Conference Proceedings: 1986

CMG1986 Papers


Advanced Tutorials

A Systematic Approach to Obtaining Better Online Response Time 
Eddward M. Wadsworth

Advanced Looking at Data 
Ray Wicks

Analysis of Processor Storage and Paging Configurations 
Thomas Beretvas

Effective Use of SRM Controls 
Bernard R. Pierce

Exploratory Analysis of an Interactive Workload 
Maria Calzarossa, V. Comincioli, P. Quaroni, Giuseppe Serazzi

Implementing Chargeback Strategies for Data Communications 
James R. Cook

Modeling Memory 
Ethan D. Bolker, Annie W. Shum, Subhash C. Agrawal

MVS/XA Performance and Resource Measurement Facility (RMF) Data Analysis 
J. William Mullen

Queueing Models: Beyond the Basics 
Jeffrey P. Buzen

Response Time Components in SNA Polled Networks ... and What to Do About Them 
Howard C. Berkowitz

Systems Network Architecture 
Paula T. Guttman

Vector Processing and the Performance Analyst 
Roger D. Smith

Workload Characterization 
Gary M. King

Introductory Tutorials

A Paradigm for the Performance Analyst 
Douglas R. MacKinnon

Applications Tuning in the IBM MVS Environment: Techniques, Tools, and Politics 
Daniel J. Squillace, William F. Hartman

I/O Differences Between MVS/370 and MVS/XA 
Alan Feinstein

Information for Managing the SNA Network 
Thomas E. McKittrick

Introduction to Box-Jenkins Forecasting 
Bruce A. Ingraham

Modeling Batch Response 
Glen Becker, Charles K. Winston

MVS Measurement Sources for Capacity Planning 
Mark B. Friedman

Notes on Performance Considerations for Single and Dual Capacity DASD 
Ben Duhl

SMF Processing Daily, Weekly, Monthly SMF Archive and Subset Record Extraction 
Walter P. Kraslawsky

System Performance Management and Capacity Planning 
Bernard Domanski, John P. Pilch, Robert A. Orchard

The Same is the Same? or How to Compare for Equality in Computer Performance Evaluation 
John P. Pilch, Bernard Domanski

The Theory and Practice of IO Tuning 
Rich Olcott

Management Papers

A Planning Chart for Both Managers and Technicians 
Mary Sue Dickerson, Alan Best

A Technique for Analyzing VM Workload 
Neal Smith

A Visual Information System for Capacity Planning and Operations Management 
William T. Gray

Capacity Management Evolution at the Library of Congress 
Walter P. Kraslawsky

Capacity Planning Experiences: Refining the Process to Increase the Planner's Productivity 
J. D. Punch, D. F. Shanahan

Capacity Planning for the 85-90 Timeframe; a Partitioned Approach 
Geoff Senson

Computer Cost Allocation - The Process 
Arnold F. Goodman

Do I Really Need a 3090 System 
Ellen M. Friedman, Jerry L. Rosenberg

Expert Systems for Network Operational Control 
Kornel Terplan

In Defense of the CPE Consultant 
Frank J. Ingrassia

Is There Capacity Planning After the Model 
Jerry L. Rosenberg

Leadership Through Change: Managing Data Processing's Contribution in a Changing Environment 
Vince Niedzielski

Managing Computer Center Resources: A Task No More Difficult Than Minding the Store 
Kathleen Brush

Network Capacity Planning Implementation 
D. Russell Mack, William M. Yarnall

Paging Subsystems - Past, Present, and Future 
George W. Dodson

Performance Management: Certifying the Process 
Ann Marie Jackson

Predicting New IBM CPUs: A Sense of Timing 
Jack van Kinsbergen

Preparing a Technical Presentation 
Thomas R. Dennison, Marilyn T. Kanas

Service Level Management: A Strategy for Comprehensive Information Systems Management 
Daniel A. Adam, Daniel L. Sumner

Stages of Growth in a Chargeback System 
Joseph Richardson

Storage Solutions: A Management Perspective 
Ed Nieves

Strategic Information Systems: Performance and Capacity Management Implications 
Phillip C. Howard

The DASD Tuning & Planning Challenge 
Catherine H. Liu, Wayne S. Papy

The Process of Establishing the Functional Department of Capacity and Performance Management and a Year Later
Elizabeth H. Yen

The Use of Analytic Modeling Technology for Day-to-Day Performance Management 
Howard Perry

Why Build an Expert System for Computer Performance Management 
Sam L. Biardo, Martha Evens, Anneliese von Mayrhauser

Workload Forecasting in the Real World 
George J. Febish

Workload Forecasting: Predicting Resource Requirements for New and Existing Workloads 
Ellen M. Friedman

Management Tutorials

An Approach to Remote Response Time Management Reporting 
Jason G. Shane

Becoming a Manager: The Transition from Technician to Manager 
James A. Stanton

Capacity Management: Justifying the Need 
Dan Tartaglia

Establishing an IS Management System 
Mario M. Morino

Organizational Influences on the Presentation and Acceptability of Measurenent Information 
Michael McElwee

Service Goals: Who Needs Them 
Douglas R. MacKinnon

Solid State Technology in a Database Environment 
Lauren M. Greene, James J. Simon, Jerry St. John

