Conference Proceedings: 1985

CMG1985 Papers



A Basic Approach To A Capacity Planning Methodology 
D. J. Howe

A Capacity Planning Expert System for IBM System/38 
Gary J. Stroebel, Randy D. Baxter, Michael J. Denney

A Decision Process for Hardware Monitors 
S. R. Nichols

A Large Unix Application Sizing Methodology 
Li-Jin W. Chung

A Mathematical Approach to the Management of Service Requirements 
Robert A. Orchard

A Methodology for Modeling M204 On-Line Existing Workloads Using BEST/1 and MICS MVS Model Generator 
Win-Yeu Winnie Chen

A Model of a Swapping System Under Disk Saturation 
Samuel T. Chanson, Barry J. Brachman

A Performance Management Handbook: Documenting the Process 
Robert J. Creedon

A Performance Model of a Fault-Tolerant Distributed System for Evaluating Reliability Mechanisms 
Annette S. Palmer, James C. Browne, Jonathan M. Silverman, Anand R. Tripathi, Rajkumar Velpuri

A Performance Study of Multiprocessor Scheduling Algorithms on a VAX 11/782 
Kathy Morse, Robert E. Kinicki

A Second Look At Recruiting CPE Professionals 
Marilyn T. Kanas

A Second Look at Subsecond Response Time 
Kenneth E. Levy

A Taxonomy of Reasoning Strategies for Expert Systems 
Miriam R. Tausner

A Timing Estimation Method for Large System Software Development 
W. Godwin, W. Suhler

An Analytical Approach to Terminal Configuration Engineering 
K. Sundar Das, B. D. Jensen

An Automated Approach to IMS Screen Performance Reviews 
Richard Hammond

An Economical Approach to System Stimulation 
K. R. Strauss

An Expert System for Terminal Fault Diagnosis 
J. M. Taylor, P. R. P. Ingram

An Introduction to I/O Configuration Redesign 
Kenneth E. Levy

Analysis of Device Level Select in IBM 3380 Disks 
Jeffrey P. Buzen, Annie W. Shum

Analytic Model of a PABX Based Data Network 
Ajit P. Narayan

Analytic Representations of MVS I/O Subsystems 
Sue Felix

Artificial Intelligence: Building the Perfect Beast 
Frank J. Ingrassia

Becoming a Manager: The Transition from Technician to Manager 
James A. Stanton

Bridging the Management - DP Gap 
Barbara C. Bowie

Building Workload Profiles to Estimate Practical CPU Power 
Robert Clements, Ken W. Kolence

Capacity Management: A Multi-Relational Process 
Tachen Leo Lo

Capacity Planning - A True Political Science 
D. J. Sanders

Capacity Planning for Applications Still Under Development 
Glen Becker

Capacity Planning in an ACP/TPF Message Switching Environment 
Ronald T. Welf

Capacity Planning Using Queueing Network Models - A Tutorial 
Edward D. Lazowska

Capacity Planning: A Strategic Planning Process 
J. William Mullen

Capacity Planning: Basic Elements for the Process 
J. William Mullen

Capacity Prediction for Unix Systems 
Kasumu O. Salawu

Climbing the Corporate DP Ladder 
Frank J. Ingrassia

Commercial Workload Demand Forecasting and Management Reporting at American Airlines 
G. W. (Bill) Miller

Comparing Polled and Packet-Switched Performance Using ANSI Standard Techniques 
Howard C. Berkowitz, Mamie Y. Liu

Comparison of Modeling Methods for a Large IMS System 
Elaine L. Settles

Complex Network Management 
David Kimball

Computer Operations Training: A Strategy for Change 
Peter E. Berkeley

Computer Usability Testing: Some Basic Considerations 
R. H. Spencer

Computing End User Response Time in a Production CICS Network 
George R. Paterson

DASD Management and Tuning Issues 
Catherine H. Liu, Roger P. Kovach

DASD Performance Analysis Using Modeling 
Thomas Beretvas

Data Processing Financial Planning 
Anthony M. Abowd

Decision Support for Managers Built on Knowledge-Based Systems: A Future Trend in Information Systems 
Herman P. Hoplin

