Conference Proceedings: 1982

CMG1982 Papers


Management Papers

A Capacity-Costing Methodology 
Michael S. Zambruski

Charging for DP Services in the Federal Government: A Step-by-Step Developmental Methodology 
Dean Halstead, Kenneth W. Giese, Thomas F. Wyrick

Management Concerns and Responsibilities in User Interview Projects 
Leilani E. Allen

Organizational Structure for Effective Information Technology Planning 
Martin J. Michel

The MVS Worldwide Performance Management & Capacity Planning Survey: An Interim Report 
W. L. Witzel

User-Oriented Billing 
James J. Doyle

Technical Papers

327X Emulator Package for System Response Time Evaluation 
Mary Christ

A Performance Study of Ethernet 
Herman D. Hughes, Liang Li

A Pragmatic Approach to the Management of Software Development Life Cycles 
H. Fred Silver

A Scaling Technique for Comparing Interactive System Capacities 
Steven L. Gaede

An Iterative Solution to the Queueing Network Model of a DBMS with Dynamic Locking 
Alexander Thomasian

Analysis of Shared Disk Subsystems 
M. Seetha Lakshmi

Application of Paws in the Sperry Univac Environment: Phase I 
Deborah J. Seeliger

Benchmarking your Benchmarks: A User's Perspective 
Richard S. Brice

BEST/1 Analysis of the IBM 3880-13 Cached Storage Controller 
Jeffrey P. Buzen, Anneliese von Mayrhauser

Cached DASD Performance Prediction and Validation 
A. Lewis Bastian

Capacity Management via Resource Allocation 
A. J. W. Brady

Characterizing the Performance of a Distributed Processing Product 
Martha R. Gilmore

Configuring a Supercomputer for an Interactive Scientific Workload 
Wayne Anderson, William Alexander, Richard S. Brice

Data Center Management Using SAS, SAS/GRAPH, MICS, and SPF 
Gordon R. Stauffer

Deriving Metrics for Relating Complexity Measures to Software Maintenance Costs 
Linda Brice, J. Connell, J. Taylor

Design and Implementation of a Performance Management System at Johnson Space Center 
Shirley I. Linde, Sheryl L. Preston

How to Obtain Accurate Workload Forecasts from Users 
Leilani E. Allen

IMS Transaction Performance Measurement 
Steven Toce, David Kimball

Installation and Management of a Modern Communications Network 
J. R. Leach

Interactive Productivity Study 
Dave Rockwell

Optimal File Allocation, Device Capacity and CPU Speed Selection During the Design of Interactive Computer Systems 
Kishor S. Trivedi, Anneliese von Mayrhauser

Performance Analysis of Line Capacity in a Multipoint Network 
Tachen Leo Lo, Jack Peng

Performance Considerations in Message Files 
Stavros Christodoulakis, Christos Faloutsos

Performance Measurement of the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System Computer Network 
Elaine Volansky

Performance Modeling in the Design Process 
William Alexander, Richard S. Brice

Setting the SRM Parameters for Storage Isolation 
Dean Ritchie

The Effect of Changes in Paging Algorithms on Tandem Systems 
Milton L. Rand Jr.

The Role of Capacity Planning in Software Development 
Frank J. Ingrassia

Total Data Center Performance Management - A Case Study 
Frank R. Petroski

Tuning an X.25-Protocol Converter Communication System 
Thomas E. Bell, T. Clark Pewitt

VM Capacity Allocation Program 
George Peters

Workload Forecasting Using Econometric Time Series Analysis 
Lorrie L. Hoffman


A New Approach to VM Performance Analysis 
William H. Tetzlaff, Thomas Beretvas

An Integrated Software Approach to Capacity Planning 
Christopher M. Sabo

Analyzing Computer Work Load Data Using SAS 
John C. Brocklebank

New Horizons for Cached Disk and Buffered Tape 
Henry J. Cote, Ben Duhl

Operational Derivations of some Basic Results in Queueing Theory 
Jeffrey P. Buzen

Principles of Memory Modification Analysis For Queueing Network Models 
Tim Grieser, Deborah A. Sheetz, S. R. Zisk

Queueing Network Models of Disk I/O Subsystems 
Edward D. Lazowska, John Zahorjan

Software Performance Engineering 
Connie U. Smith

The Consultant's Role in Performance Evaluation and Capacity Management 
Robert V. Straz, William R. Wike