Paper and Presentation Policy

The Computer Measurement Group's Paper and Presentation Policy is focused on two issues related to both papers and presentations during CMG sponsored events:

  • Avoiding marketing and sales-oriented material involving commercially available computer related products.
  • Prohibiting remarks which are disparaging, derogatory or defamatory about any product, vendor, service and or person.

The policy is applicable to all speakers and authors, regardless of their affiliation, whose presentations or papers describe the use of, or involve, commercial products.

What is a Product?

A product is defined as any computer related software, hardware, and/or service.

What is the Policy?

CMG's policy is to eliminate sales and marketing from the Conference Program and printed material published by CMG. Sales and marketing presentations are allowed only during scheduled Exhibitor Presentations.

  • CMG promotes advances among the users and vendors of computer-related products and services.
  • CMG encourages scientific inquiry and experimentation that may result in product comparisons among competing vendors.
  • CMG advocates investigation into differing methodologies for analyzing and/or evaluating computer related products.

However, promoting a methodology based solely on the functions and features of a commercially available computer related product is not acceptable. Promoting a sale of specific products or services are expressly prohibited.

It should be stressed that mentioning a product by name is not a violation of this policy. However, doing so in a manner that is promotional in nature or disparaging toward another product is a violation of this policy.


Disparaging remarks about computer related products, vendors, services, or persons during a CMG sponsored event (Exhibitor Presentations included) are prohibited.

ALL CMG participants are expected to maintain a standard of professional conduct that avoids disparaging comments about any product or service. Although participants may indicate the advantages or limitations of a particular product or service, they must refrain from making derogatory or defamatory comments about any product, vendor, service, and/or person.

Illustrations of Policy

This policy is not intended to restrict authors from writing papers or presenting studies that include references to products. Describing the internals of products are acceptable if the focus is on the technical methods employed to accomplish a positive function such as a new application of a queuing equation within a product. Technical papers or presentations that reference products should not focus on why the product or any of its features is the only solution to a problem, even if that is true.

Product comparison case studies are also acceptable and encouraged but must be addressed in an objective rather than a subjective fashion and also be supported by measurable results. Statements such as "The Belchfire 800 is a dog" ,would be unacceptable where a statement such as "The Belchfire 800 does 0-60 in 25 seconds" would be an objective and factual representation.

Material may be subject to review prior to the presentation or publication and may contain product trademarks, company logos, and the like. The mere presence of these markings in the materials does not violate this policy. The vast majority of speakers at the CMG conference are sponsored by their employers and some recognition of that sponsorship is entirely acceptable.

Decisions as to interpretation of this policy are the purview of the CMG Officers, Board of Directors, or their designated representatives. Violation of this policy during a presentation at a CMG conference or CMG sponsored event will result in termination of the presentation in progress.