Conference Proceedings: 1995

CMG1995 Papers



A Resource Occupancy Model For Evaluating Instrumentation System Overheads 
Abdul Waheed, Herman D. Hughes, Diane T. Rover

Capacity Planning For Tape Drives: Learning To Count 
Charles W. Hopf

DASD Subsystems: Evaluating Their Performance And Characteristics Through Benchmarking 
Bill J. Nevill

Generating Representative Synthetic Workloads: An Unsolved Problem 
Gregory R. Ganger

Introduction To Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) 
Douglas H. Marden

IP Over SNA With Frame Relay - How To 
Eddie Rabinovitch

Performance Analysis And Modeling Of A Windows NT Server 
Virgilio Almeida, Gilberto Z. Fialho

Performance Modeling Of Large Transients In Computer Systems 
Neil J. Gunther

The Structure And Evolution Of A Distributed Measurement Framework 
Brian D. Noble

Who We Are - The 1994 CMG Conference Attendee Survey 
James R. Cook

Capacity & Performance Management

A Case For A Knowledge-Based Performance Tuning Advisor 
Prabhakara B. Bhat

A Delicate Balance: The Capacity-Performance Symbiosis 
Jerry L. Rosenberg

A Federation-Oriented Capacity Management Methodology For LAN Environments 
Daniel A. Menascé, Duane Dregits, Robert Rossin

A Methodology For The New CPE Paradigm In Large UNIX Networks 
Mario F. Jauvin

A Performance Modeling Tool For A Client/Server Backup Product 
Claudia Dragoescu, Felipe Cabrera

A UNIX Capacity/Performance Case Study 
Robert E. Chaney

Alarm-Based vs. Historical Trending Performance Management or Really Large UNIX Installation Performance Management 
Mario F. Jauvin

Assuring On-Going Performance Of Commercial UNIX Systems 
Boris Geller

Capacity Planning Skills Migration From Mainframe To Client/Server 
Joseph B. Major

Computers Don't Sweat Or Performance Metrics In The Distributed Computing Environment 
James P. Quigley

Consider The Alternatives: Structuring A Proactive Performance And Capacity Plan 
G. Jay Lipovich

DASD: Cost Or Consequences 
Leonard W. Gunderson, Joan A. Arnold-Roksandich

Distributed System Analysis Case Study 
Barbara H. Pendergrass, Robert N. Bonham

Establishing A Unix Mid-Range Capacity And Performance Management Environment 
Joe E. Bell, Daniel W. McCord

Extending Capacity Management To UNIX And Other Platforms 
Linwood Merritt

Giving CIO's A Useful Yardstick: Tracking Performance To Plan 
G. Jay Lipovich

Internetwork Optimization: Microsegmentation Versus Latency 
Martin A. Nemzow

Managing Distributed Processing 
Bruce S. Fouracre, Dave Craver

Measuring The Response Time Of Distributed Applications 
Mark W. Johnson

Modeling Considerations When Merging Computers 
Jeffry A. Schwartz

Performance Analysis And Capacity Planning For Datacenter Parallelism 
Neil J. Gunther

Performance Management In A Large Scale Client Server Environment: The Do's And Dont's - A Case Study 
Tom H. MacFarland, Glen Bechtold

Performance Management In Large Scale Distributed UNIX Environments 
Eric D. Ho

Performance Planning For Distributed Applications 
Diana Szumilas, Sandra McCrady, Ron Leighton

Performance Reviews Of Client/Server Development 
Thomas E. Bell, Fred C. Manthey

Preemptible SRBs: Understanding, Exploiting, And Managing Them 
John E. Arwe

So You Think You're Safe Because You Ran a Benchmark 
Ellen M. Friedman

SPE: A Methodology For Building Performance Into Client/Server Applications 
Gene M. Leganza

The Design And Tuning Of Microsoft Windows 95 
Herbert A. Chong

The Role Of Symmetry In The Parallel Sysplex 
Irwin F. Kraus

Traffic Probes, RMON Entities, & Everything 
George S. Hsieh

UNIX Metrics: Is The Data In Open Systems The Same From Platform To Platform 
Bob Johnson

