Conference Proceedings: 1980

CMG1980 Papers


CPE Measurement Techniques

An Analysis of the Standard Unit of Processing on the Sperry Univac Series 1100 Computer System 
Jerome W. Blaylock

Analysis of a 2-D Code on the CRAY-1 
Tim Rudy

Measurement Event Equations 
Bob Irwin

Keynote Session

The Critical Need for Computer Measurement in the 1980's 
Seymour Kraut

MIS for Resource Management

Capacity Management: A few Suggestions for Survival 
Carl Steidtmann

Capacity Planning Methodologies 
Martha R. Gilmore

MVS Tuning and Analysis

RMF I/O Time Validation 
David S. Lindsay

Network Analysis

Monitoring Data Communications Systems with Emphasis on Open System Interconnections (OSI) 
Arpad Gallo, Richard P. Wilder

Parameterization of CPU Loading in Packet Computer Networks 
Daniel R. Seligman

Network Design

Issues in Design and Measurement of Local Area Networks 
Imrich Chlamtac

Message Delay Estimation for DECNET Networks 
John L. Ferguson

The Design of a Telecommunications Network at the Travelers Insurance Companies 
David Kimball

Operational Analysis and Queueing Thoery

A Multi-Class Queueing Network Model of an Interactive System 
John Sanguinetti, Richard Billington

Alternative Parameterizations of Product-Form Queueing Networks 
James P. Bouhana

The Use of Analytic Modelling in System Selection 
Edward D. Lazowska

Organizing to Solve CPE Problems

Consider the Performance of Large Software Systems Before Implementation 
Connie U. Smith

Controlling the Cost of Computer Performance Evaluation 
Marc A. Zammit

The Emerging Need for Data Base Performance Evaluation 
Herman P. Hoplin

Performance Techniques

Automated Measurement Packages 
Daniel L. Pierson

Performance Constraints from Regression Analysis 
Springer W. Cox

Structured Modelling and Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems 
Benjamin S. H. Wang

Performance of On-Line Systems

A Generalized Method for Predicting CPU Utilization of On-Line Systems 
E. L. Alexander Jr.

Performance Evaluation of VAX/VMS Real Time Functions 
Rollins Turner, Steve Forgey

Tracking the Performance and Capacity of WYLBUR 
Dean Ritchie

Setting Service Levels

A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Capacity Planning 
T. M. Kachigan

Planning Capacity to Meet User Service Requirements 
Phillip C. Howard


A Project to Establish a Performance Management System 
William Sweeney

Chartering a Performance Measurement Group 
Barry Brass

Introduction to Practical Operational Analysis: An MVS Perspective 
Allan I. Levy

Service Level Management 
David R. Vincent

Some Queueing Network Models of Computer Systems 
Edwin S. Herndon

UNIVAC EXEC Performance 
Larry Greenhaw

Workload Characterization & Forecasting

A Framework for the Projection of ADP Workloads 
Jeffrey Mohr, Steven G. Penansky

A Study of a Procedure for Reducing the Feature Set of Workload Data 
Herman D. Hughes

Workload Forecasting for the Shuttle Mission Simulator Computer Complex at Johnson Space Center 
Shirley I. Linde, Lois Morgan