Conference Proceedings: 1998

CMG1998 Papers


Capacity & Performance Techniques

A Planning Model for Lotus Notes Applications
William (Bucky) Pope

Analyzing Data with Uncertainty
Yiping Ding, Kenneth Newman

Capacity Planning and Performance Tuning of the UNIX Systems
Dr. Sudhir R Nath

Capacity Planning and Performance: Tips and Techniques
Tim Follen

Capacity Planning: Why Are We Still Counting Angels on a Pinhead?
John F. Maher

Classical Comparative Analysis Procedures and Deterministic Chaos
Richard A. Carlisle

Creating a Response Time Agreement For C/S Applications is a Whole New Ballgame!
Jack B. Woolley

Disk Subsystem Performance Analysis in WINTEL Platform
Paul Awoseyi, John Day

Experiences Migrating a Large Assembler Mainframe Simulator to C++ on a PC
Alex Patterson

Optimizing Computer System Configurations
Jozo J. Dujmovic

PC Desktop Performance and Hardware Performance Counters
Andy Martin

Performance Metric Validation in Chaos
Charles L. (Chuck) Burmaster, R. Daniel (Dan) Johnson, Robert H. (Bob) Johnson

Performance Monitor - the View from the Drivers Seat
Ronald V. Jones

Performance Testing & Analysis of Distributed Client/Server Database Systems
Brian L. Farrell, Richard Menninger, Stephen G. Strickland, Robert Maglies

Planning Domino Email Servers using Notes Transactions
William G. (Bucky) Pope

UNIX Memory Usage, Instrumentation and Analysis
Richard J. Mc Dougall

Database and Transaction Processing

A CICS/DB2 Legacy Application Takes the Sysplex Plunge
Jodi Perry, William J. Raymond, David J. Young

Data Warehouse Performance a Methodology for Analysis Illustrated Using TPC-D SF1000 Results
Jim Skeen

Database Layout Guidelines for Large Queries
Doug Johnson

DB2 Buffer Pool Tuning - Top Down or Bottom Up?
Joel Goldstein

Expanding The Reach Of DB2: TCP/IP And DRDA
Ed Woods

Oracle Performance Analysis Using Wait Events
Pat Crain, Craig Hanson

Performance Measurement of the PeopleSoft Multi-tier Remote Computing Application
Yi-Chun Chu, Charles J. Antonelli, and Toby J. Teorey

TPF - An Operating System for Performance
Hans W. Arnold

Distributed Systems

Beyond Availability Management Client/Server Performance Management is Coming of Age
Andrew L. McCasker

End-to-end Response Time and Beyond: Direct Measurement of Service Levels
Mike Tsykin, Christopher D. Langshaw

Monitoring Your MS Exchange Server
Carol Kerr

NT Benchmarking
Dr. Bernard Domanski

Optimizing the Performance of Wintel Applications
Mark B. Friedman

Performance Engineering Models of CORBA-based Distributed-Object Systems
Connie U. Smith, Lloyd G. Williams

Performance Evaluation of a Distributed Software Architecture
Connie U. Smith, Lloyd G. Williams

Performance Issues in Large Distributed System Security
Alan Harbitter, Daniel A. Menasce

The Incredible Shrinking Performance Staff vs. The Colossal Expanding Server Farm
Claude Aron, Suresh Gadad

The Performance Impact of Workload Characterization for Distributed Applications Using ARM
F. ElRayes, J. Rolia, R. Friedrich

Enterprise Systems Management

Applying End-To-End Technology: Response Time of Lotus Notes Client and Limited Decomposition
Mark Maccabee

ARM Yourself For Continuous Availability
Jodi Perry

Asset Management in Distributed Computing Environment
T. Leo Lo

Countdown to the Millennium: Issues to Consider in the Final Year
Ellen Friedman, Jerry Rosenberg

Disk Capacity, Performance, and Cost: Maintaining the Balance
Bruce McNutt

IT Availability - It's Critical to Your Business!
George W. Dodson

Managing the UNIX Mainframe
Adrian Cockcroft

Measuring Service Levels of Java Applets in E-business Applications
Mark W. Johnson

Organizational Behavior Leading to Systems Implementation Failures
Henry Steinhauer

Resource Accounting, Cost Allocation & Charge-Back in a DFSMS Environment
Dale Bryan Drake

Scrambling to Upgrade Infrastructure Software for Year 2000
Dr. Thomas E. Bell, Russell C. Davis

Service Level Instrumentation 101 an in Depth Look at How to Instrument End User Transactions
Steven Smead

Using Standard Unix Accounting Data for Chargeback Accounting
Don Koch, Gail Ridgley, Carl Meredith

