Conference Proceedings: 1983

CMG1983 Papers


Advanced Tutorial Program

Aspects of DASD Performance 
Alexandre Brandwajn

Capacity Management - An Overview and Description 
Stephen L. Horne

Effective Use of Cached DASD in a Data Base/Data Communication Environment 
Kirby G. Dahman, George L. Grossman

Graphical Tools for Software System Performance Engineering 
James C. Browne, Doug Neuse

Introduction to Computer Service Selection Methods 
Anneliese von Mayrhauser, Dennis E. Witte

Introduction to Tuning Batch Applications 
William Jouris

Leasing Concepts 
F. William Hoffman

Modeling IBM SNA Networks 
Jeffrey P. Buzen, Subhash C. Agrawal, Ashok K. Thareja

Modeling of Computer Systems 
Arnold O. Allen

Modelling the Memory Impact of TSO and Batch Growth 
Glen Becker

Page/Swap Configurations 
Thomas Beretvas

Performance Prediction and Validation of Interacting Multiple Subsystems in Skew-Loaded Cached DASD 
Prakash S. Mankekar, Charles A. Milligan

The Cone Theory as Applied to Computer Workload Forecasting 
F. M. Luistro

Introductory Tutorial Progam

Approaches to Estimating and Controlling Software Costs 
John E. Gaffney Jr.

Capacity Planning for Management 
Arnold O. Allen

Capacity Planning: The Management Problem 
Sidney Finehirsh

Concepts for Improved Data Set Organization 
William R. Fairchild

How Job Classes and Intiators Structures Work 
H. Pat Artis

Introduction to Performance Management 
Phillip C. Howard

Multiple Regression Analysis Using SAS 
Jerry L. Hintze

System Performance Management and Capacity Planning 
Bernard Domanski

Workload Characterization of IMS Using Cluster Analysis 
B. K. Lee

Management Program

A New Cost Analysis Approach for Information Systems 
David R. Vincent

A User's View of Computer Performance Evaluation 
Herman P. Hoplin

An Integrated Approach to Computer Facility Management 
Shirley I. Linde

Automating Configuration Management 
Enrique G. DeJesus, Craig J. Riesberg

Capacity Management for SNA Networks - A Management Perspective 
Charles Zaiontz

Capacity Management of End User Processing 
Ronald D. Emrick

Capacity Planning for Information Centers - A Management Perspective 
Leonard D. Lipner

Computer Performance Management Information System 
Daniel L. Sumner

DASD Growth Management 
Roberta S. Terkowitz

Data Processing: A Corporate Asset or Liability 
George J. Febish

Final Report on The "MVS Performance Management and Capacity Planning Survey" 
John F. Thomas

Formal Capacity Plans at Kemper Group 
Mary Ann Paoli, Henry Steinhauer

How Simple can a Cost Allocation System be 
Daniel A. Sutton

Inspiring User Confidence 
Ralph S. Terkowitz

Managing the Revolution Putting Micro Computers into Perspective 
Martin J. Michel

Measurement, Modeling, and Interaction: Keys to Successful Performance Management 
Thomas L. Dresser

Organizational System Dependency Analysis (OSDA) and the Development of Information/Business Models 
Paul R. Robichaux, Carol B. Kaplan

Practical Capacity Planning at the Automobile Club of Southern California 
Jason G. Shane

Service Level Management 
David A. Heim

The Compleat Capacity Planner 
Leilani E. Allen, Carol B. Kaplan

The Role of User Support in Performance Evaluation 
Gregory W. Hislop

VM Capacity Planning: A Management Perspective 
Jan Persson

Workload Analysis and Forecasting: A Case Study at BKB Corporation 
Vince Niedzielski, W. J. Cecchi

New Book Program

Aspects of Distributed Computing Systems 
Harold Lorin

Capacity Planning (Systems Design) in a Complex Environment 
Tore A. Hoie

Computer Capacity: A Production Control Approach 
Melvin J. Strauss

Computer Operations Training: A Strategy for Change 
Peter E. Berkeley

Computer Performance Modeling Handbook 
Stephen S. Lavenberg

Computer Science and Applied Probability (abstract) 
Kishor S. Trivedi

Management through Measurement - An Approach to the Information Era 
Karna Thulin

Performance Control in Operations 
Tore A. Hoie

Performance Engineering of Software Systems: A Design-Based Approach 
Connie U. Smith, James C. Browne

Probability, Statistics and Queueing Theory with Computer Science Applications 
Arnold O. Allen

Quantitative System Performance Computer System Analysis Using Queueing Network Models 
Edward D. Lazowska, John Zahorjan, G. Scott Graham, Kenneth C. Sevcik

Systems Analysis and Design a Structured Approach 
William S. Davis

Technical Program

A Performance Evaluation Case Study of the TDRSS Network Control Center 
T. G. Cleaver, G. J. Crush, J. G. Darnley, A. M. Long, R. D. Shelton

A Tool for Capacity and Configuration Analysis on Large Scale Interactive Systems 
James R. Bowerman

Calculating Head of String Utilizations in a Shared DASD Environment 
H. Pat Artis

Capacity Planning for Multiprocessor and Multicomputer Systems 
Jerome W. Blaylock

CRAY-1 Instruction Analysis: A Comparison of Two Methods 
Joanne L. Martin, Tony Warnock

DASD Access Patterns 
Mark B. Friedman

Data Communication Network Design and Performance Analysis: Methods and Applications 
Tachen Leo Lo, Jack Peng

Decision Rules for Forecast Tracking and Control: Living with your Forecast as Time Goes by 
Terry L. Applegate

Global Enqueue Management and Shared DASD Subsystem Performance 
David G. Halbig

Impact of Network Parameters on the Performance of Single Domain SNA Networks 
Ashok K. Thareja, Subhash C. Agrawal, Jeffrey P. Buzen, D. E. Hall, Robert W. McNitt, E. B. Petrovich, C. Zaiontz

Implementing an Analytic Model for CICS Systems 
Sue Felix, H. Pat Artis

Is There Life After Benchmarking 
Robert M. Jackson

LAN: Hub for Distributed System Performance Management and Control 
Mitchell G. Spiegel

Menu-Driven Preprocessing: A Solution to Large GPSS Programs 
Steven Halladay

Monitoring the Performance and Capacity of the IBM 3850 Mass Storage System 
Lee Copeland

Nomograms for Computer System Sizing 
Larry E. Watson

Performance Characteristics of Batch Workloads Executing on Multiprogrammed Computer Systems 
Alexander Thomasian, Paul F. Bay

Performance Evaluation of a Data General MV8000 in an Educational Environment 
Robert E. Kinicki, Manus O'Donnell, Scott Bishop, Roger Sacilotto

Performance Management Toolset Consideration for different Environments 
Anneliese von Mayrhauser, Sam L. Biardo

Performance Measurement of a Commercial Database Machine 
M. Tsuchiya

Specifying Performance Requirements for a Degradable System - the Case of an Unmanned Weather Station 
John E. Gaffney Jr., Richard R. Reynolds

Telecommunications Monitors and Queue Measurement 
Walter P. Kraslawsky

The Bard Model of Computer Performance 
Franklin Kemp, Edgar Tacker

The Measurement of End User Response Time 
Brian Day

TUFF: A Capacity Planning System That Thinks for Itself 
William L. Pirkle, Jean Tyan, Tom Liu

Workload Characterization for Subsystems; A Case Study for CICS/VS 
Ellen M. Friedman