Design and Performance Analysis of a Distributed Simulation Scheme 
Devendra Kumar

Designing and Using Chargeback Systems: A Tutorial 
F. William Hoffman, William L. Fuerst

Developing Effective Service Level Agreements 
John W. Propst

Disk Capacity Assessment Program Planning of the DASD Resource 
Bill Lulofs

Distributed Concurrency Control Analysis for Data Sharing 
Philip S. Yu, Daniel M. Dias, John T. Robinson, Balakrishna R. Iyer, Douglas W. Cornell

Effective Management Reporting: How to Optimally Present Results to Management 
Jerry L. Rosenberg

Effective Service Level Reporting 
Sidney Finehirsh

Elements of Practical Performance Modeling 
Edward A. MacNair, Charles H. Sauer

ESP: An Expert System for Computer Performance Management 
Andrew P. Levine

Establishing Performance & Capacity Planning in a Conversion Environment 
Lauren M. Greene, James J. Simon

Executive Views and Expectations of Capacity Planning 
James A. Stanton

Experience with Tools for Software Performance Engineering 
Connie U. Smith

Getting Good Performance from a PC 
A. Lewis Bastian

How to Assess the Results of your CPU Benchmark 
Geoff Senson

How to Control Benchmarks of Large Systems 
Martin G. Kienzle

How to Get Better Response from a Highly Modular Application. or What Do You Do When Structured Techniques Invade an IMS Shop 
Henry Steinhauer

HSS: A Tool for Evaluating the Performance of Office Systems 
Richard L. Gimarc, K. Mani Chandy

Implementing Expert System Technology into the Field of Computer Performance Evaluation 
Joann M. Ostrowski, John L. Webb, Thomas A. Hilton

IMS Modeling 
James T. Cheeseman

IMS Response Time Improvements Using the 3880-D13 Cached Control Unit 
Timothy S. Beach, John M. Cianci

IMS Workload Characterization: What Comes After Clustering 
Bernard Domanski

Interactive VM Benchmarks with a Simple Driver System 
Steven R. Dodge, Lester Kooyman

Introduction to Information System Modeling 
Arnold O. Allen

Introduction to RACF for the Performance Analyst 
Daniel J. Squillace

Large Systems Performance Evaluation Studies in TSO Environments 
Bernard A. Lichtig

Management Control of Management Information Systems 
Dennis C. Wenk

Management of Online Storage in a Multi-Processor Environment 
Rich Olcott

Management Reporting Facility Using A Personal Computer 
G. Gewurtz

Management Reporting from a Performance Data Base 
Carole Arruda Reed

Managing DASD Growth 
James A. Sannerud, Raffael J. Guidone

Managing DP Hardware: Capacity Planning, Cost Justification, Availability, and Energy Management (Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1983) 
James W. Cortada

Measuring and Modeling MVS Under VM 
Ethan D. Bolker

Minicomputer Performance Analysis Problems and Techniques 
Thomas E. Bell, T. M. Thorley

Modelling the Performance of New Online Systems 
Frank J. Ingrassia

Multiple Concurrent Sessions for a Single User 
Brian Day

MVS Performance and Resource Measurement Facility (RMF) Data Analysis 
J. William Mullen

Network Simplification: A Prudent Approach for Managing Distributed Communication Networks 
Tachen Leo Lo, Jack Peng

On the Traffic Performance Evaluation of Processor Systems by Stochastic Petri Nets 
Josef Giglmayr

Optimizations for a Complex Network Simulation 
Michael A. Salsburg

Overview of I/O Architecture in the IBM 308X/3090 
Jeffrey P. Buzen, Annie W. Shum

Panel Discussion on Chargeback Issues 
Henry Steinhauer

PCC Information Center - A Unique Approach to Managing the Impact of Micro to Mainframe Interface 
Susan P. Nicholson, Grace M. Bardine, Frances D. Mendelsohn

