Conference Proceedings: 1984

CMG1984 Papers


Advanced Tutorial Program

An Investigation of the Effects of the Path Control and Data Link Control Layers in SNA 
Alan Tominberg

Capacity Planning for TANDEM Transaction Processing Systems 
Larry E. Watson

Capacity Planning Using Queueing Network Models: A Tutorial 
Edward D. Lazowska, Kenneth C. Sevcik

Disk Backup Performance Considerations 
Ben Duhl, Steven Halladay, Prakash S. Mankekar

IBM 3880 Control units: Performance, Configuration and Error Recovery 
Robert H. Johnson

Implementation of Global Enqueue Systems - A Tutorial 
David G. Halbig

Modeling Benchmark Workloads 
John P. Pilch

Modelling the Memory Impact of TSO and Batch Growth 
Glen Becker

MVS I/O Subsystems 
Ray Wicks

MVS Problem Avoidance 
Ernie Burke

Paging Enhancements in VM/SP HPO 
Thomas Beretvas, William H. Tetzlaff

Performance and Tuning of Cached I/O Subsystems 
Mark B. Friedman

Performance Evaluation of Buffered Tape Subsystems 
George L. Grossman, Robert G. Long

Performance Measurement for System/38, IBM's Advanced Architecture System 
Brian E. Clark

Speeding up Computer System Simulations Using Hierarchical Modeling 
Alexander Thomasian, Kameshwar Gargeya

Introductory Tutorial Progam

A Tutorial on Multiple Regression Analysis 
Jerry L. Hintze

An Introduction to Capacity Planning 
William M. Conner

Capacity Planning Queueing Model for an ACP/TPF Message Routing System 
Bijay Roy, Bill Hamilton

Getting Started in Analytic Modeling 
Arnold O. Allen

How JES2 Job Classes and Initiators Structures Work 
H. Pat Artis

How to Speak the Performance Lingo (Or At Least Understand It) 
Glen Becker

Installation Change Control within a Large System Operating Environment 
Norman Rudikoff

Methods for the Deployment of IBM 3880 Model 13 Cached Storage Controllers 
Paula T. Guttman

On the Estimation of Software Function Size - An Important Performance Indicator - and Application of Expert System Technology 
John E. Gaffney Jr.

Relating Benchmarks to Unix Performance Projections or What do you do with 20 pounds of benchmark data 
Gene Dronek

Using CPU Measurement Data for Capacity Planning: How to Calculate Capture Ratios 
Sue Felix

Workload Characterization for CICS/VS: The Modelling Implications 
Ellen M. Friedman, Jerry L. Rosenberg

Write Your Own Component without Mixing up MICS 
Lee Copeland

Management Program

BEST/1 Modeling Experience and Credibility at SPNB 
Larry K. Chu

Capacity Planning in a Decentralized Environment 
Jerry L. Rosenberg, Ellen M. Friedman

CICS Transaction Service Level Reporting 
Michael V. Miller

Communications Network Management - End User Issues 
James R. Cook

Computer Resource Forecasting at BCSC 
Ray Van Raamsdonk

Defining the Performance Management Function 
John P. Pilch

Establishing Credible Computing Activity Reports 
K. V. Pandit, J. G. Thomason

Impact of Microcomputers on Traditional Information Management Resources 
Ronald D. Emrick

Implementing a Quality Circle Program for Computer Professionals 
Barbara K. Lee

Management Concern What Happens When Your IMS System Outgrows IBM's Largest Machine 
Glen Becker

Managing MDS Resources at PNB 
D. P. Davis

MIS Decision Analysis Methodology 
George J. Febish

Organizational Planning Technique: A Graphical Analysis of Computer Performance 
Linda A. Aho, Paul R. Robichaux

Organizational System Dependency Analysis (OSDA) 
Paul R. Robichaux

Performance Management During Application Development 
Ralph S. Terkowitz

Performance Tracking in a Complex Environment 
Gordon R. Stauffer

Planning Information Systems for User Satisfaction 
Carol B. Kaplan, Paul R. Robichaux

