Conference Proceedings: 1979

CMG1979 Papers


Performance Management Program

A Performance Management System Using SAS 
James A. Morris

Allocating Data Processing Costs 
Thomas E. Bell

An MVS Performance Data Base and Reporting System Using SAS 
James P. Curtin

Computer Cost Accounting Panel (abstract) 
Thomas E. Bell

Evolution of ADP Procurement 
Robert G. Dunn

Experiences Measusing User Satisfaction 
Donald R. Deese

Implementing a Performance Management System 
Steve Lowry, David Schafer

Measurement of Computer User Satisfaction 
Sammy W. Pearson, James E. Bailey

MVS Transaction Charging 
Ronald L. Hankison

Notes on Performance Reporting to Senior Management 
Lloyd R. Hasche, Richard A. Grace

Performance Management Reporting Systems - A Tutorial 
Michael F. Morris

Performance Reporting Systems: A Tool for Performance Management 
Robert E. Rogers

Productivity in the Development Function (abstract) 
Phillip C. Howard

Selecting Computer Systems: Evolving Ideas and Techniques (panel abstract) 
Dennis M. Conti, Robert G. Dunn, A. Mukherjee, Frank C. Wimler, Thomas F. Wyrick

Standard Costing for Data Processing 
Gregory J. Nolan

Standardizing Computer Performance Measures 
Carol B. Wilson

Technical Program

A Method for the Estimation of Resource Use for Queueing Models 
Edwin Anderson

A Software Physics Analysis of Disk Subsystem Performance 
Roger P. Kovach

A Technique for Establishing Resource Limited Job Class Structures 
H. Pat Artis

Capacity Management of Terminal Driven Systems Using Operational Analysis 
Tachen Leo Lo, Tzyh-Jong Wang

Capacity Planning with Queueing Network Models: An IMS Case Study 
Allan I. Levy

Case Study - DECsystem-10 CPU Utilization, Performance, and Saturation 
Glenn Ricart

Case Study: Design and Performance Evaluation of a Permanant File Archiving System 
Lee H. Linton

Consistency Equations for Queueing Network Models 
James P. Bouhana

DASD Configuration Analysis 
Hugh Hoffman

Effects of Finite Memory on the Performance of a Large Scale Multiprogrammed Batch Computer System 
B. R. Newsom

Hybrid Instrumentation on the NCR Criterion 
Blaine Gaither, Evelyn D. Patrick

Management and Performance Reporting in an MVS Environment 
Mario M. Morino

Modeling Software Systems for Performance Predictions 
Connie U. Smith, James C. Browne

Performance Evaluation of CICS Using SAS and the CICS Performance Analyzer Data 
H. W. Barry Merrill

Relationship of Computer Performance Evaluation & Information Systems Security 
Daniel P. C. Fannin

Simulation of Local Computer Networks - A Case Study 
Jeffry W. Yeh

The Time Varying Nature of Computer Workloads 
Jeffrey M. Mohr


Computer Installation Effectiveness Reviews 
David E. Y. Sarna

Conducting a Data Center Performance Review 
William Jouris

DP Workload Forecasting 
William Perlman, Raymond Jozwik

IBM-370 Channel Architecture 
Charles B. Ross

Programmer Productivity in COBOL Application Tuning 
Barbara J. Walter

The Science of Computer Management (an Opinion) 
H. Fred Silver

The Science of Computer Management (an Opinion) 
H. Fred Silver

Why Automated Production Control 
Carl H. Dreyer