Nalini Joshi Elkins Candidate Statement


Nalini Joshi Elkins

In response to the call for nominations from CMG, Bill Jouris and Cathy Nolan propose Nalini Joshi Elkins for the AA Michelson award. Nalini has been working in network measuring, monitoring and analysis for over twenty years and is a renowned expert with an international reputation in all facets of network measurement, including IPv6.

In relation to the identified requirements Nalini has fulfilled the stated expectations, as indicated below; (the quotations from the call for nominations are italicized). This is followed by a brief review of her experience and CV.

Contributions to the Industry

‘Presentation of ideas and results about computer measurement, systems performance evaluation, or capacity management/planning via papers, articles, books, newsletters, or presentations at conferences and professional meetings and/or seminars’.

  • Author and presenter of papers on network measurement and analysis at SHARE, CMG, NCCMG, and Sharkfest for over twenty years (NB: the earliest papers have the author listed as Nalini Joshi, rather than Nalini Elkins). The papers have been new material by the author on case studies, consultancy results, etc. rather than standard marketing or reworks of existing documentation.
  • Nalini has published numerous articles in publications such as zJournal, Technical Support, Xephon's TCP/IP Update, and Enterprise Systems Journal.
  • Author and presenter of the CMG-T sessions on networks for 3 years.
  • Nalini is the author and teacher of Inside Products training course material for measurement and analysis, network design, etc.
  • Founder the IPv6 Business Information Exchange (, which provides a forum for those involved in planning for and implementing IPv6 to discuss their experiences, and to learn from the leaders in the IPv6 arena.

Original Contributions

‘A significant new computer performance analysis, measurement, or management approach’.

  • Responsibility for creation of the first expert system for analysis of TCP/IP.
  • Lead author of an RFC proposed to the IETF (July 2011) which will create an IPID in the Diagnostic Header for all IPv6 transactions (not just, as now, for IPv6 transactions which are fragmented). Lead author for additional RFC proposals to the IETF (July 2013) on how the Diagnostic Header would be used to enable measurement of performance of network traffic; absent the Diagnostic Header, data is not available to measure performance of IPv6 network traffic.

‘A significant new computer performance data collection, data reduction, simulation, or analysis tool’.

  • Developed four network monitors, including Inside the Stack, Early Warning System, Connection Log, DidItConnect, Availability Checker and Application Checker at Inside Products. She was also the Chief Developer for CleverView for TCP/IP at Applied Expert Systems.
  • Developed six network trace analysis tools: TCP Problem Finder, IPv6 Problem Finder, SSL Problem Finder, HTTP Problem Finder, EE Problem Finder, and TCP Response Time Analyzer.

‘Proving the feasibility and utility of a computer performance tool or approach’.

  • Development of the Visual Diagnostic Language (patent pending) for providing the results of network traces in a user-friendly display.

Inspirer of Others

‘Has encouraged and aided others in developing and applying techniques in performance measurement, analysis, and management’.

  • Author and presenter of numerous classes on networks and network analysis. These have included two or three day web-based classes, attended by people from around the world, and 3-5 day in-person classes. Both kinds of classes have audiences of network practitioners working at all levels. Many of the attendees were network technical leads and technical consultants, who then carried out network management functions at their companies or for clients.
  • Author and presenter of the CMG-T sessions on networks for 3 years.

‘Has contributed to the success and proliferation of the performance/capacity/systems management field by either serving as one of the leaders of a professional association (e.g. officer or director), or serving as one of the organizers of professional conferences’.

  • Organizer of the quarterly IPv6 Business Information Exchange.


Nalini Joshi was born in India and raised in Indiana. After attending the University of Indiana, she served in the Peace Corps. She has worked for Farm Bureau Insurance, Decimus, and Chevron. While at Chevron, Nalini developed an expert system for diagnosing network hardware problems. The marketing rights for this product were sold to Boole & Babbage (which was later taken over by BMC). Nalini then joined Boole to further develop and support this product. After some time at Boole, Nalini joined some other Boole employees in co-founding a new company: Applied Expert Systems.

As Technical Co-founder of AES, Nalini helped to design and develop a number of products in the SNA and TCP/IP network management area. These products included expert systems for SNA diagnostics, web performance diagnostics, TCP/IP routing diagnosis and TCP/IP network management. She was the Chief Developer of CleverView for TCP/IP, which IBM OEMed and marketed as the first version of their NetView Performance Monitor for TCP/IP.

Nalini founded Inside Products, Inc. in 2001 to design, develop and market network management software. The products include: the Inside the Stack TCP/IP, Early Warning System, Connection Log, DidItConnect, Availability Checker and Application Checker monitors, the various IP Problem Finder analysis tools, and TCP Response Time Analyzer. Inside Products has many popular training classes attended by some of the largest corporations in the U.S., Germany, Spain, and Portugal. Inside Products provides consulting to resolve network problems such as FTP throughput, socket application performance and TCP/IP tuning, and to assist companies in implementing IPv6. Inside Products consulting services may also be purchased via the IBM Network Traffic Analysis group. Inside Products has international distributors in Australia, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg and Brazil, and customers on six continents.


Nalini has been involved in network monitoring, analysis and management, as practitioner, as a speaker for the past 20+ years (SHARE, Computer Measurement Group (CMG), the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and other events) and the companies she founded (Applied Expert Systems and Inside Products) have specialized in monitoring and analysis of networks.


  • Mark Friedman
  • Adrian Cockcroft

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