Conference Proceedings: 1976

CMG1976 Papers


Empirical Results of Measurement Studies

An Error Analysis of the CPU Usage Measurement in EXEC 8 Systems 
Jeffrey M. Mohr, Ashok K. Agrawala, J. F. Flanagan

Computer Performance Evaluation for Policy Support 
William P. LaPlant Jr.

Data Collection and Analysis of the Distribution of Computing Resources at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln 
Gregory Haralambopoulos, George Nagy

Improving Computer Performance in a Large Scale Environment - an Overview of Data Processing at American Airlines 
G. W. (Bill) Miller

Performance Evaluation of a Minicomputer Cluster with Shared Memory 
Frank Stepczyk

Performance Monitoring in a Shared DASD Environment 
Alan P. Cade

Experimental Tests of Theoretical Results

Applied Software Physics 
George R. Greenacre

Data Processing Authority Workload History, Characterization, and Forecast Description 
Dennis M. Reddington

Further Investigation into a Software Science Relationship 
Linda M. Cornell, Karl J. Ottenstein

General Management

Estimating the Value of CPE Projects 
Stephen A. Gierach

Performance Evaluation of the Computer and the Role of the Costing System 
William Sherer

Improving Computer Resource Utilizationand Utility

Performance Evaluation of Programs ina VS Environment 
James R. Walker, Thomas E. McKittrick

Performance Tuning a Batch IMS Process 
Marilyn J. Harris

Performance Management

Management Guidelines for Planning, Controlling, and Evaluating an ADP System 
Gerald W. Findley, David P. Norton, Kenneth G. Rau

The Tools and Techniques of CPE

A Method for Estimating Service Buraeu Processing Charges 
Dennis M. Conti

Hybrid Monitor for a CDC Cyber Computer 
J. J. Irvine

Theory Applied to CPE with Experimental Verification

A Methodology for the Performance Evaluation of Information Systems under Multiple Criteria 
John S. Chandler, Thomas G. DeLutis

A Model for Optimal Balancing Channel Utilization 
Tachen Leo Lo

Modeling Computer System Performance 
Jeffrey P. Buzen

Software Perfromance Monitors: Design Trade-Offs 
Liba Svobodova

The Overlapping of CPU and I/O Processing in Multiprogramming 
Philip M. Mills