The Capacity Management Charter 
Leilani E. Allen

The Dynamics of Hardware Leasing 
Sudhir P. Amembal

Top Down Capacity Planning 
Toby Olberding

Using Service Level Agreements 
Alan M. Sherkow

New Books

A Computer and Communications Network Performance Analysis Primer 
Bart W. Stuck, Ed Arthurs

Communication Networks Management - Responsibilities, Instrumentation and Qualifying Experiences 
Kornel Terplan

Digital Transmission Systems and Networks (New Book Session) 
Syed V. Ahamed

Introduction to Computer Modeling 
Arnold O. Allen

Technical Papers

A Benchmark to Compare Unix Systems 
Philip M. Mills

A capacity planning model relating the degree of multiprogramming, page fault rate and CPU utilization in a large computing system 
Jerry P. Place

A Knowledge System for Real-Time Performance Problem Resolution 
Dan Sidorick

A Methodology of Processor Capacity Comparison 
Joseph B. Major

A Productivity Model for a Computation Center from the Customer Point of View 
Armin Roeseler

A Prototype Performance Engineering/Management Tool for UNIX Based Systems 
Brian L. Farrell, G. Ramamurthy

A Technique for the Optimization of Transaction Processing Scheduling in On-Line Systems 
Mark B. Friedman

A VAX Performance Database 
James T. Cheeseman, Earl C. Robinson

An Analytical Model for Read Aheads to the Disk I/O Subsystem 
G. Ramamurthy

An Empirical Study of Variations in DASD Volume Activity 
Bruce McNutt

Approaches to the Traffic Performance Evaluation of a Broadband Switching Control 
Josef Giglmayr

Automated Forecasting of Large and Complex Workloads 
Fay A. Wong, Floyd L. Pedriana

Cached I/O Subsystems: Analysis and Performance 
Anthony G. Mungal

Characterizing the Time Varying Nature of TSO Users 
H. Pat Artis

Comparison of the Optimization Produced by the IBM VS-Fortran Compiler and the DEC VAX/VMS Fortran Compiler 
David S. Lindsay

Computer Resource Usage Analysis for Use in Characterizing Workload 
Evangeline L. Jacobs

CPU Performance Comparisons among Vendors 
David S. Lindsay

DASD Cache Controllers: Performance Expectations and Measurement 
Roger P. Kovach

DB2 Performance and Capacity Planning Case Study 
Brian Snell, Robert G. Hardman

DB2 Workload Analysis 
Robert B. Ashton

Degradation of IMS Performance Using a 3880-23 Cache Controller 
Carolyn Hanna

Determining the Optimum Number of Subprogram Instruction Banks in a Sperry High Volume TIP Environment 
J. S. Kaminski

Directed Benchmarks for CPU Architecture Evaluation 
David S. Lindsay, Thomas E. Bell

Evaluating I/O Subsystem Performance 
Giuseppe Biagini

Hierarchical I/O Sub-System Performance Management 
Carson Ho

How a Semiconductor Disk Improved Data Center Throughput by Removing I/O Bottlenecks 
David J. Carley, Dale F. Naleway

How to Get the Most Out Of Your CPU 
Charles Padamadan

Improving 9-Track Tape Performance 
Errol C. Heiman

IMS/VS Performance Considerations 
John E. Fair

Incorporating Sensitivity Analysis in Capacity Planning 
Brian Williams

Inferring Capacity from a Live Workload Under VM 
Geoff Senson

Large Systems Performance Studies in VM/CMS Environments 
Andrew Lockey

Measuring I/O workload characteristics in IBM/MVS systems 
Gilbert E. Houtekamer

Methodology for Determining the Effects of Optimizing Compilers 
David S. Lindsay

Microcomputer Disk Drive Performance 
Thomas E. Bell, Wayne E. Bell

Model Validation: What You Don't Know Will Hurt You 
Ivan L. Gelb, Mark B. Nelson

Modeling DASDs and Disk Caches 
Alexandre Brandwajn

Modelling CICS Systems: The Performance Impact of MRO Implementations and Data Base Considerations 
Ellen M. Friedman

Models for Capacity Planning - CAPPER/PC Algorithms & Calculations Overview 
Stephen P. Beever

NI, AI, and the Network Operations Assistant 
Howard C. Berkowitz

Performance Analysis During Application Design: An IMS Case Study 
Allan I. Levy, Victor C. Soder

Performance Analysis Using User Behavior Graphs 
Maria Calzarossa, Kishor S. Trivedi

Performance and Planning Experiences of Implementing a Distributed Office Automation System 
Tachen Leo Lo, Jack Peng

Performance Engineering: Various Techniques and Tools 
Charles T. Alexander

Performance for a Large, Complex Application 
Gwen A. Morrison

Planning for DASD Cache Controllers 
Richard M. VanValkenburgh Jr., A. Byers Parsons

Program Behavior and Page Hit Probabilities 
J. G. M. Kroon

Servability - A General Case for Availability 
Cary Hower, Kaison Yen

Storage Strategy 
Duncan Cheung

The Performance Evaluation Toolkit 
Tony Cranny, Michael F. Rizzo

The Performance Impact of 2-to-1 Folding and Block Size: A Simulation Analysis 
Timothy A. Brunner

The Standard Unit of Processing on Sperry 1100 Systems 
Jerome W. Blaylock

The Use of the Coefficient of Variation as an Index of Relative Variability and a Measure of Risk 
Michael C. Ingram

Workload Forecasting Using NFU: A Capacity Planner's Perspective 
Tachen Leo Lo, J. P. Elias