Conference Proceedings: 1988

CMG1988 Papers


Advanced Tutorials

A Study of Disk Performance Options for UNISYS A Series Systems 
Michael A. Salsburg

Analysis of an Intersystem Serialization Mechanism 
Hossein H. Ghannad, William H. Tetzlaff

DASD and Cache Performance Analysis Using Modeling 
Thomas Beretvas

Designing and Measuring High-Performance Processors 
Bill McCormack

I/O Tuning in the MVS/XA Environment Part II 
Rich Olcott

IMS Transaction Modelling and Response Time Validation Using Analytical Queueing Models 
Raymond A. Clarke

Integrated Capacity Planning - A Case Study in Development and Implementation 
Jack E. Brey

MVS/XA Performance and Resource Measurement Facility(RMF) Data Analysis 
J. William Mullen

Network Management - Evaluation of Leading Products 
Kornel Terplan

Performance Management of Parallel Computers 
K. Mani Chandy

Processor Storage Estimation 
Gary M. King

Processor Storage Overview 
Gary M. King

Storage Benchmarking - Traps, Pitfalls, and Swindles 
Stephen Goldstein

VM/XA-SP Monitor Data, An Architected Data Source 
James Page

VSAM-Guidelines to Optimization and Design 
Eugene S. Hudders

Introductory Tutorials

A Case Study Of Integrating A DASD Technology Change Into An Existing Plan 
Alan M. Sherkow

A Workload Characterization Tutorial For On-Line Systems 
Ellen M. Friedman

Back-of-the-Envelope Modeling Tutorial 
Arnold O. Allen

CICS Shared Resources, Triumphs, and Tragedies Tutorial 
Richard G. Nikula

CICS Tuning Experiences 
Frank M. Bereznay

Network Tuning War Stories With a Happy Ending 
R. L. Fischer

Office Automation Analysis And VAX/VMS(TM) Capacity Planning: Tools, Techniques And Experiences 
Brian K. Sanders

Or How The System's Analyst Learned To Love Accounting 
Nell Compo Davidson

Relational Technology: Is it for me 
John E. Fair

SMF, RMF, and LOGREC: Primary Data Sources 
William S. Cool, Joe Kersey

System Performance Management and Capacity Planning 
Bernard Domanski

The Capacity Plan - Table of Contents 
Patricia J. Hunter

Tutorial On Statistical Methods For Analysis And Reporting 
Donald T. Gantz

Using Graph Theory For Network Analysis 
Hugh Smith

Virtual Storage Tuning For MVS/XA 
Carolyn Hanna

VM Capacity Planning For MVS Performance Analysts 
Tim Grieser

Management Papers

A Credible Charter for Capacity Planning 
Kiran Chakravarthy, Allen C. Moltz

A Production Control Model of On-Line Systems a Capacity Planning Overview 
Carolyn Hanna

Business-Level Description of Transaction Processing Applications 
William Z. Zahavi, James P. Bouhana

Capacity Planning - A Business 
Patricia J. Hunter

Capacity Planning Personnel and Responsibilities 
L. A. Phillips

Capacity Planning Reporting for Senior Management 
Christopher W. Finney

Capacity Planning When You Are Out of Capacity 
Mark B. Friedman

Chargeback Concepts 
G. Gewurtz

CMF Analysis Management Concerns Addressed With the CICS Monitoring Facility 
Dale Doolittle

Computer Performance Measurement and Capacity Planning for DEC VAXes (and other Minicomputers) 
Ivan Loffler

DASD I/O Performance Tuning: A Case Study of Techniques and Results 
Wayne S. Papy

Data Center Consolidation and Capacity Planning 
Christopher W. Finney

Development of a Capacity Planning Infrastructure 
Allen C. Moltz, Kiran Chakravarthy

Electronic Mail Analysis 
Carole Pedriana, Pat Riker, Joan Roehrig, Tony Wang

Getting the Most Out of Your Vendor's Customer Support 
Bill Rose

Great Myths of Capacity Planning 
Jerry L. Rosenberg

How the 3990 changes your life: tips and traps 
Gilbert E. Houtekamer

Managing Data Processing Personalities 
Ted C. Keller

Managing for Growth in a VM Environment 
Bucky Pope

Overview of Enterprise Systems Architecture/370 and the PR/SM Feature 
James R. Bowerman