Problems Facing Workload Forecasting 
John Wandzilak

Regional Office Performance Measurement at State Farm 
Donald Young

Relating Computer Center User Requirements to a Budget 
John A. Alfano

Service Management 
William R. Wike

Some Current Issues in Software Management 
Harold Lorin

Staff Development for Installation Management 
Gregory W. Hislop

Survey of Share Inc. Managers' Reporting Needs 
Shirley I. Linde

The Best of Both Worlds: An Integrated Approach to Capacity Planning and Software Performance Engineering 
Margaret E. Berry

The Case for Capacity Management: A Presentation to Management 
Dale E. Brown

The Relationship Between Installation Accounting and Performance Management and Capacity Planning 
H. Pat Artis

Workload Acceptance Procedures: A Viable Option for "Out of Capacity" Situations 
Leilani E. Allen

Workstation Information Integration and Performance Evaluation: A Boon to User Productivity 
Herman P. Hoplin

Management Tutorial Program

An Information System Cost Analysis Approach 
Henry Nanjo, Ray Choy, Catherine H. Liu

An Introduction to Information Economics 
David R. Vincent

Benchmarking Decisions - A Management Tutorial 
Anthony F. Brunetto

Is Computer Operations the Weak Link in Organizational Computing 
Peter E. Berkeley

Managing MVS Installations as a Business 
James A. Stanton

Recruiting a CPE Professional 
Marilyn T. Kanas

Understanding Financial Issues in Computer Planning - A Management Tutorial 
Anthony M. Abowd

New Book Program

A Simple Model of Transaction Processing 
Jeffrey P. Buzen

An Introduction to Expert Systems 
Keith R. Milliken

An Introduction to UNIX Systems and Their Performance - A Tutorial 
Luis-Felipe Cabrera

Architecture of Systems Problem Solving (Plenum Press, New York, 1985), book abstract 
George J. Klir

Computer Effectiveness: Bridging the Management/Technology Gap 
C. Warren Axelrod

Elements of Practical Performance Modeling 
Edward A. MacNair, Charles H. Sauer

End-User Computing and the Changing Role of the MIS Function 
Robert L. Leitheiser, James C. Wetherbe

Introduction to IBM Direct Access Storage Devices and Information Processing 
Marilyn J. Bohl

Measurement and Tuning of Computer Systems 
Domenico Ferrari, Giuseppe Serazzi, Alessandro Zeigner

Merrill's Expanded Guide to Computer Performance Evaluation Using the SAS System 
H. W. Barry Merrill

Quantitative System Performance Computer System Analysis Using Queueing Network Models 
Edward D. Lazowska, John Zahorjan, G. Scott Graham, Kenneth C. Sevcik

Simulation of Computer Communication Systems 
Charles H. Sauer, Edward A. MacNair

Strategic Data Processing: Considerations for Management (Englewood Cliffs, N.J.: Prentice Hall, Inc., 1984), book abstract 
James W. Cortada

System Performance Management and Capacity Planning 
Bernard Domanski

Panel Discussion Program

Capacity Planning from an Executive Management Perspective 
Thomas V. McKernan

Technical Program

A Case Study of Access to VM Disk Volumes 
Bruce McNutt

A Comparison of Performance Models of a High Speed Computer Network 
William G. Bulgren, Victor L. Wallace, Ron Ireland, Someshwar C. Gupta

A CPE Project in a Fast Transaction Processing Environment 
Shan Barkataki

A Multi-Stage Hierarchical Performance Evaluation Concept - Design, Application and Experiences 
Axel Lehmann

A Performance Measurement Methodology Using Live Workloads in a Regular, Consistent and Standard Fashion 
James A. Redmond

A Performance Study of the Ethernet Under Berkeley UNIX 4.2BSD 
Edward Hunter

A Tool for Performance Comparisons of Unix-Based Systems 
Maria Calzarossa, Gian Paolo Rossi, Giuseppe Serazzi, D. Boretti

A TSO Workload Characterization Study or Sub-Second Response Time Revisited 
Brian Day

An Architectural Overview of the Performance Analysis Process 
Steven Halladay

An Expert System for Computer Performance Modeling: Design Issues 
Andrew P. Levine

Automation of MVS Operations, an Expert Systems Approach 
Robert L. Ennis, James H. Griesmer, Se June Hong, Maurice Karnaugh, John K. Kastner, David A. Klein, Keith R. Milliken, Marshall

