Conference Proceedings: 2000

CMG2000 Papers


Capacity & Performance Techniques

Building or Buying a Scanable Software System--A Handbook
Craig Hanson

End User Performance Tuning
Denise P. Kalm

If you Don't Have a Plan- it Can't go Wrong!
Brian Grindley

Tim Follen

Publishing Your PDB Under Windows
Jim Quigley

Six Levels of Sophistication for Capacity Management
George I. Thompson

So You Want a Scalable System?
Kathy Hamilton

UNIX Server Sizing, or What to Do When There Are No MIPS?
Bob Chaney

Update on LPAR and Parallel Sysplex Capacity Planning
Alan M. Sherkow

Using Capacity Space Methodology for Balancing Server Utilization: Description and Case Studies
Bucky Pope, Lily Mummert

Database and Transaction Processing

'DB2 is DB2, And IDMS is IDMS and Never the Twain Shall Meet'
Kenneth Williams

A Minimalist Approach to DB2 Application Tuning
Frank J. Ingrassia

Buffer Cache Performance Analysis and Multiple Buffer Pools in Oracle8i
Kevin Closson, Raghupathi Malige

Categorizing Performance Problems in the Oracle Database Server
James Viscusi

DB2 Application Trace Analysis: Asking the Right Questions
Ed Woods

It's Time to Re-think Your DB2 Buffer Pool Strategy
Martin Hubel

Performance Management and Capacity Planning for Microsoft SQL Server
Tim Foxon

Distributed Systems

A Performance Database for the Distributed Environment
Tim K. Hayward

Multiprocessor Scalability in Microsoft Windows NT/2000
Mark B. Friedman

Enterprise Systems Management

Agent Technology in Perfomance and Availability Management
Irwin F. Kraus

Applying Mainframe Capacity/Performance Techniques to the AS/400
Tim Follen

Automated Service Level Reporting: Experience of Implementation
Mike Tsykin

Data Analysis and Visual Behavior
Ray Wicks

Introducing Storage Networks(NAS, SAN, Fibre Channel and Beyond)
Greg Schulz

The Application of Process Maturity Models to Enterprise Systems Management
Robert Costello

The Application Sandwich
Dr. Michael A. Salsburg

I/O Subsystems

A SAN is Born-An Installation Experience
Ted McGavin

DASD Cache Usage, Priority Cache, and Response Times
Thomas Beretvas

Improvement of I/O Performance Using Disk Cache
Marina Alonso, Vicente Santonja

Modeling Physical Tape Capacity in a Virtual Tape Server
Paul D. Nigro

Modern Storage in the Data Warehouse
Ted McGavin

Smoke and Remote Mirrors
Neil McMenemy

Snapping is Not Just For Storage Tek Any More
Gergory A. Korbecki

Using RAID to Improve Database Performance
Greg Schulz

VSAM and Non-VSAM Buffers How Many is Enough?
Joe Graner, Marty Wertheim

VSAM- Hidden Treasures or Diagnosing KSDS Performance Problems via the Index Component
Joe Graner

Internet / Intranet / World Wide Web

@2001 and all that. E-Commerce Performance Management
Adam Grummitt

A Comparison of Netscape to Apache or Why Measuring Should be Preferred to Guessing
William R. Sullivan

Building Responsive and Scalable Web Applications
Connie U. Smith, Ph.D., Lloyd G. Williams, Ph.D.

E-Commerce Response Time: A Reference Model
Chris Loosley, Richard L. Gimarc, Amy C. Spellmann

E-Ticket Capacity Planning: How to Ride the E-Commerce Growth Curve
Dr. Neil J. Gunther

Exploiting the New Internet Capacity Management Technologies
Kevin E. Potts

Exploiting Web Publishing Technology to Enhance Performance Reporting
Jean-Claude Aron

How to Load Test e-Commerce Applications
Roger Hayes

Introducing Transparent Web Caching in a Local Area Network
Laura Abba, Marina Buzzi, Damir Pobric, Massimo Ianigro

Metrics for Performance Tuning of WEB-Based Applications
W.N. Mills III, L. Krueger, W. Chiu, N. Halim, J.L. Hellerstein, M.S. Squillante

Production Reporting for E-Commerce Applications
James Bouhana

Using XML and XSL in Java Serlets to Display Distributed Server Performance Information Stored in a DB2 Relational Database
Chris Molloy

XML - A Performance Analyst's Perspective
Pat Crain, Craig Hanson

Network Management

Best Breed Network Perfomance and Capacity Management (NPCM)
James Whiteman

Is Your Organisation Ready for SAN?
Oscar Ernst

More Than Just 'Bigger Pipes': WAN Design in the 2000's
Janet Gunn

Securing Enterprise Networks: A Case Study in Healthcare Information Protection
Eddie Rabinovitch

Voice over IP(VoIP) for Enterprise Networks: Perfromance Implications & Traffic Models
P.M. Fiorini

Research paper

A Performance Model of Disk Array Storage Systems
Elizabeth Varki, Shiela X. Wang

Enhanced Scheduling Performance on Linux Disk Mirrors
Rober Geist, Kartik Parmasivam, James Westall

Mining Event Data for Actionable Patterns
Joseph L. Hellerstein, Sheng Ma

Redundant Computation and its Application in Software Performance Analysis
Zakarya Alzamil, Bogdan Korel

System 390

Another Kind of Virtual Tape: Optimized for Backup & Recovery
Bill Chait & Paul Linstead

Extending Your use of Workload Manager
Ian C.E. Baldwin

Integrated Performance Management (IPM): The New Performance Imperative
G. Jay Lipovich

SAP/R3 with OS/390 DB2
Richard S. Ralston

Workload Characterization / Modeling

A Method for Generating Benchmark Programs
Jozo J. Dujmovic, Howard Lew

A Theory of Latent Demand and Very Busy Systems
William T. Gray

Adventures in Modeling Peoplesoft
Yefim Somin, Leonid Gross

Automatic Workload Characterization
Yiping Ding, Kenneth Newman

Challenges in Scaling E-Business Sites
Daniel A. Menascé, Virilio A. F. Almeida

Comparing CPU Performance Between and Within Processor Families
Lee A. Butler, Travis Atkinson, Ethan Miller

Developing a General-Purpose OLTP Sizing Tool
Allan Packer, Brian Wong

Harmonic Mean Analyses of CPU Speeds
Dr. Sudhir R. Nath

Introduction to Analytical Modeling
Gregory V. Caliri

On the Performance Impact of Fair Share Scheduling
Ethan Bolker

Performance Evaluation and Comparison of C++ Compilers
Howard Lew, Jozo J. Dujmovic

Performance Tradeoffs in Priority Scheduling
Jeffery P. Buzen

The Modeling Pyramid: From Design to Production
Dr. Tim R. Norton

Using Principal Component Analysis to Analyze and Forecast a Large Data Warehouse Application
Rick Isom