Putting it all Together .. 
Jim Jens

Relationships Among Virtual Storage, Real Storage, and Paging 
William S. Cool

Service Level Management at Lloyds Bank 
William Barham, Murrey Faithfull

Starting from Scratch: The Evolution of a Capacity/Performance Function in a UNIX Environment 
Anthony M. Krause, Sheri D. Silverstein

System Workload Management Using PC-Based Graphics 
Ronald T. Welf

System-Managed Storage: The Impact on Planning 
Ed Nieves

The Anatomy of Capacity Planning 
David Edge

The Ascent of Mass Storage Systems 
Ben Duhl

The Night the Lights Went Out in Texas 
Bill Wagner

The Real World of DASD Management 
Michael McElwee

Traffic Measurement in Nonhierarchical Data Networks 
Erik-Jan Bos

U. S. Army Expands Concept of Charging for Information Services 
Dean Halstead

Zero Swapping/Paging I/O - A Reality 
J. C. Ryden

Management Tutorials

A Passion for Graphics Excellence 
Calvin Powell

An Expert System's Tutorial for Computer Performance Evaluation 
Bernard Domanski

An Introduction To Implementing A Capacity Planning Effort In An MVS Environment 
Paul Waldowski

Building Network Management Databases 
Bill Mickelson, Hugh Smith

Capacity Planning - What? Why? & How 
Ann Petley-Jones

Capacity Planning for VM/VSE Systems 
Duncan Cheung

Capacity Planning: A Management Primer 
Jerry L. Rosenberg

Data Center Chargeback - A Resource Accounting Methodology 
Peter J. Freimayer

How do I Get Started 
Craig A. Cooley

Is SMS Really Less Labor Intensive 
Arlene M. Morris

Macro Capacity Planning 
H. Pat Artis, Bruce L. Gates

Macro-Level Capacity Planning 
Leilani E. Allen

Processes In DASD Planning Management Tutorial Session 
Catherine H. Liu

So, You Wanna Run A Benchmark 
Ronald G. Nichols

System-Managed Storage: The Impact 
Rob Wells

Where the Bucks Are (and How to Get Some) 
Michael McElwee

New Books

MVS Concepts and Facilities MVS/370, MVS/XA and 370/ESA 
Robert H. Johnson

The Computer Management and Evaluation Compendium Volume IX 
Rich Olcott

Panel Discussions

System Performance Engineering: "Pay Me Now or Pay Me More Later" 
Doug McBride

Technical Papers

3090/600E Partition vs Single Image Study 
Darrel Cook, Joe E. Bell, Chuck Comstock, Glen Farmer

A Back of the Envelope Model of Realistic DASD Queues 
Bruce McNutt

A Comparison of IEEE 802.3 Protocol Models 
Donald F. Dubois

A Comparison of Paging Subsystems Composed of Expanded Storage and Semiconductor Disk 
Stephen E. Cox

A Framework for Analyzing Parallel Discrete Event Simulation 
Jack V. Briner Jr.

A Multi-Level Simulation Model of MVS/JES2 Batch Workloads 
Charles E. Hackett

A Performance Analysis of Solid-State Disk 
Jeffrey C. Hoffecker

A Performance Study on UNIX Disk I/O Reference Trace 
T. Paul Lee, Rebecca Wang

A Technique for Evaluating Network Configuration Performance 
Richard J. Stampf

A Unified Methodology for Data Center Planning 
James H. Smith, Richard L. Gimarc

A VAX System Sizing Case Study 
Mark Stokrp

Analyzing VM Performance: A Worksheet Based Approach 
Robert F. Berry, Joseph L. Hellerstein

BOSUN - An In-House Developed Software Monitor for ACP/TPF Systems 
Dave Clarke

Capacity Planning in a VAXcluster Environment: A Case Study 
Prem Sinha, Jeannie Lieb, Paul Douglas, Jee Fung Pang, Melur K. Raghuraman

CICS LSR Buffer Simulator (CLBS) 
G. Bozikian, J. William Atwood

Considerations for Modeling Shared DASD 
Jeffrey P. Buzen, Annie W. Shum

Contention Among Paging I/O Processes 
James S. DeArmon

DB2 - Performance and Catalog Locking Implications of Dynamic SQL 
Joel Goldstein

DB2 Performance Engineering and Capacity Planning 
Glynn B. Giacone

Designing an Expert System for Computer Performance Evaluation 
Donald R. Deese

Determining the Relative Efficiencies Of Computation Systems: A Linear Programming Approach 
Armin Roeseler

Emperical Determination of Cache Effectiveness at the Dataset Level 
Eugene Quinn

