Conference Proceedings: 1997

CMG1997 Papers


Capacity & Performance Techniques

A Basic Performance Model Interchange Format
Connie U. Smith, Lloyd G. Williams

A Methodology for Planning and Executing CustomBenchmarks
Clifford W. Burrell

And You Think You Have a Stressful Environment?! (Stress Testing Distributed Systems)
George W. Dodson

Computer Printing Economics
Frank Bereznay, Dr. Thomas E. Bell

Evolution and Evaluation of SPEC Benchmarks
Jozo J. Dujmovic, Ivo Dujmovic

Evolution of Capacity Planning for Parallel Sysplex
Page Borchetta, Gary King

Friendly Persuasion: An Introduction to Graphic Report Design
Ted McGavin

Gleaning Fact from Fiction: Capacity Planning According to the Klingon Warrior Code
Jerry Rosenberg

Maintaining and Expanding a UNIX-based WWW Database Search Service
Sidney W. Soberman

Measurement and Analysis in High-end UNIX Environment, Huge Volume of Data
Hiromichi Hatano, Sanae Banno

Measuring Web Server Resource Consumption
Amr A. Hafez, Yiping Ding

On Near-Real-Time Performance Management
Mike Tsykin, Christopher D. Langshaw

Performance Benchmark and Assessment of a Mixed Batch and Online Transaction Processing System
Rodney B. Wallace

Performance Data from the Server to the Intranet: Getting the Data and Reporting It
Linwood Merritt

Performance Management of the Desktop ClientFact or Fantasy?
Doug McBride

Performance Testing in a Client-Server Environment
Joseph K. Merton

Performance Tuning and Capacity Planning for Oracle on UNIX - A Case Study
Adam Grummitt, Tim Foxon

SAP R/3 Tuning and Upgrade Practices
Glynn B. Giacone, Javier Munoz

Service Management Using the Application Response Measurement API Without Application Source Code Modification
Martin Haworth

Sizing an Operational System from Prototype Findings
Fred M. Richards, Jr.

Summarization Macros: The Swiss Army Knife of Performance Reporting
Ted McGavin

Tape Upgrade: Stepping Up to 36-tracks, Local & Remote Silos, and Tape Mount Management
Walter P. Kraslawsky

The Availability & Quality of SAP R/3 Workload Data For Performance / Capacity Management Process Requirements
George I. Thompson, Javier Muñoz, James K. DeBruhl

The Only Good I/O Is A Dead I/O!
John C. Tyrrell

The Performance Analysis for System Migrations
Ray Wicks

The Year 2000: Strategies for Managing Application Performance
Gene Leganza

Using an Office Application Suite to Automate Performance Analysis and Reporting
Jeffry A. Schwartz

Why Your CPU Capacity May Not Match Your Vendors Estimate
Cheryl Watson

Database and Transaction Processing

DB2 Data Sharing: Predictive Performance Methods
David Beulke

DB2 Type II Index Processing in a Data Sharing Environment
William J. Raymond, David J. Young

Monitoring IMS Transaction Response
Margaret Greenberg

Performance Analysis and Tuning of Oracle on Microsoft Windows NT
Edward Whalen

Should I Trust My DSS Queries to the Database Optimizer?
Robert M. Lane

Stored Procedures: A New Issue in DB2 Performance Management
Ed Woods

The Design of Scaleable Batch Transaction Processing Applications Using an Open TP Monitor
Pat Crain, Craig Hanson

The Ex-Files: DB2 MVS Explain (The Truth is Out There)
Frank J. Ingrassia

User Experience with IMS/DB2 Data Sharing Performance
Lambert W. Stammerjohn

Distributed Systems

A Framework for Software Performance Engineering of Client/Server Systems
Daniel A. Menascé

Benchmark Driver Alternatives for Remote Computing
Gary Cline, James McGalliard

Measurement and Analysis of Disk I/O in UNIXEnvironments
Dr. Subhash Agrawal, Yefim Somin

Performance Engineering Evaluation of Object-Oriented Systems
Connie U. Smith, Lloyd G. Williams

Performance Modeling of a Unix Communications Server
Daniel Menasce, Khue Nguyen, Dung Nguyen

UNIX Capacity Planning: It Isn't Just for Breakfast Anymore
Jim Simmons, John Kelly

UNIX Measurement
Mark Cohen, Danilo Gipponi

Windows NT: Can it be Tuned?
Mark B. Friedman

Enterprise Systems Management

A Framework for Intranet Application Deployment
Armin Roeseler

A Real World Stress Test of a Windows NT Server Remote Computing Application
Gary Cline, James McGalliard

Are You Being Served? (Service Level Agreements for I/S Support Organizations)
Ruth V. Heidel

Automated Tuning Systems: Beyond Decision Support
Joseph L. Hellerstein

Nell Cote

Capacity Planning and Performance Issues in Y2K Projects
Ellen M. Friedman, Jerry L. Rosenberg

Decomposition of End-To-End Response Time: Addressing a Major Corporate Requirement
Mark Maccabee, Fritz Mosinger

If We Can Land a Man on the Moon Why is it so Difficult to Run and support a Data Centre?
Chirs Fennessy

Is Chargeback Dead? Profit-center Accounting and Activity-based Costing Lives on
Kenneth J. Lynch

Life Considerations for Electronic Archive Storage
Richard I. Mizrahi

Managing Distributed Systems Performance and Capacity: A Three-level Approach
G. Jay Lipovich