Performance Evaluation of Microcomputers with Emphasis on the IBM PC/AT 
Wayne E. Bell, Thomas E. Bell

Performance Improvements for IS Transport 
Richard Colella, Robert Aronoff, Kevin Mills

Preliminary Analysis of Page Reference Strings of an Interactive System 
Juan A. Garay, Martin G. Kienzle, William H. Tetzlaff

Principles of SNA Performance Management 
Thomas W. McDonald

Programming Expert Systems in OPS5 - An Introduction to Rule-Based Programming(1) 
Nancy Martin

Projecting CPU Capacity Requirements - A Simple Approach 
Kaison Yen

Prototyping Experimental Paging Algorithms 
William H. Tetzlaff, Gerald A. Spivak, William M. Buco, Thomas Beretvas, Jerry Greenberg, David R. Patterson

Quantitative System Performance 
Edward D. Lazowska, John Zahorjan, G. Scott Graham, Kenneth C. Sevcik

Requirements for the Futures of Data Storage Management 
Robert D. Levy

Response Time Components in Distributed Networks 
Howard C. Berkowitz, Walter E. Palmer, Eugene L. Furtman

Simulation of an International Standard Transport Protocol 
Kevin Mills, Marnie Wheatley, Richard Colella

SMF Data Integrity and Archival 
Jason G. Shane

Software Analysis Tools: A Method for Developing Performance Model Inputs 
Jeffrey L. Franklin, Phillip Q. Hwang, Arthur Wrenn, Teresa Park

Solid State Device Considerations 
Fred Moore

Some Metrics for Assessing the Degree of "Fit" of Software to its Host Computer 
John E. Gaffney Jr.

Some Parameters to Evaulate Performance and Capacity on Burroughs B5000/B6000/B7000 Mainframe Computers 
Hulan E. Jack Jr.

Survey of Network Performance Evaluation and Prediction Tools 
Margaret E. Berry

System Dynamics and the Paging I/O Approach 
James S. DeArmon

System Performance Management and Capacity Planning 
Robert A. Orchard, Bernard Domanski, John P. Pilch

Systems Network Architecture 
Paula T. Guttman

The Accuracy of Time Sharing Option Performance Measurements 
C. Salisbury, J. Majikes

The Five Stages of Capacity Planning 
H. Pat Artis

The Impact of 2-to-1 Volume Folding on Seek Time: A Comparison of Five Cases 
Bruce McNutt

The Integration oF CPE Consultants into the Workplace 
Roberta S. Terkowitz

The Management of Expert System Development 
Nancy Martin

The MIS Executive 
James C. Wetherbe

The Productivity Center: An Attempt to Merge End User Computing With Traditional Software Development 
Ralph S. Terkowitz

The Role of Personal Computers in a Large System Benchmark 
Bernard Domanski

The Subject was Training.... Training in the Computer Performance Evaluation Arena 
Reinetta Van Eendenburg

The Use of Analytic Modeling to Compare Various I/O Configurations 
William T. Gray

Tools to Analyze Minicomputer Performance 
Thomas E. Bell, T. M. Thorley

Use of Data Center Management Reviews to Improve Data Processing Efficiency 
Dave Richards

Using Expert System Technology to Evaluate System Resource Planning Alternatives: A Management Perspective 
Ann T. Maeda, Linda A. Aho

Using Expert Systems for Analyzing RMF Data 
H. Pat Artis

Validation Tips for Analytic Models of MVS Systems 
Roger D. Stoesz

Views on Professionalism 
Mario M. Morino

Why Performance Analysts and Capacity Planners Should be Involved in Data Center Moves 
James E. Dalton, Kenneth E. Levy

Why Shouldn't the People Who Asked You to Dinner Pay Their Own Tab 
Joseph E. Trevaskis

XA Migration: Predicting the Performance Impact Using Analytic Models 
Ellen M. Friedman, Jerry L. Rosenberg, Deborah A. Sheetz

YSCOPE: A Shell for Building Expert Systems for Solving Computer-Performance Problems 
Joseph L. Hellerstein, Hugo M. Van Woerkom