I/O Subsystems

DASD Tuning in the New DASD Environment
Thomas Beretvas

Fibre Channel: The Third Age of Disk Connectivity
Ted McGavin

I/O Concurrency, I/O Bandwidth, Access Density and the Like
Anthony G. Mungal

Introduction To Fibre Channel Connectivity
Wayne Munson

Long-term File Activity and Inter-Reference Patterns
Lt. Colonel Tim Gibson, Ethan L. Miller, Darrell D. E. Long

Network Performance Monitoring in Windows NT
Melur Raghuraman, Venkat Ramanathan

Real-time, 3-D Graphics for the Linux PC
Robert Geist, James Westall, Dante Treglia Jr., Mark Smotherman

Scalability Analysis of SCSI-Connected I/O Systems
Hari Sivaraman, Swami Ramany

SRDF Remote Copy Performance Testing
Mark P. Grinnell

The Day We Hung Up Our Sandals! Or Workload Manager in Goal Mode Operation
John Mullen

The Ubiquitous SCSI: What is it?
Brian L. Wong

The World According to a Storage System
Bill Zahavi

Understanding the Windows NT Disk I/O Subsystem
Jee Fung Pang, Melur Raghuraman

Usage of RVA and Snapshot Copy
Jaqui Lynch, Richard Milner

Who Needs Virtual Tape When You Have Fat DASD? Maybe You Do!
Frank Bereznay

Internet / Intranet / World Wide Web

Analyzing the Impact of Dynamic Pages on the Performance of Web Servers
Marco Aurélio S. Mendes, Virgílio Augusto F Almeida

Load Testing in an Internet World
Robert J. Michalsky

Performance Evaluation of Web Applications
D. Gotta, L. Biffi

Prefetching Inlines to Improve Web Server Latency
Ronald Dodge, Daniel A. Menascé

Prefetching Results of Web Searches
Harry Foxwell, Daniel A. Menascé

Network Management

Case Study: Internals of a Network and Systems Performance Reporting System
Geoffrey Bradford

Estimating Network Traffic for TCP/IP Distributed Application Workload Modeling
Sam Nokes

Integrating Data in the Enterprise
Eddie Rabinovitch

Measuring the Effects of Wide Area Networks on Data Transmission
Joseph K. Merton

Network Traffic Analysis at the 20,000 Foot Level - Or Where Did All This Traffic Come from
Joseph K. Merton

Reliability & Availability of Networked Client/Server Systems: an Old Problem in a New Environment
Paul W. Edmiston, Jack Peng, T. Leo Lo

System 390

Chuck Hopf, Barry Merrill

A Unique VTS Experience
Richard S. Ralston

Analyzing RMF Service Class Data and Workload Activity Reports
Donald R. Deese

Business Centric Resource Management Reporting
Daniel P. Ruehl

Characterizing Normal Operation of a Web Server: Application to Workload Forecasting and Problem Detection
Joseph L. Hellerstein, Fan Zhang, Perwez Shahabuddin

Characterizing Open Systems Workloads and Comparing them with MVS
Brian L. Wong

DIBs, Data Buffers, and Distance: Understanding the Performance Characteristics of ESCON Links
Dr. H. Pat Artis

Does Your Installation Have Half-second I/O Response Time? A Closer Examination of Disconnect Time
Alan M. Sherkow

Dont Predict Applications When You Should Model the Business
Dr. Tim R. Norton

Evaluating and Improving CICS Performance in MVS (Goal Mode)
Donald R. Deese

Forecasting Processor Consumption in a Multiple Machine Environment
Jeffry A. Schwartz

From Design to Delivery: A Practical Experience on Performance Prediction
Luca Pagliarini, Silvio Pastore Stocchi

Getting Started in Mainframe Capacity Planning
Gregory V. Caliri

Getting to Goal Mode
Linwood Merritt

How to Stop DFHSM Thrashing in an SMS World
John Tyrrell

I Did It My Way - Going to Goal Mode
Chuck Hopf

On Modeling and Characterizing Self-similar Data Traffic
P.M. Fiorini, Yiping Ding, Lester Lipsky

Performance and Availability Modeling of Replicated Database Servers
Daniel A. Menascé, Nagesh Kakarlamudi

Performance Management of Larger Distributed Systems Based on Windows NT and Ethernet Networks
Adam Grummitt

Tales from the Crypto: Performance Alerts for Mainframe Users of Integrated Cryptographic Facilities
Wayne Wyrobek

The Folly of Ownership, Revisited Or Whose CICS Region is That, Anyway?
Stephen L. Samson

The Realities of Performance: High Points and Hurdles
Kelly Carr, Jay Kosiba, Jane Sedgwick

The RMF Type 70 Record a Plethora of Possibilities
Irwin F. Kraus

UNIX CPU Time Measurement Errors
Adrian Cockcroft

Will the Real Parallel Sysplex Please Stand Up
Steve Lambourne

Workload Forecasting Issues for World Wide (and Web) Applications
Roger Botterbusch