Awards & Scholarships

CMG recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of computer measurement and performance evaluation. CMG presents these awards at the annual conference:

AA Michelson Award Winners

Albert Abraham Michelson was known for his technical accomplishments in measuring the speed of light and for his role as teacher and inspirer of others. CMG presents this prestigious award to recognize and encourage the same combination of technical excellence and professional contribution found in only an exceptional few.  Call for Nominations

List of AA Michelson Award Winners

2017    Dr. Gilbert  Houtekamer - Press Release     Related Proceedings
2016    Andre Bondi
2015    Raj Jain
2014    Nalini Elkins
2013    Lloyd G. Williams, Ph.D.
2012    Gary M. King
2011    Adam Grummitt
2010    Michael Salsburg, Ph.D.
2009    Bruce McNutt
2008    Dr. Neil J. Gunther · Acceptance Speech Slides
2007    Adrian Cockcroft · Acceptance Speech Slides
2006    Steve Samson
2005    Mark Friedman
2004    Dr. Annie W. Shum
2003    Dr. Alan Jay Smith
2002    Dr. T. Leo Lo
2001    Dr. Daniel Menasce
2000    Ray Wicks
1999    Cheryl Watson
1998    Bernard Pierce
1997    George Dodson
1996    David R. Morley
1995    Aubrey G. Chernick
1994    Dr. Arnold Allen
1993    Dr. Yonathan Bard
1992    Dr. Bernie Domanski
1991    J. W. Mullen
1990    Mario Morino
1987    Dr. Domenico Ferrari
1986    Dr. Connie U. Smith
1985    Dr. Mani Chandy
1984    Dr. H. Pat Artis
1983    Phillip C. Howard
1982    Dr. H. W. Barry Merrill
1981    Donald R. Deese
1980    David J. Schumacher
1979    Dr. Jeffrey P. Buzen
1978    C. Dudley Warner
1976    Phillip J. Kiviat
1975    Dr. Thomas E. Bell
1974    Kenneth W. Kolence

J. William Mullen Award Winners

Bill_MullenThe J. William Mullen award is given in memory of past CMG president Bill Mullen. This award recognizes his contributions to CMG and the profession of information technology. The award recipient is an individual who exhibits both technical excellence and an engaging presentation style.

The intent of this award is to reflect the nature of the individual for whom it is named. Bill Mullen was a man of exceptional intellectual brilliance and personal charisma, and was widely known for his excellent technical presentations at many professional conferences throughout the world.

List of J. William Mullen Award Winners

2017    Ramya Ramalinga Moorthy   Related Proceedings
2016    Chris Greco
2016    Priyank Arora
2016    Mark Tomlinson
2015    Alex Gilgur
2015    Kyle Parrish
2014    Peter Enrico
2014    Tammy Everts
2013    Ellen Friedman
2013    Jim Hirschauer
2012    Nicole Arksey
2012    Stanford White III
2011    Michael Giglio
2011    Erik Ostermueller
2010    Dr. Anna Long
2010    Fernando Martinez
2009    Scott Chapman
2009    Chris Lynn
2008    Charles Foy
2008    John van Wagenen
2007    Peg McMahon
2007    Dr. Michael Salsburg
2006    Frank Berezany
2006    Peter Johnson
2005    Robert E. Chaney
2004    MP Welch & Chris Schreck
2003    Ron Kaminski
2002    Rich Olcott
2001    Steve Lewis
2000    Jean-Claude Aron
1999    Craig Hanson
1998    Wayne Wyrobek
1997    Linwood Merritt
1996    David Beulke
1995    Margaret A. Dietz
1994    Dr. James Simmons
1993    Philip Long & Richard Hoag
1992    Michael L. Puldy
1991    John Ebner
1990    Dick Hammond

Best Paper Award Winners

Each year, conference papers judged exemplary by industry peers receive these conference honors. These papers reflect the best of the best offered at the conference.

