Conference Proceedings: 1978

CMG1978 Papers


Capacity Planning Techniques

Capacity Planning - SCAPE 
William R. Hersh

Capacity Planning for MVS Computer Systems 
H. Pat Artis

The Evaluation and Application of the Capacity Measurement 
Tachen Leo Lo

Measurement Tools: Application and Design

IMSMON: A Low Overhead Monitor for IMS Systems 
Bernard Domanski

MVS LPA Optimization 
W. Kemp Clawson

Performance Evaluation of a Minicomputer-Based Data Collection System 
Daniel L. Pierson

Production Control Systems

Waste is not a Four-Letter Word 
George L. Whalley

Program Behavior

Gaining an Awareness of the Performance of COBOL Programs 
Paul J. Jalics

Simulating Working Sets under MVS 
Arthur J. Petrella, Harold Farrey

Reporting and Using CPE Satistics

Meaningful Data Processing Performance Measures for Management 
Vito M. Sardo, David W. Gotthardt

REALUTL - a System for Profiling User Resource Usage 
Diane M. Azuz

System Selection and Comparison

A Comparison of the Workload on Several Computer Systems 
Ashok K. Agrawala, Jeffrey M. Mohr

Sampling Design Considerations for Benchmarking 
Elizabeth H. Yen

Software Product Performance Simulation in Multi Environments 
Pamela R. Pfau

System and Subsystem Models

Contention Analysis of Serially Reusable Programs 
Gary J. Stroebel, Richard Ma

Two-Class Finite Memory Analytic Models for Non-Pages Computer Systems 
Donald F. Dubois, Walter H. Kohler, Donald F. Towsley

Validation of DEC-10 Closed Queueing 
Harold E. Saxton, Gary B. Lamont


A Structured Approach for Evaluating UNIVAC 1100 Series Computer Systems 
John C. Kelly, Gary P. Route

Computer Performance Evaluation Using the IMS Log (abstract) 
Larry J. Alexander

Computer Performance Management through Control Limits 
Thomas E. Bell

Performance Monitors: A Tutorial Summary 
Edwin Anderson

Tutorial on Analytic System Modeling 
Herbert D. Schwetman

Working Set Dispatchers are Neas Optimal (abstract) 
Peter J. Denning

Workload Management

Ccompure Resource Performance Management - a Total Data Centre Approach 
E. N. van Deventer, J. D. Roode

Some Practical Applications of SAS to Capacity Planning 
Floyd L. Pedriana

Workload Characterization of Computer Systems 
Herman D. Hughes


Capacity Management A Definition And Implementation Guide 
Martha R. Gilmore

Communicating Capacity Plans To Management 
Frances Smith Abernathy

Computer Capacity Planning: Evolution And Implementation 
James C. Meehan

Developing Standards For Staffing Dp Centers 
Melvin J. Strauss, John J. Marino Jr.