Database & Transaction Processing Systems

A Performance Monitoring And Capacity Planning Methodology For Transaction Processing Systems In A Distributed UNIX Environment 
Rodney B. Wallace

CICSplex SM/ESA Implementation And Capacity Planning 
David J. Young

DB2 Buffer Pool Tuning & Sizing - The Yellow Brick Road To Application Performance 
Joel Goldstein

DB2 Buffer Pools And Page Sets: Matching Their Characteristics For Better Performance 
Chuck Hoover

Emerging DB2 Optimizer Technology 
Frank J. Ingrassia

Implementing Object Oriented Programming (OOP) In A Mainframe Environment 
Patrick Morrison

Incremental Performance Analysis Of Client/Server Systems 
Thomas E. Bell, Anne M. Falk

Modeling High Performance UNIX Servers 
Michael R. Stadelmann

ORACLE, SYBASE, And INFORMIX: Metrics For Sizing, Planning, Monitoring And Tuning 
Glynn B. Giacone

Sybase SQL Server Performance Considerations 
Gene M. Leganza

Ten Steps To Better DB2 Performance 
Edward A. Woods

Distributed Systems Management

Are You Managing Your Enterprise For Business Or Pleasure 
Derek W. McKim-Smith, Jonathan C. Haworth

Automating Performance Management Using Case-Based Reasoning 
Joseph L. Hellerstein

Backup In A Network Environment: A Window Of Vulnerability And Opportunity 
Peter Liu

Client/Server Systems Management: So You Thought Client/Server Meant Easy 
George W. Dodson

Intelligent Software Entities For Distributed Systems Management 
George S. Hsieh

Measuring And Monitoring Business Transactions In An Open Systems Environment 
Dave M. Glover, Doug McBride

More Help Is On The Way (Optimizing The Performance Of The Client/Server Help Desk) 
Ruth V. Heidel

Performance & Capacity Analysis Of A Third-Party Client/Server Application 
Jim Rosborough

Toward Successful Deployment Of IT Service Management In The Distributed Enterprise 
Doug McBride

Large Systems

18-Track Tape Drive Performance Models 
Eric G. Ohstrom, William G. Ohstrom

A Methodology To Characterize A VM I/O Workload 
Leslie K. Hodge

A TCB/SRB Analysis Approach To Estimating CPU Productivity Through Fast I/O 
Anthony G. Mungal

Batch Window Management Using Critical Path Analysis 
Linwood Merritt

Benchmarking Electronic Office Systems 
Alex E. Mericas, Joseph Marsh

Case Study Of Table-Top Sizing With Workload-Specific Estimates Of CPU Cache Performance 
James W. McGalliard

Case Study Of Table-Top Sizing With Workload-Specific Estimates Of The Multi-Processor Effect 
James W. McGalliard

Central Processor Life Extension Or Expectation Management 101 
Gene Clem

Channel Programs In The Escon Environment 
Jaco C. Van Wilgenburgh, Gilbert E. Houtekamer

Data Compression In A Mainframe World (Less Is More) 
Clifford J. Goosmann

Effective Use Of MVS Workload Manager Controls 
Peter A. Enrico, Edgar L. Berkel

How To Process SMF/RMF Data In A Windows And Windows NT Environment With Performance Comparisons To Mainframe Processing 
George W. Turner, Steve A. Johnson

Introduction To Controller Performance Analysis 
Ted McGavin

Looking To Improve Performance? The Solutions May Be Closer Than You Think 
Gregory V. Caliri

Modeling Distributed Transaction Response Times As Impacted By In-Storage Buffer Accesses 
Tim R. Norton

Modeling The Performance Budget - A Case Study 
William Z. Zahavi

Modeling Workbench: Keeping Track Of Your Tools 
Tim R. Norton

MVS DASD Survey: Results And Trends 
Bruce McNutt

Performance Analysis For Capacity Planning - An Introduction 
Ray Wicks

Practical Experience With Data Striping 
Otto F. Noack, Rosie Jergovic, Craig S. Cole

RAID Systems: The Berkeley And MVS Perspectives 
Gilbert E. Houtekamer

RAID: Competitive Advantages 
Gilbert E. Houtekamer

Triad Of Computing In The 21st Century Or, Back To The Future Again 
Bob Johnson

Management & Financial

A Financial Strategy For Configuration And Management Of A DFSMSHSM Environment 
Mark P. Grinnell, Marge Falendysz