List of Best Paper Winners


  • Achieving CPU (& MLC) Savings through Optimizing Processor Cache  Todd HavenostThis paper introduces key processor cache concepts and metrics, laying the foundation for understanding the vital role processor cache plays in CPU consumption. Those metrics are then leveraged to identify specific ways to improve processor cache efficiency by optimizing LPAR topology and maximizing work executing on Vertical High CPs. Throughout the paper, Todd uses several examples from real-life situations to illustrate both the opportunities and the potential impacts of tuning actions.






















  • Analysis of Disk Workloads in Network File Server Environments
    John R. Heath and Stephen A. R. Houser
  • Clock Instability And Its Effect On Time Intervals In Performance Studies
    Margaret A. Dietz, Carla S. Ellis, and C. Frank Starmer
  • Central Processor Life Extension Or Expectation Management 101
    Gene Clem
  • Preemptible SRBs: Understanding, Exploiting, And Managing Them
    John E. Arwe
  • Computers Don’t Sweat Or Performance Metrics In The Distributed Computing Environment
    James P. Quigley
  • Using The World Wide Web As An Executive Information System
    Larry Kayser
  • Parallel Transaction Server Model: A Case Study
    Tim Follen

CMG Graduate Fellowship Award Winners

The CMG Graduate Fellowship program is open to full time graduate students in Computer Science and related fields. It is intended to encourage and support research in the areas of measurement, modeling, management and analysis of system and network performance. Details of the program vary from year to year and are available by contacting [email protected]. Please note that the Fellowship program has suspended but may be resumed in the future.

List of CMG Graduate Fellowship Award Winners

2008   Ninfang Mi, The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA
Performance Impact of Burstiness and Auto-Correlation in Computer Systems

2007   Vinod Dubey, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
Quality of Service (QoS) Brokering and Performance Management of Composite Services in SOA

2006   Evangelia Kalyvianaki, University of Cambridge (UK)
Tuning Server Applications with OS Virtualization Support using Feedback Control

2005   Leslie Cheung, University of Southern California
Reliability Models for Web Services

2004   Srikant Sharma, State University of New York in Stony Brook, NY
Resource Management in Metro Ethernets and Cluster Ethernets through Configurable Ethernet Switches

2003   Jay Aikat, University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill
Effect of Re-transmission Timeout Parameter on TCP Performance

2002   Diwakar Krishnamurthy, Carleton University
Synthetic Workloads for Stress Testing Complex Web-based Apps

2001   Felix Hernandez Campos, University of North Carolina
Characterization and Modeling of Internet Traffic

2001   Zachary A. Kurmas, Georgia Tech
I/O Performance Modeling and Workload Characterization

1996 - 2000 
No fellowship was awarded

1995/1996   Erich Nahum, University of Massachusetts
Performance Issues in Parallelized Network Protocols

1995/1996   Dean Tullsen, University of Washington 
Simultaneous Multithreading Maximizing On-Chip Parallelism

1994/1995   Brian Nobel, Carnegie Mellon University
The Structure and Evolution of a Distributed Measurement Network

1994/1995   Gregory Ganger, University of Michigan
Generating Representative Synthetic Workloads

1993/1994   Kirk L. Johnson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Communication Optimizations for Large-Scale Multiprocessors

1992/1993   Partho Pratim Mishra, University of Maryland
Design of Resource Allocation and Traffic Control Mechanisms for High Speed Wide Area Networks

1992   David Chaiken, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Smart memory Systems

1991   Richard P. LaRowe, Jr, Duke University
Virtual Memory Management for NUMA Multiprocessors

1990   Carey Williamson, Stanford University
High Performance Transport Communications for Distributed Systems

1989   Garth Gibson, U.C. Berkeley
High Performance Disk I/O Through Hundreds of Intelligent Disks

1988   Ricki Blau, U.C. Berkeley
Performance Measurement and Analysis of Realistic Image Synthesis Systems

1987   Jack Briner, Jr Duke University
The Screen as a Resource in the Human-Computer Problem Solving Environment

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