Thank you for your interest in speaking at CLOUDXCHANGE. Please propose your presentation in the form below.

On June 19th, CLOUDXCHANGE will make its way to your home, desk, coffee shop… or wherever
else you can take your laptop or tablet. This full day event will feature presentations on:

  • public and private cloud
  • hybrid systems
  • performance and capacity
  • security
  • ML and AI
  • infrastructure

While we have a limited number of speaking spots available for this program, we are accepting
presentation proposals from industry leaders and people on the front lines. We want submissions
that should inspire and motivate attendees toward action that improves their day-to-day work as well
as the tech industry. Your proposal can be a formal paper, slide deck, or story related to cloud
platforms, security, the future of cloud, infrastructure, IoT, and applications. Presentations of case
studies, techniques, user experiences, explanations of how the underlying technologies function and
the impact on managing the capacity, performance, and cost are encouraged.


  • Submit by 4/2 to receive feedback and to qualify for early acceptance.
  • Submit by 5/2 for the regular deadline. Please note that spots may fill by this date and early submissions are encouraged.

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