Chargeback: An Adventure In Re-engineering 
Michael J. Machuga, Rick Lebsack

Creating Tools To Support An Efficiency Improvement Program 
Linda N. Haitani, Mark Rascoe

Maximizing Value From Professional Services 
Gail G. Greenspan

Outsourcing - What Is It Really Like 
Joe Baur, Denise Walters

Using The World Wide Web As An Executive Information System 
Larry Kayser

Modeling & Applied Statistics

Application Of The Performance Evaluation Simulator INSYDE To A Large-Scale Distributed System 
Toshio Komatsu

Characterization Of Bursty Traffic 
Nirdosh Bhatnagar

Evaluating The Performance Of Tomorrow's Disk Drive 
Mike Wiebel, Pallavi Gholkar Homan

MASF - Multivariate Adaptive Statistical Filtering 
Jeffrey P. Buzen, Annie W. Shum

Modeling Client/Server Applications 
Thomas Confrey, Bernard Domanski

Performance Modeling For Designing Client/Server Systems 
Edward A. MacNair, Stephen S. Lavenberg, Philip S. Yu

Power Laws In Large Shop DASD I/O Activity 
David L. Peterson, Rick H. Grossman

Network & Interoperability

Clock Instability And Its Effect On Time Intervals In Performance Studies 
Margaret A. Dietz, Carla Schlatter Ellis, C. Frank Starmer

Embracing Your ATM Network: Whether You Like It Or Not 
Tachen Leo Lo

In Search of End-To-End Response Time 
Richard S. Ralston

LAN Performance: Sniffing Out Results Without Dogging The User 
Margaret R. Greenberg, Henry Steinhauer

Network Benchmarking Using Distributed Client/Server Pairs 
Jozo J. Dujmovic, Robert E. Kinicki, Sanjay Subbanna

Network Performance Studies Of LAN-Based Applications 
William M. Schrier

On The Design And Implementation Of A Capacity Management Tool For LAN Environments 
Daniel A. Menascé, Duane Dregits

Performance Evaluation Of Congestion Control Mechanisms In ATM Networks 
Hongbo Zhu, Luiz A. DaSilva, Joseph B. Evans

Scalability Of Ethernet Based Networks 
Stephen M. Cheng

Using TCP/IP In A Client/Server Environment 
Rayne Chen

Storage & I/O Subsystems

A Customer's View Of A DASD Designer's Bag Of Tricks: What To Consider When Selecting DASD Devices For Your Enterprise From ..... 
Dan L. Drake

A Simple LAN File Placement Strategy 
Jitendra Padhye, Anirudha D. Rahatekar, Lawrence W. Dowdy

A Tale Of Two Vaults: Electronic Vaulting At Barnett Technologies 
Michael L. Puldy

Adaptive Hierarchical RAID: A Solution To The RAID 5 Write Problem 
Theresa A. Burkes, Bryan M. Diamond, Douglas L. Voigt

Analysis Of Disk Workloads In Network File Server Environments 
John R. Heath, Stephen A. R. Houser

Do We Need Further Changes To Our DASD Paradigm 
Dan L. Drake

Host Based Compression vs. Outboard Compression: A Strategic Fork In The Road To Data Interoperability 
Bradley A. Cahill

I/O Performance Modelling & Evaluation: Giving Your Company The Competitive Edge 
Raoul Blignaut, Mobin Waja

PDSEs: The Moe, The Larry, And The Curley 
Alan B. Schulman, Jim G. Sherman, Anthony C. Waclawski

RAID Modeling Factors And Their Performance Implications 
Yiping Ding, Subhash C. Agrawal

RAID, CAID And Virtual Disk Architecture And Concepts 
Philip B. Berman

RAID-5 Performance And Tuning 
David P. Griffith

Simple Models For Sizing Multi-Level Storage Hierarchies 
Mark B. Friedman

The Three Dimensions Of Tape Capacity 
Rick Lebsack

The Tip Of The Iceberg 
Christian G. Nielsen, Gayle A. Phillips