Conference Proceedings: 2001

CMG2001 Papers


Architectural / Technology

A Case for a New CIFS Benchmark
Swami Ramany

A Standard Test of I/O Cache
Bruce McNutt, Steven Johnson

Accuracy and Practicality of Techniques for Measuring Web Experience of Dial-Up Users
Eric Siegel, Jing Zhi

An Introduction to SAN Capacity Planning
Mark B. Friedman

Consolidation A Practical Methodology
Vic Booysen

SANs for Enterprise Wide Storage
Clifford J. Goosmann

Simplifying Management of Complex Business Operations (A Study of Mainline Storage Virtualization)
Charles Milligan, Sid Selkirk

Software That Can Think and Do
Dr. Bernard Domanski

Storage Networking Primer fo OS390 and Open Systems
Greg Schulz

The Changing World of Disk Connectivity
Ted McGavin

The Computing Utility: Real-Time Capacity on Demand
Duncan Hill

Capacity Planning

An Analysis of DB2 DIST Started Task CPU Usage and Remote User Byte Traffic
Rick Isom

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) System: Quality of Service Metrics, Hands on Experience With Capacity Planning
Mark Maccabee

Automated Web Based Capacity Planning Information System With Productivity Tools Part I: Base System
Rick Keck, Dr. Chun Lam, Dan McCord

Capacity Planning for the Newer Workloads
Linwood Merrit

Capacity Planning-The Practical and Political Side
Dick L. Arnold

Creating Capacity Management Reports From a Performance Data Repository
Chris Molloy

Data Mining UNIX System Performance Data to Identify Predictor Variables for Use in Multivariate Regression Equations That Forcast CPU Consumption
Anthony C. Waclawski, Ph.D

Designing and Sizing Large E-Commerce Web Sites
Burzin Patel, Bhagyam Moses

Distributed Capacity Planning Data Management-A Scaleable Hands-off Approach
Mike Woelke, Don Meyer

Divide and Conquer: Implementing the Capacity Performance Council in Pieces
Bob Chaney

Enterprise SQL Server Performance Benchmarking-An Investigation into Application Scalability for Vodafone
Kathy Hamilton

Exception Detection System, Based on the Statistical Process Control Concept
Kevin McLaughlin, Igor Trubin,Ph.D.

Practical Capacity Planning for Open Systems
Dave Wagoner

Server Consolidation At Sprint: Case Study of a Paradigm Shift
Tom Hatcher & Todd Suda

System Performance Management and Capacity Planning
Dr. Bernard Domanski, John P. Pilch, E. Jeanne Diaz

Systems Consolidation for Scalability on Sun E10K and EMC (...Is Easy, on Paper)
Kathy Hamilton

Tending for Capacity Planning a Tutorial
Ray Wicks

Testing E-Commerce Site Scalability With TPC-W
Ronald C. Dodge Jr, Daniel A. Menasce, Daniel Barbara

What Do You 'Mean'? Revisiting Statistics for Web Response Time Measurements
David M. Ciemiewicz

Your First Capacity Planning Process, a Survival Guide
Fernando Martinez


Batch Cycle Modeling-A Practicle Solution
Michael Zaslavsky

Calibration and Comparison of Disk Models
Jozo Dujmovi´c, Daniel Tomasevich

Effective Use of the KDD Process and Data Mining for Computer Performance Professionals
Susan P. Imberman Ph.D.

End-To-End Scaling: The Response Time Pipe
Dr. Tim R. Norton

Enterprise Javabean Response Time Analysis
Te-Kai Liu, Santhosh Kumaran

Fair Share Modeling for Large Systems: Aggregation, Hierarchical decomposition and Randomization
Ethan Bolker, Yiping Ding, Anatoliy Rikun

Jump Start Your Performance Career Using Analytic Modeling
Denise P. Kalm

Page Analyzer: A Tool For Web Performance Modeling
Richard A. Mushlin, W. Nathaniel Mills III

Performance Knowledge Discovery for Modeling
Saqib N. Syed, Yiping Ding

Performance Modeling for Web Application Optimization
Richard Gimarc, Amy Spellmann

Quickly Performing Low Confidence Capacity Predictions Using Ratio Modeling
David R. Cook, Ellen Dudar, Craig A. Shallahamer