Expanded Storage Measurement and Tuning 
Michael R. Lee

Experience in Benchmarking CICS Systems 
Deborah S. Pomerance, Harry L. Sanders

Experience with a Queueing Network Model of a Data General Minicomputer 
Jeff T. Buckwalter, Arthur H. W. Lin

Expert Systems for Computer Performance Evaluation: On MetaRules and Knowledge Engineering 
Bernard Domanski, Sidney W. Soberman

How to Obtain Data for Software Performance Engineering Studies 
Connie U. Smith

I/O Subsystem Measurements in a System Environment 
John G. Aschoff

Improving CADAM and CICS Response Time with a Solid-State Disk 
Chris Kohlman, Clyde Webster

Interactive Expert Assistant for Computer Performance Evaluation 
Jeffrey L. Dawson, Hal Shubin

Mainframe Capacity Modeling Methods For A Minicomputer Application 
Larry K. Chu

Management and Response Time Capacity Planning 
R. L. Fischer

Measurement and Analysis of Central Storage in an MVS/XA Expanded Storage Environment 
Thomas W. McDonald

Measurement and Prediction of Computer Performance at the FAA's en Route Air Traffic Control Centers 
Eric W. Brehm, Shin-Sun Chow, Robert T. Goettge

Modeling the Reliability of a Real-Time System 
J. Dennis Lawrence

Modelling and Characterizing Workload Dynamics in TSO Systems 
Lawrence Y. Ho

MVS Performance Management Legends 
Stephen L. Samson

MVS/XA Installation Performance Specifications(IPS): Design Considerations 
J. William Mullen

Network Response Time Monitoring Issues 
Luis Motles, William Conner

Nonlinear Regression Models and CPE Applications 
Mark B. Friedman

On Relative Speeds of VAX Processors 
Subhash C. Agrawal

Partitioning Large Processors 
David J. Young, Richard L. Poliak, Russell W. Martindale

Performance Analysis and Modeling of an Office Server in a Distributed PC Environment 
Prabuddha Biswas, Christine Pietras

Performance Analysis of I/O Subsystem on Large Mainframe UNIX Systems 
Nancy E. Covey, Anthony J. Gaseor, Hasan B. Mutlu

Performance Analysis of SNA Network Data Flow 
Tachen Leo Lo, Jack Peng

Performance Engineering Techniques for Complex Dynamic Systems 
Harry R. Erwin

Performance Evaluation of Realistic Image Synthesis Systems 
Ricki Blau

Performance Monitoring & Resolution System (PMRS) 
G. Bozikian, W. M. Jaworski

Planning for Capacity: DB2 
David J. Young, George M. Coleman, Mark H. Schoenberg

Processor Performance Comparison Problems in VM/SP and VM/SP HPO 
Robert K. Dunsire

Quantifying Central Storage Requirements 
Michael R. Lee

Remote Workstation Emulation and Other Alternatives to RTE 
James W. McGalliard, Ashok K. Thareja

Simulation is not a Four Letter Word 
Michael A. Salsburg

Software Queuing Considerations Accessing DB2 from CICS 
Steven R. Hackenberg

System Managed Storage Doing it Today Planning for the Future 
Henry Steinhauer, Daniel Kaberon

The "Columbo" School of Expert Systems 
Steven R. Hackenberg

The Effect of a Cached DASD Controller on CADAM Response Time 
Chris Kohlman

The Law of Diminishing Returns: Special Cases of Mixed DASD Types 
Joseph B. Major

The Logic Analyzer: A Tool for Understanding Computer Performance 
Teri-Lynn Judge, Thomas E. Bell

The Next Step in the Evolution of DASD Cache Controllers: Performance Expectations 
Roger P. Kovach

The Performance Evaluation of a Transaction Processing System 
Michael A. Salsburg

The Performance Tracking Document: A Vehicle For Managing The Software Performance Engineering Process 
Doug McBride

TSO Processor and Auxiliary Storage Options 
Richard Poliak

Tuning Batch and IMS Systems: Two Parallel Studies in Workload Classification 
William T. Gray

User Friendly Access to the Performance Data Base 
Steve Isaacs

Using Netview to Report on Network Availability 
Richard Hammond

Visual Characterization of Transaction Processing Workloads 
James P. Bouhana

What's-Different Analysis and its Application to Performance Management in VM SP/HPO 
Joseph L. Hellerstein


MVS/ESA Capacity Planning: A First Look 
J.P. Buzen, A.W. Shum