How can I join CMG? Or renew my Membership?

You can join CMG or renew your membership by clicking, here.

What is the difference between a National CMG membership and a Regional CMG membership?

The U.S Regions and International Regions have their own memberships separate from National CMG. The Regions are special interest groups that conduct meetings & conferences throughout the world. Being a member of a region does not give you access to the National’s CMG member’s only section, discounted CMG publications and/or discounted CMG International Conference registration.

When does my membership expire or need to be renewed?

CMG memberships are now based on Anniversary Date. It runs from the date you join to a year from the date you join. To be a current active CMG member one must renew each year or attend last year's conference.

I signed up for MeasureIT, can I access past proceedings?

Sorry, but you must be an active CMG member to access past proceedings. Please consider joining CMG.

What is my username?

Your username is the email address you registered with CMG.

How do I reset my password?

You can change and get a password reminder using our password utility.

Does my Company have a membership?

You would have to ask your manager or employer if they applied for a company/corporate membership. Or you can email CMG Headquarters at [email protected] to look it up for you. If you know your company doesn't have a company/corporate membership and would like to join, you can apply for it, under "Group Membership", by clicking here.


What are the Hotel rates for the current Conference?

Hotel rates vary each year depending on the hotel and it's location. For the current conference, if they have been finalized, are generally available on the conference home page as part of the Hotel Reservation information page or registration link. These rates are usually published in May.

What are the registration fee for the Conference?

Conference registration fees vary according to the number of days you are attending, when you register, and your membership status. Final prices are generally published in May and can be found on the registration page of the conference website.

What is the difference between a Full Week Conference vs. a Corporate Full Week Conference option?

A Full Week Conference option is for an individual who will attend the conference alone.  He or she will receive a badge in his/her name printed on the front.  A Full Week Conference includes a 1 year CMG membership following the conference the next year.

A Corporate Full Week Conference option is using one badge that will be shared among co-workers.  Only the company's name will appear on the front of the badge for the purpose of using it as a  "shared-badge" among co-workers who are attending the week of the conference.  One co-worker at a time may use the badge to attend one session at a time. A Corporate Full Week Registration does not include a 1 year CMG membership.

Are Hotel & Travel accommodations included with the conference registration fees?

No, Hotel and Travel accommodations are not included with the conference registrations fees.  CMG does not reserve accommodations. One must reserve his or her own accommodations and transportation.  If you prefer to reserve your room before CMG provides the reservation hotel online link, you can call the hotel directly, but make sure you ask for the CMG Group Rate.

Can I change my original Registration Option which was already processed to different one at a later date?

Yes, you can. However, you will incur a processing fee (please see refund policy on the registration form) to make the change.

When will the details of the current Conference information (such as registration prices, hotel info, and agendas, etc.) be posted for my company’s conference/training budgeting purposes?

We will post up conference info as soon as things are prepared & approved by the CMG Board of Directors and/ or Conference Committee. Registration information can be available as early as April, while Program information is generally available in August. Please check the conference website periodically or you can email CMG HQ for specific questions. In the meantime, if you need an estimate for your company’s conference/training budget purposes, you may want to consider using last year’s conference prices as approximation. However, please keep in mind, prices are subject to change.

How late can I register for the conference?

You can register as soon as the registration form becomes available (usually in May) all the way up until the conference itself, as an Onsite Walk-In registration.  Our online registration system is open 24/7.  For a speedy process, please register online prior to your arrival to Onsite Registration, especially if your access to the internet is limited.  Onsite Walk-Ins registrations are welcome, so don't worry about missing anything!  Please contact CMG HQ for further assistance of what is required to register.

Can I use a Purchase Order Number to pay for my registration?

No. While you may submit a Purchase Order Number to us; you will not be registered until CMG receives the actual payment by either check or credit card.  Once payment is received in full and processed is completed, you will receive a receipt via email. Receiving an emailed receipt will indicate you are now completely registered for the conference.

Some Purchase Order checks usually take a month for some companies to process and sent to us, therefore, please check back with your company on when it was sent to us.  If you need an invoice for your Purchase Order to release payment info, please contact CMG HQ to request one.

Lastly, Purchase Orders sent in advance are not used as place holders for Early Bird Rates. Payment must be received in full on or before the Early Bird Deadline date to qualify for the discounted rate.


Where is next year’s conference, and/or futures conferences?

For information about future conferences, email CMG HQ.

What types of Sponsorships are available for exhibiting at a CMG conference?

There are a number of different sponsorship for CMG conferences. If you are not interested or not able to sponsor, we offer various items to be purchased through our à la carte list. If you are interested in more information and pricing please go to the exhibitor information page to download the entire exhibitor kit.

What type of companies or organizations exhibit at CMG conferences?

Please review our list of previous CMG exhibiting companies.

Are there opportunities for Exhibiting Companies to present to CMG conference attendees?

Yes, CMG does offer speaking opportunities to our exhibitors. We offer MUGs (Monday User Groups) and Exhibitor Presentations. These allow you to present/sell your products or services to our attendees or present any type of training or White paper. We also provide Vendor Training Sessions, these are technical, product-specific training sessions which run parallel to our regular conference sessions. For more information on the presentation types that CMG offers to exhibitors and presenters, please review the presentation types.

Can my company exhibit at the annual conference?

Yes, please contact [email protected] for more information.

Can I recommend a company for CMG to approach to exhibit?

Yes, please send the exhibit coordinator’s contact information to [email protected].

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