Conference Proceedings: 1999

CMG1999 Papers


Capacity & Performance Techniques

Automated Performance Management Advice Using Computational Intelligence
Adam Grummitt

Benchmark Program Generator for Compiler Performance Analysis
Jozo J. Dujmovic, Endre Horvath, Howard Lew

Capacity Modeling for Remote Access Services
Paul W. Edmiston, Tachen Leo Lo, Jack Peng

Capacity Planning Analyses of Large Networks: Case Study
Tom A. Mee, Paul N. Ybarra

Capacity Planning for PeopleSoft
Yefim Somin, Leonid Gross

Digging into SAP R/3 for Capacity Planning
Yefim Somin

Evolution of Performance Testing in a Distributed Client Server Environment
Joseph K. Merton

Focus on the End-User in the New Data Processing Environment
Linwood Merritt

Focused Batch Tuning
Daniel F. Schwarz, Tom A. Aurand

Load Testing in an IR Organization: Getting By 'With a Little Help From My Friends'
Andrea L. Glaser

LPAR Tuning: A Case Study
Tim Follen

Models of Reporting Using Visual Basic and Excel on Windows NT
Sudhir R. Nath

Performance Management and Capacity Planning for Mainframe Oracle Systems
Tim Foxon

Perspectives on Performance Measurement
Jeffrey P. Buzen

Planning Performance Assessment and Stress Testing
Russell K. Read, Kent Zunker

Service Level Directed Management of SAP R/3
Nicholas C. Gloy, J. Bradley Chen

Tutorial on an Integrated Performance & Capacity Management Process
Robert G. Gutjahr

User and Computer Performance Optimization - A New Model for Efficiency
Craig D. Hanson, Pat V. Crain

Utilizing Transformed Correlations in Performance Analyses
Jeffry A. Schwartz

Database and Transaction Processing

A Look At DB2 Statistics and Performance Traces
Edward A. Woods

DUI: DB2 Under (Your) Influence
Frank J. Ingrassia

Performance Considerations in Database Migrations to RAID
Ted McGavin

Using Traces to Identify Critical Application Data Sets in DB2 for OS/390
Chuck Hoover

Distributed Systems

Client-Server Application Modeling - A Methodology
Chris B. Hull

Practical UNIX Capacity Planning and Modeling on a Budget
John T. Peterson

SPE Models for Multi-Tier Client/Server Interactions with MQSeries and Other Middleware
Connie U. Smith

The Use of Life Expectancy to Manage Notes Domino Email Storage
William G. Pope, Lily B. Mummert

The X-Files: Investigating Alien Performance in a Thin-Client World
Neil J. Gunther

Windows NT Page Replacement Policies
Mark Friedman

Enterprise Systems Management

'Muscling-up' Your Performance and Capacity Activities To Achieve Real Benefit and Value
Linda G. Boyd

ARM 3.0 - Enabling Wider Use of ARM in the Enterprise
Mark W. Johnson

Automated Drill Down: An Approach to Automated Problem Isolation for Performance Management
Joseph L. Hellerstein, David Hart, Po Yue

Availability Metrics of an Online System
YongSoo Y. Kim

Capacity Planning for Solaris SRM: 'All I Ever Want is My Unfair Advantage' (And Why You Can't Have It)
Neil J. Gunther, Richard McDougall

Computer Performance Evaluation and Capacity Planning: Where We Were, Where We Are, and Where We Should Be Going
Bernard Domanski

Computer Printing Metrics and their Usage
Thomas E. Bell, Frank M. Bereznay

E-Business Impact on IT Management
George W. Dodson

On Automated Service Level Reporting
Mike Tsykin

The Capacity Performance Council, Start Yours Today!
Robert E. Chaney

The Case for Server Consolidation: Or Back to the Glass House?
Ellen M. Friedman, Jerry L. Rosenberg

Too Much Information - Making Sense of the Huge Daily Volume and Variety of Performance Data
Joseph K. Merton

I/O Subsystems

An Improved Long-Term File Usage Prediction Algorithm
Timothy J. Gibson

Assessing the Performance of MVS I/O Systems with a View Towards the Future
Thomas Beretvas

Assessing the Performance of Storage Processors
Thomas Beretvas

Formalizing Performance Metrics in Linux
Richard Pettit

Introduction to Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks (SANs) and their Configuration
Greg Schulz