Benchmarking a Compiler 
Marilyn Z. Smith

Benchmarking: Practical Evaluation of Current System Capacity 
Denis J. Burt

Capacity Management - A Case History 
Ted Pollak

Capacity Planning in a VM/370 Environment with Emphasis on DASD 
Keith E. Silliman

Capacity Planning on Both Amdahl 470 and Sperry 1100 Systems Using BEST/1 
Jerome W. Blaylock, Susan C. Fisher

Comparing IMS Measurement Packages 
Bernard Domanski

DASD Management in a Multi-Processor Environment 
Rich Olcott

DECSYSTEM-20 Performance Evaluation 
Steven Baturin, Stephen Fiorelli, Jack Speight

Design, Measurement, and Analysis of Performance Experiments on Selected Sorting Algorithms 
Santiago M. Alviar

Designing the Computer and Communications Network Simulator Network II.5 
William J. Garrison

Disk System Modeling in a Cyber Environment 
Martin J. Garbo, Paris E. Bingham

Enhanced I/O Performance via System Paging Facilities 
James S. DeArmon

Experiences with Performance and Configuration Measurements on Data General's Comprehensive Electronic Office Product 
Virginia Aldrich, Arch Hughes

Generating Queueing Network Models From High-Level System Specifications 
Kenneth C. Sevcik, Edward D. Lazowska

Implications of the Personal Computer on Capacity Planning and Performance Tuning of an SNA Network 
Thomas W. McDonald

Improved Delay Calculations at Merger Nodes 
R. M. Klibaner

Incremental Delay Analysis of Priority Scheduling in Closed Queueing Networks 
Kasumu O. Salawu

Interactive User Productivity in a Scientific Environment 
Jim Wheaton

Mainframe Computing Facilities Usage Evaluation and Future Requirements Recommendation 
Alan M. Sherkow

Modeling Large IMS Systems Using Commercial Analytic Queueing Model Software Products 
Jim Dwyer

Models to Evaluate Trade-Offs Between Performance and Reliability 
Halim M. Khelalfa, Anneliese von Mayrhauser

On Predicting Software Related Performance of Large-Scale Systems 
John E. Gaffney Jr.

On the Effectiveness of Hardware Line Monitors in Estimating Queueing Delays in SNA Networks 
Robert W. McNitt, Kimberly A. Sleeper, Ashok K. Thareja

On Tuning the Fair Share Scheduler in VM Operating Systems 
Subhash C. Agrawal, Ethan D. Bolker, Jeffrey P. Buzen, Tim Grieser, J. Munoz

Performance Analysis of Distributed Software Using Message Based Simulation 
Rajive Bagrodia

Performance Analysis of I/O Subchannel Skews 
David S. Greenberg, Annie W. Shum

Performance Analysis of Strategies for Moving Mesh Control 
R. Smith, J. Saltz

Performance and Capacity Analyses in the IDMS Environment 
G. Michael Van Ty Smith

Performance Comparisons of Indexed VTOCS vs OSVTOCS 
Jim Wheaton

Performance Measurement of Buffered Tape 
William F. Dines Jr., Mark B. Friedman

Polling Analysis of Multipoint Network Performance 
Tachen Leo Lo, Jack Peng

Practical Management Tools to Increase the Efficiency of Simulation 
Joseph J. Devai

Response Time Convexity for Interactive Computer Systems 
James R. Kenevan, Anneliese von Mayrhauser

Software Development Guidelines - a Measurement Approach 
Anneliese von Mayrhauser

Some Experiences Using Queuing Theory 
Ted C. Keller

Some Performance Models of Distributed Systems 
Vincent Fernandes, James C. Browne, Doug Neuse

Taming the Unix Scheduler 
Darwyn R. Peachey, Carey L. Williamson, Richard B. Bunt

The Hidden Cost of DASD Errors 
William R. Fairchild

The Linear Projection Model: An Event-Driven Forecasting Model 
Diana De Agro, Sheryl L. Preston

Using Simulation as a Design Assessment Tool for a Real Time Air Traffic Control System 
Frank R. Petroski

Using Simulation: Major Network Decisions 
Michael A. Salsburg