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Business Runs on IT – How Efficient is IT?

November 17, 2016 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT

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What You'll Learn:

IT organizations often struggle with justifying infrastructure investments. Business stakeholders believe that IT organizations cannot clearly link incremental infrastructure costs to the business value they create, and as a result IT budgets are unnecessarily capped to control costs. A proper capacity management strategy can reverse this trend by framing IT investments in terms of the services they support, and consistently maximizing the efficiency of this infrastructure by optimizing workload distribution.

As capacity planning and management practices evolve, it is important for service owners and performance analysts to quickly identify unhealthy systems and systems at-risk of becoming unhealthy. However, it does no good to have perfect health and no risk if you’re throwing away money on underutilized systems.

In this webinar...
• Learn how to ensure that your systems aren’t just healthy, but cost-efficient as well.
• Always know what systems are over-utilized (warning – outage possible) and underutilized (warning - waste happening) to fully optimize the delivery of your services
• Put IT services in a clear business context will enable IT leaders to spend less time putting out routine fires and more time creating additional value, giving their staff the flexibility they need to fully apply their expertise.

With fact-driven decision making, IT managers can create more consistent and efficient services, justify the budget they need, and better collaborate with executives to align IT and business goals.

About the Presenters:


Tony MacDonald,

Tony MacDonald joined TeamQuest as the Sales Engineer Manager in February 2016 and brings with him 17 years of IT experience. He started his career in telecommunication for the Air Force which transitioned nicely into a civilian career. He has a broad range of experience from splicing fiber optics to network security to virtualization. For the last 8 years, Tony’s focus has been on orchestration, automation, performance, and capacity for virtual infrastructures.

Jeff Schultz,

Jeff Schultz is a product specialist who has answered questions for customers and ‘tire kickers’ for more than 20 years. He boasts a background in helping IT organizations get up to speed on their IT environment for their capacity planning and performance management objectives.







November 17, 2016
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm