Conference Proceedings: 1987

CMG1987 Papers


Advanced Tutorials

3090-Class Processor Architectures and Workload Performance Levels 
Gary Keeney, Greg Simmons

A Capacity Planning Methodology for Data Networks 
John Harmon

A Survey of Performance Applications of the Teleprocessing Network Simulator(TPNS) 
Richard C. Burke

Accounting for Workload Variation in Interval Selection and Analysis 
Brian Williams

CICS and DB2: A Marriage Made in Heaven 
Jason G. Shane, James Cook

Coupled Systems for Performance 
Edward I. Cohen

From Simple Regression to Analysis of Variance and Beyond - Painlessly 
Ann C. Pool

High Performance I/O Subsystems 
Anthony G. Mungal

I/O Tuning in the MVS/XA Environment 
Rich Olcott

Modelling CICS Systems: The Performance Impact of MRO Implementations and Data Base Considerations 
Ellen M. Friedman

Netview and Netview/PC Tutorial 
Kornel Terplan

Paging, Swapping and Expanded Storage 
Jeffrey P. Buzen, J. William Mullen, Annie W. Shum

Performance Evaluation of Future System Designs 
J. M. Quernemoen, M. A. Fahland, B. G. LaPlante, T. L. Nelson

Processor Storage I LOVE YOU. SIGNED TSO 
Bernard A. Lichtig, Russell W. Martindale, Terri L. Parmelee

Tools and Methods Available for In-Depth VM Performance Analysis 
Deborah C. Christopher

What Models Do and What Models Don't 
Allan I. Levy

Introductory Tutorials

A Capacity Planning/Queueing Theory Primer or How Far Can You Go on the Back/Of/An/Envelope 
Ethan D. Bolker

A Real-Life "How-to-do-it" Guide to Modelling 
Michael Taylor, Michael McElwee

An Introduction to Program-to-Program Communication and Peer-to-Peer Networking in an IBM SNA Environment 
Thomas W. McDonald

Analytic Modeling for the Non-Analytic Modeler 
Barbara Sannerud

Capacity Planning by the KISS Method 
Larry Kayser

CICS Performance and Workload Reports 
Chuck Comstock

Fundamentals of Statistical Workload Forecasting 
H. Pat Artis

High-Performance Processor Design 
Bill McCormack, Jay Michlin, Larry Brisson, Andy Martin

Implementing Network Capacity Planning 
Toby Olberding

Methodology to Develop a Tool for Monitoring CPU Usage by Applications Running under VM 
Robert D. Deese, Hossein H. Ghannad

Online Data Base vs. Raw System Data 
Robert H. Denis

Reporting Availability at the Job Step Level 
Jim Scott

System Performance Management and Capacity Planning 
Bernard Domanski, John P. Pilch

The Theory and Practice of I/O Tuning 
Rich Olcott

VM/HPO Performance Measurements 
Mark S. Streger

Management Papers

A Capacity Planning Methodology That is Destined to Succeed 
Ruu-Tian Lawrence

A Fully Automatic Analytic Approach to Budget-Constrained System Upgrade 
Samuel T. Chanson, Angela S. O. Wong

Cache Management in a Hostile Environment 
Rob Wells

Can Service Units be Used for Uniform Chargebacks 
Carl Claunch

Capacity Budgets and Financial Budgets: Relating Them to Each Other Through Resource Accounting 
Joseph W. Richardson

Capacity Planning as a Business Process 
Jerry L. Rosenberg

Chargeback vs. Cost Accounting the Appropriate Emphasis 
George J. Gillen Jr., Billy F. Henry

Comprehensive Process for Projecting Computer Resources 
John Wandzilak, Raymond Murphy

End-User Performance Measurement: An Automated PC Approach 
Gerri K. Martin Flickinger

Experience in Cost Allocation 
Joseph Stancavish

Financial Considerations in Capacity Planning 
Jerry L. Rosenberg

Incorporating Data Networks into a Performance and Capacity Planning Structure - A Case Study 
Hugh Smith, Dyna Wilson

Laser Optical Document Management Systems and Their Capacity Planning Implications 
David E. Y. Sarna

Magnetic Cartridge Tape Configuration Management 
Anthony R. Guerrero

Management Reporting: An Approach To Availability and Service Reporting 
Michael Marcus

Managing Departmental Mainframe Demand Through Shared Accountability 
Kenneth C. Jones

Performance Engineering: Some Lessons from the Trenches 
Thomas E. Bell, Anne M. Falk

Performance/Capacity Data Base For Studies of Long-Term Trends 
Hulan E. Jack Jr., Kim Goldenberg, Roger Williams

Quality Improvement in Capacity Management 
Brian P. Wessner

Real World Performance Measurements for Unix-Based Systems 
Neal Nelson

Service Level Agreement Checklist 
Robert P. Goldberg, Leonard D. Lipner

Service Level Agreements: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors
George W. (Bill) Miller

Some Experiences of Data Centre Relocation 
Brian Day

Storage Performance - An Eight Year Outlook 
Stephen Goldstein

Structured MIS Planning 
Veli-Matti J. Salminen

The Role of Capacity Planning in Consolidations, Acquisitions and Mergers 
Holly E. K. Verbil

What We Can Learn From Other Capacity Planners: A Survey of Quantitative Methods 
Bruce A. Ingraham

Who Goes There? A Dialogue of Questions and Answers About Benign Hacking 
David F. Stevens

Management Tutorials

A Strategy for Improving IO Subsystem Design Using Cost Per IO Analysis 
A. L. (Roy) Jones

A Systems Engineering Look at SAA 
James R. Cook

After The Study Is Over 
Craig A. Cooley

An Introduction to Business Element Forecasting 
James R. Bowerman

Bull Moose Does TA: A Manager's Guide to Transactional Analysis 
James A. Stanton

Computer Acouisition after the Tax Reform Act of 1986: Exploring the Possibilities 
Sudhir P. Amembal, Shawn D. Halladay

DASD Management: Let's Talk Money 
Greg H. Parker

Establishing Useful Business Relationships 
Leilani E. Allen

Incorporating Expert Systems Technology into Software Performance Engineering 
Doyle Weishar

Report on the Large Systems Storage Heirarchy 
Fred Moore, Jerry Percell

The Goldilocks Syndrome 
Mike Berry

The Use of Natural Forecasting Units 
John M. Reyland

Workload Characterization and Forecasting for a Large Commercial Environment 
George W. (Bill) Miller

New Books

A Close Look at MVS Systems: Mechanisms, Performance and Security 
Ronald Paans

A Computer and Communication Network Performance Analysis Primer (Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1985; revised, 1987) 
Bart W. Stuck, Ed Arthurs

CICS - Designing for Performance 
Eric Emanuel

Panel Discussions

Executive Views and Expectations of Capacity Planning 
James A. Stanton

Good Tools and Models are not Enough: On the Necessity for Bi-Directional Communication 
Ellen E. Robertson, Dottie Cunningham

Rules of Thumb 
Harry Zimmer

Successful Software Performance Engineering (Panel) 
Connie U. Smith

Technical Papers

3480 Performance and Capacity Planning 
Ted C. Keller

A Benchmark Comparison of DB2 and the DBC/1012 
G. C. Steindel, H. G. Madison

A comparative study of System/370 CPU's 
Gilbert E. Houtekamer, Rob van Hoboken, Guus Bonnes

A Flexible Approach to Performance Prediction For Large System Software Development 
A. Long, W. Suhler

A Heuristic Modeling Approach to CICS Capacity Planning 
Steven R. Hackenberg

A Method For Reporting Cashed I/O Subsystem Performance 
Nancy Nearing

A Multiple Workload Approach to Cache Planning 
Bruce McNutt, James W. Murray

A PROLOG-based Expert System for Tuning MVS/XA 
Bernard Domanski

A Simple Linear Programming Model For Computation Center Investment Decisions 
Matt J. Merges

A Simulation Model for Determining Optimal Freespace Levels on MVS Disk Storage Volumes 
Kenneth E. Levy

A Systematic Approach for Identifying Peak Periods 
H. Pat Artis

A Technique for Evaluating the Performance of Vector Processors 
David S. Lindsay

An Experiment in the Calculation of Capture Ratios 
John F. Temperly, Robert J. Hardman

An Implementation of a Graphical Management Information System Using Symphony 
Dyna Wilson

An Intuitive Approach to Performance Prediction with Application to Workload Management in VM SP/HPO 
Joseph L. Hellerstein

Analyzing File System Fragmentation on Unix Systems 
Behrokh Samadi

Analyzing the Performance Characteristics of 18-Track Tape Technology 
William F. Dines Jr., Bradley A. Cahill

Balanced Exponential Approximation Algorithm 
Arun Kumar, Melur K. Raghuraman

Caching the Tape Library - Tape Reference Patterns and Automated Tape Systems 
Daniel Kaberon

Capacity Analysis of PBX Systems 
Tachen Leo Lo, Jack Peng

Capacity Planning for a Multi-Processor Environment Supporting CICS Transactions 
Donald T. Gantz, Carlos M. Gonzalez, Melvin L. Moore

Characterizing UNIX Stream Mechanism Via Pipe Experiments 
T. Paul Lee

Conceptual Issues in Measuring the Behavior of a Distributed Real-Time Process-Control Computer System 
J. Dennis Lawrence

Determining End User Response Time Using NLDM 
Michael W. Yount

Disk Cache Performance Modeling 
Michael A. Salsburg

Empirical Models of DASD Response Time 
Joseph B. Major

End-User Response Time Measurement - Not The Final Solution 
Per Futtrup, Morten Panduro, Bent Vestermark

Estimating the Maximum Throughput of a CYBER 930 Disk Subsystem 
Andrew Tron, John Sutherland

Expanded Storage Usage and Tuning 
Carolyn Hanna

Expert Systems and MVS Performance Management 
Jack van Kinsbergen

Expert Systems: Let's Build one Together 
Frank J. Ingrassia

Forecasting CPU Utilization in an IMS Environment: A Case Study Using Monte Carlo Techniques 
William T. Gray, M. Cheng

General Principles for Performance Oriented Design 
Connie U. Smith

IBM 3090 Processor Expanded Storage Experiments 
John P. Pilch, Bernard Domanski

Identification of Tuning Opportunities Through the Use of User Behavior Graphs 
Charles E. Hackett

In Pursuit of DASD Data Path Alternatives 
Ben Duhl

Is a Picture Always Worth a Thousand Words 
Douglas R. MacKinnon

Large Capacity DASD: Is Performance Something to be Afraid of 
Bruce McNutt

Measurement and Analysis of Expanded Storage in IBM 3090-400 Systems 
Jeffrey P. Buzen, J. William Mullen, Annie W. Shum

Memory Management for Large IBM Systems 
Michael R. Lee

Model Timeframe Selection and Analysis of Variance of an Online Transaction Processing Workload 
Theresa A. Hellner, Dennis J. Henry

Modelling Memory constrained systems 
Gilbert E. Houtekamer, Rob van Hoboken, Guus Bonnes

Modelling of a Production IMS System under a Multi-Function Processing Architecture 
Dale Gilbert

New Measurement Data Sources for MVS X/A and its Subsystems 
H. W. Barry Merrill

On the Optimization of Memory in Large Interactive Environments 
Anthony G. Mungal

Paging Analysis in an Expanded Storage Environment 
Thomas Beretvas

Performance Architecture Comparison of Vector Processors on Large Scientific and Commercial Machines 
David S. Lindsay

Performance Tuning for a VAX-Based Relational Database Application: A Case Study and Lessons Learned 
G. Burgess Allison

PROFS Capacity Planning Issues 
Allan H. Shub

Sensitivity Analysis of System Changes Under a Production Environment 
Tachen Leo Lo

Sizing New Automated Systems Having Unknown Workloads: A Structured Approach 
John L. Gibson

Static vs Dynamic Management of Consistently Very Active Data Sets 
Martha R. Henley, Ingrid Liu

The Need for a Network Monitor 
Phil Bodley

The System Performance Cycle: A Methodology For Architecting Product Performance 
Doug McBride

The Use of Regression Analysis in the Calculation of Capture Ratios 
Mel F. Kirshin

Tightly-Coupled Effect Processor Contention Overhead 
Jerry P. Place

Transaction Resource Demand 
James T. Cheeseman

VM Performance - Top Down That Went Bottom Up 
Mary Sue Dickerson

VSAM Specification and Tuning: Optimization of VSAM Performance in Batch and CICS Environments 
Frank M. Bereznay

Workload Characterization for Subsystems: A Case Study for IDMS 
Ellen M. Friedman

Workload Characterization Using UNIX System Accounting 
J. Jerik Tornheim, Richard T. Williams

Workload-Oriented Performance Analysis in MVS 
Stephen L. Samson


Projection Algorithms for IBM DASD Cache Analysis Tool 
Jean Ju, Stan Caldwell