Open Enterprise Management for Network Performance
Catherine H. Liu

Pretty Soon, Its Real Money! Financial Management in the Era of Distributed Computing
James R. Cook

State-of-the-art protection plans
Hall Skaara

The Application Response Measurement (ARM) API, Version 2
Mark W. Johnson

Turning the Lights Back on in the Data Centre
Charles Noble

Year 2000 Planning Considerations - We Need a Bigger Boat
Brian Grindley

Year 2000 Stategy
Colleen Arnold

I/O Subsystems

A Comparison of Remote Copy Approaches: SRDF and PPRC Performance Testing
Anthony G. Mungal, Rene Daoust

Charting Techniques to Visualize Tape Workloads
Steven A. Johnson, Toby Olberding, Bill Lynch

Comparing Performance of Storage Processors
Thomas Beretvas

DASD Subsystem Cache Statistics
Rick Grossman, David L. Peterson

Disk Cache Design and Performance as Evaluated in Large Timesharing and Database Systems
Barbara Tockey Zivkov, Alan Jay Smith

High Fidelity Measurement of Disk I/O Response Time Using Standard AIX Monitoring Tools
John R. Zaleski, Ph.D.

Open Systems Tape Performance Management
Clifford J. Goosmann

Performance and Capacity Planning of Storage Processors
Thomas Beretvas

Relocating a Data Center Using Extended Distance SRDF: A User Experience
Mark P. Grinnell, Jim Feurig

Remote Dual Copy: Hot Backup Site Now a Reality, But, at What Cost?
John Maffei, Ben Lin

Understanding the Performance Characteristics of Synchronous Remoter Copy
Dr. H. Pat Artis

Virtual Tape: What It Is And Its Performance Considerations
Kuntal G. Rawal, Steven A. Johnson

What Did You do in the War, Daddy? Positioning, Planning, and Tuning for Virtual Tape
W.T. Gray

Internet / Intranet / World Wide Web

Comparative Performance Analysis of Client-Server Applications developed in Java and C++
Albert Parent, Amr Hafez, Dan Keefe

Performance Implications of Java Based Network Computers
Adrian Cockcroft

Performance Instrumentation of Web Applications
Michael R. Stadelmann

Performance Issues of Designing a High Performance Intranet
Sudha Jamthe, Subhash Agrawal

Raymond A. Modeen

Web Site Statistics
Jaqueline A. Lynch

Web Site Workload Forecasting
Robert J. Michalsky

Network Management

Asynchronous Transfer Mode - The Other ATM A Case Study in Network Management
Emily Prenner, Kenneth A. Tyler

Building Scaleable IP Networks
Eddie Rabinovitch

Building Scaleable Multiprotocol Networks
Eddie Rabinovitch

Planning and Management of Internet & Intranet
T. Leo Lo

Predicting the Performance Under Overload Conditions of Operations Systems of TLC Networks
M. Richeldi, G. Ferro, D. Gotta

Testing the Performance of Multiple TCP/IP Stacks
John L. Wood, Christopher D. Selvaggi, & John Q. Walker II, Ph.D.

System 390

CMOS Technology-Coming of AGE
Steve Lambourne

Effects of IP Speed on Workload Throughput and Parallel Sysplex Performance
Christine Tsan

Get Hiper About Hiperspaces
Fred R. Forst

Goal-based Initiator Management
John Arwe

Guidelines to Measuring Relative Performance
Philip L. Schilt

Latent Demand: The Invisible Consumer
Fred Forst

MVS/ESA 5.2.2 OpenEdition User Experience
Mike Chudzik

Performance in OpenEdition (UNIX) Systems for MVS Gurus
Robert H. (Bob) Johnson

Tape Cartridge Workload Characterization
Judy Koslov, William Lynch, Richard Olberding

The Evolution of Workload Performance Management in MVS
Stephen L. Samson

The Performance Impact of New Technologies (CMOS, ACE) and Architectures (Parallel Sysplex)
Sandro De Santis

Workload Characterization / Modeling

Analysis of Hierarchical Storage Management Policies: A Model and Case Study
Bruce McNutt

Capacity Planning in Distributed Environments
Dr. Bernie Domanski

Characterizing and Interpreting Periodic Behavior in Computer Systems
Robert F. Berry, Joseph L. Hellerstein

Conjecture Upon the Analysis of Computer Performance by Means of evolutionary Computing
Mark Folker, Michael Odetayo

Considerations for Modeling Windows NT
J.P. Buzen, A.W. Shum

Dont Plan Capacity When You Should Predict Applications
Tim R. Norton

Fixing Capacity Plannings Achilles Heel: An Approach to Managing Forecast Inaccuracy
G. Jay Lipovich

How We Avoided Murphys Law at the Italian Stock Exchange

Managing the Enterprise with the Application Response Measurement API (ARM)
Denise Morris

New Perspectives in DASD Subsystem Cache Performance
David L. Peterson

Performance Measuring and Monitoring Batch Processes in a UNIX Environment
Rodney B. Wallace

Performance Modelingwith Application Response Measurement (ARM): Pros and Cons
Yiping Ding

Shooting the RAPPIDs Swift Performance Techniques for Turbulent Times
Dr. Neil J. Gunther

Sizing the Server(s) but Not Knowing Enough:Open System Performance Modeling
Dr. Bernard Domanski, James J. McGalliard

Speed and Response
Steve Lambourne, Jim Callaway

The Case of the Self-Serving Server
Dr. Michael A. Salsburg