Mainframe File System on Windows NT and AIX - Towards Heterogeneous Cluster File Share?
Motohiro Kanda

Managing Tape in the Next Millennium
Clifford J. Goosmann

Measurement and Modeling of Disk Subsystem Performance
Jozo J. Dujmovic, Daniel Tomasevic, Ming Au-Yeung

Random Processing On Tape
William T. Gray

Real Benefits From Virtual Tape or Let's (Not) Get Physical!
Wayne A. Schumack, Jim J. Byrnes

Standards for an IO Benchmark
William Z. Zahavi

Storage Networking: An Implementation Guide
Ted McGavin

Trials and Tribulations Implementing a Virtual Tape System (It's Not a Slam-Dunk)
Dick L. Arnold

Virtual Tape Capacity Planning and Candidate Selection
Jim Scott

Virtual Tape: Sizing It Correctly For Your Workload
Kuntal G. Rawal

Internet / Intranet / World Wide Web

Designing High Performance Web Pages
Jaqueline A. Lynch

E-Commerce: Web Enabled Legacy Applications - A Case Study and Technical Infrastructure Description
Roland Persson

Insights into WWW Server Performance using Busy-Period Analysis
Pierre M. Fiorini, Yiping Ding, Jeffrey L. Dawson

Managing the Performance of Microsoft's Internet Information Server
Odysseas I. Pentakalos

Planning the Capacity of a Web Server: an Experience Report
Daniel A. Menascé, Robert Peraino, Nikki Dinh, Quan T. Dinh

Redefining Response Time in an Asynchronous World
Richard L. Gimarc, Amy C. Spellmann

Web Application Tuning
Pat V. Crain, Craig D. Hanson

Web-Based Capacity and Availability Reporting
Linwood Merritt

Network Management

An Analytical Model of a Bandwidth Allocation Scheme for a Network Service Provider (NSP)
Daniel A. Menascé, Aiqun E. Wang, Bob Steele

Emerging Networking Technologies For E-Success
Tachen Leo Lo

Enterprise LAN Trends
Eddie Rabinovitch

Streamlining e-Business Performance using Directory Technologies
Marilyn T. Kanas, Yoram Baltinester

System 390

A Hundred Day Sprint: Going Live With SAP 4.0B on S/390 and NT
Wayne A. Schumack

An Integrated Technical-Economical Model for Sizing and Analyzing Parallel Sysplex Scenarios
Sandro De Santis, Fabio Valant

Implementation of OS/390 Workload Manager
Trevor Archer

Maximizing Your Return On Investment in DFSMS/hsm
Dale Bryan Drake

Reducing the Batch Window to Start Euro Processing or Pulling the EMU's Head out of the Sand
Neil McMenemy

The Technology 'E' Ride
Steve C. Lambourne

Workload Characterization / Modeling

An Experience Simulating Web Services
Charles K. Winston

Capacity Planning for MS Exchange Applications
Saqib N. Syed, Yefim Somin, Divya Prakash

Cluster Efficiency and Scalability for OLTP Workloads
Thin-Fong Tsuei, Ganesh Ramamurthy, Keng-Tai Ko

End-To-End Response-Time: Where to Measure?
Tim R. Norton

Forecasting CPU Utilization: A Simple Saturation Model in a UNIX Web Applications Server Environment
Alex Vasilesco, Rick Malencon

How I took on WLM and Lived to Tell the Tale
Ian Baldwin

Instrumenting the Black Box
Robert M. Lane

Latent Demand Considerations in Mainframe Analytical Modeling
Gregory V. Caliri

Maximum Response Time Indicator: Detecting Chaotic Behavior in Performance Data
Yiping Ding, Pierre M. Fiorini

Response Time Performance Modeling for a UNIX Web Transaction Processor Server
Alex Vasilesco

Service Level Targets - The First Step to Service Level Objectives
Michael Zaslavsky, Alex Kvitko

Simulation Modeling of Self-Similarity in Network Traffic
James Westall, Robert Geist, Kevin F. Spicer

Successful Multi-tier Benchmarking and Load Testing
Larry E. Watson

Using Booleanized Data To Discover Better Relationships Between Metrics
Susan P. Imberman, Bernard Domanski, Robert A. Orchard

Workload Bottleneck Analysis for Solaris
Adrian N. Cockcroft