Conference Proceedings: 1977

CMG1977 Papers


Computer Performance Evaluation Applications

A Model of Virtual Storage Personal Computing (VSPC) Based on QNET4 
R. X. Downs, H. E. Tweeden

A Multicomputer System with Software Reconfigusation of the Architecture 
Steven I. Kartashev, Svetlana P. Kartashev

A Stimulation Study of Timesharing Cost-Effectiveness 
Perry R. Hess, Jon C. Strauss

A Study of Multiprocessor Contention for Shared Data in C.MMP 
Madhav V. Marathe, Samuel H. Fuller

An Approach to the Design of a Learning Memory Manager 
Domenico Ferrari

An Experimentally Validated Model of the Paging Drum 
Colin Adams, Erol Gelenbe, Jean Vicard

Computer Utilization and Economy 
Elizabeth H. Yen

Development of a Performance Evaluation Methodology for the CRAY-1 
Tom W. Keller, David S. Lindsay

EDP Capacity Management 
Shellman H. Brown

File Assignment in a Star Network 
Derrell V. Foster, Lawrence W. Dowdy, James E. Ames IV

Global LRU Page Replacement in a Multiprogrammed Environment 
Dale H. Grit

Operating System Enhancement through Firmware 
George E. Brown, Richard H. Eckhouse Jr., Jay Estabrook

Performance Considerations for Distributed Data Processing Systems 
Phillip C. Howard

Predicting Module Properties from Global Parameters 
Jose C. Ingojo

Software Physics and the SARA System 
John M. Hoffman

Utilization of Performance Data in a Real-Time Scheduler 
Donald R. Moore, Harold L. Peterson Jr.

Computer Performance Evaluation Methodology

A Comparison of Programming Language Performance 
Jerome W. Blaylock

A Feature Selection Tool for Workload Characterization 
Sandra A. Mamrak, Paul D. Amer

A Study on the Effictiveness of Data Blocking in an MVS Environment 
R. E. Paulhamus, G. E. Ward

Accuracy of Exponential Assumptions in Closed Queueing Models 
Jeffrey P. Buzen, Dominique Potier

An Evaluation of M/M/R Queues as Finite Memory Size Models 
Raymond M. Bryant, Ashok K. Agrawala

CPE/CPM State of the Art in France 
Laurent de Vilmorin

Current Needs in the Field of CPE 
Vincent Dinh

Modelling Requirements for Measurement Devices 
C. A. Rose

Obfuscatory Measurement 
David F. Stevens

PROFILE: An Automated Program Analysis Aid 
Linwood Ferguson

Scheduling Multiple Workloads with Independent Priority Assignments 
Sandra Heath

The Event Analysis System 
M. H. MacDougall

The Influence of Multiprogramming Limit on Interactive Response Time in a Virtual Memory System 
Satish K. Tripathi, Kenneth C. Sevcik

The Relationship between the Pattern Recognition Problem and the Workload Characterization Problem 
Ashok K. Agrawala, Jeffrey M. Mohr

Transactional Terminal System on Micro-Processor: A Method for Identifying and Modelling Overall Performance 
Alain Sarzotti