Web Page Design and Download Time
Jing Zhi

Workload Characterization for OS/390-z/OS Capacity Planning
Gregory V. Caliri

Performance Management

A Look At DB2 And OS/390 Workload Manager
Ed Woods

A Method for Establishing CPU Limits
Ralph L. Gifford

A Service Provider's View of Web Site Performance
Chris Molloy

A Statistical Method to Extract Value From RMON Data
John G. DeRosa, Jr

Analyzing DB2 Data Sharing Performance Problems
Donald R. Deese

Direct Contention Identification Using Oracle's Session Wait Event Views
Craig A. Shallahamer

Experience of Characterization of Typical Multi-Tier E-business Systems using Operational Analysis
Deep Buch, Vladimir M. Pentkovski

Hoarding or Herding: How to Sleep Well on Your Perfomance Data and Wake Up Only for True Alarms
Yefim Somin

How to Communicate and Define the Value of Performance in Dollars and Cents
Nancy Acree, Jim Howard, Dan Wohlgemuth

Linux and Uss on z/900
Robert H. (Bob) Johnson

Measuring and Monitoring NT Performance
Jerry L. Rosenberg

On Correlating Performance Metrics
Yiping Ding, Chris Thornley, Kenneth Newman

P/IP Basics For The IS Professional
Michael S. Recant

Performance Monitoring in Windows 2000: Best Practices
Iain R. Frew, Jee Fung Pang

Presentations: Potatoes to go With the Meat?
Larry Kayser

Slower Than a Dead Snail?-An Oracle & UNIX Tuning Case-Study
Tim Foxon

Stochastic Modeling of Lotus Notes with a Queueing Model
Yixin Diao, Joseph L. Hellerstein, Sujay Parekh

Storage Processor (DASD) Tuning Process (a Tutorial)
Thomas Beretvas

Tuning J2EE Application Servers
Odysseas Pentakalos Ph.D.

Tutorial on Performance Management of Oracle Using Oracle Enterprise Manager
Herschel DeCouto, Anuj Jain

Understanding the Implications of Logical and Physical Volume Size on the Performance of z/OS Storage Subsystems
Dr. H. Pat Artis

Using ARM 3.0 to Measure Response Time of Intranet Java Servlets
Chris Molloy

VSAM Tuning: An Alternative Approach
Marty Wertheim

Service Level Management

An Implementation of ARM
Larry D. Wittorff

Assessing Change: A Methodology for Verifying Performance After a Fundamental Change in the Network
Doug Bradley

From IT Strategy to Operations. Using the IT Driver Model to Align Service Levels to Business
Christoph F. Strnadl

Implementing Web-based Performance and Capacity Management Tools: A View From the Trenches
Steve Lewis

Increasing E-Commerce QoS Visibility by Reporting the Right Information
Kaison Yen

Managing the Performance of Lotus Notes: A Control Theoretic Approach
Neha Gandhi, Joseph L. Hellerstein, Sujay Parekh, Dawn M. Tilbury

On Estimating the Probability Distributions of Performance Data With Applications to Satisfying Service Level Objectives
P.M. Fiorini, Yiping Ding

Reporting Data Processing Availability
Linwood Merritt

VPNcheck: A Methodology For Verification and Validation of VPN Connectivity Through the Internet
Doug Bradley

Software Performance Engineering

An Overview of Performance Analysis Tools and Their Combination in the Area of Software Performance Engineering
Hubertus Herting-Tietze, Andreas Schmietendorf

Custom Load Generation
Alexander Podelko, Arno Sokk, Leonid Grinshpan

Graphics Benchmarking
Robert Geist, Vishnu Sekhar, James Westall

How to Validate Application Quality, Performance and Scalability
Jack Woolley

Java Workload Characterization Using Bytecodes
Carl Herder, Jozo Dujmovic

Lessons Learned as a Software Performance Engineer
Thad Jennings

Performance Measurement And Analysis Methodology Based On Event Tracing
Takashi R. Horikawa

Performance Solutions: A Practical Guide to Creating Responsive, Scalable Software
Connie U. Smith Ph.D, Lloyd G. Williams Ph.D.

Software Performance AntiPatterns: Common Performance Problems and Their Solutions
Connie U. Smith, Lloyd G. Williams