Metrics
Dr. Annie W. Shum, Boris Ginis

DB2 CPU and Response Metrics
Ned A. Diehl

DDF Performance Analysis - Does it Really Have to be This Complicated?
Robert E. Chaney

Introduction to zSeries Application Assist Processor (zAAP)
Don Deese

Java Performance on z/OS: A Report from the Front Lines
Craig Hodgins

LSPR Benchmark Converter
Charles E. Hackett

Migrating to z-990 - A User Experience
Ian C. Baldwin

MVS Application Performance Management
Kenneth D. Williams

Taking FICON to the Next Level-Cascaded High Performance FICON
Stephen R. Guendert

UKCMG Best Paper: zSeries Capacity Management - a True Story
Tony Ruberry

Unveiling of DB2’s DDF: SQL Revealed via the Gestalt Perspective
Thomas A. Halinski


CMG Austria Best Paper: ePatent Project – a new Approach in Accessing Patent Data
Dr. Dietmar Trattner

Intrusion Detection/Prevention Devices -- Are They Protecting Your Network - or Hampering It?
Neil Carter

Network Performance & Availability Reporting: Someone Has to Start It.
Catherine H. Liu, T. Leo Lo

One-Minute TCP Stack Analysis
Nalini J. Elkins

Performance Modeling and Analysis of Web Switch
Jie Lu, Jie Wang

Performance Tuning of Gigabit Network Interfaces
Prof. James Westall, Robert Geist, James J. Martin

Workload Modelling of Stateful Protocols Using HMMs
Dr. Swami Ramany, Richard Honicky, Darren Sawyer


A Management Framework For Petabyte-Scale Disk Storage
Michael A. Salsburg, David Lifka, Ruth S. Mitchell

Analytic Way for Performance Management of SAN
Chao Li, Li-zhu Zhou, Chun-xiao Xing

Database Disk to Disk Backups Using ATA Disk
Kathleen N. Hodge

Disk Arm Management of Competing Workloads
Bruce McNutt

Enhancing Web Server Performance Through the Use of a Drop-In, Statically Optimal Disk Scheduler
Prof. Robert Geist, Jay Steele, James Westall

I/O Performance Characteristics for Volume Managers on Linux 2.6 Servers
Dan W. Yee, Xianneng Shen, Randy Taylor

Information Classification and Service Level Objectives for Information Lifecycle Management
Robert E. Rogers

Proper Sizing and Modeling of ESCON to FICON Migrations
Stephen R. Guendert

Smoke and Mirrors – A Survey of Remote Replication Technologies
Charles T. McGavin Jr., Tony Mungal


Capacity Planning for UNIX System Metrics
Serge Tessier

Capturing System Data Using Native Commands
Robert F. Patterson

Capturing Workload Pathology by Statistical Exception Detection System
Igor A. Trubin

Designing a Fairer Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm
Brian Johnson, Richard Roehl

Overcoming Limitations to Java Application Scalability
William R. Sullivan

Testing Scalability of a WebLogic Application
Mark M. Maccabee

Visualization of Performance Data
James Holtman


Understanding and Interpreting SQL Server Performance Counters
Jeffry A. Schwartz

Virtual Memory Constraints in 32-bit Windows: an Update
Mark B. Friedman