The cover from our first issue -- January 2003!

The cover from our first issue — January 2003!

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MeasureIT – Issue 4, 2014

Joint Editors, David Halbig and Bill Jouris

About This Issue

by David Halbig, Joint Editor

Following a tradition of well-written, relevant, and timely articles, we have another great line-up this month. In addition to series we’ve been running for a while (a great offering from Dr. Tom Wilson), we’re bringing back some folks we haven’t heard from in a while (Steve Balzac and his management primers) and we’re trying some new stuff (Dr. Michael Salsburg is sharing a blog post – one of many).

As always, Bill and I are interested in hearing from you, our readership, so ship any comments, criticisms, ideas, or just stream-of-consciousness stuff to: or Or, if you prefer a more formal route, you can submit to: We welcome all.

News You Can Use

Performance and Capacity 2014 by CMG Registration Deadline is Rapidly Approaching!

There is still time to register for the 40th Performance and Capacity 2014 by CMG Conference at a discounted rate through September 19! The Conference program looks great with sessions from industry experts as well as your peers identifying and solving some of the most complex capacity and performance issues we face daily. Come be a part of this exciting event and return home with valuable information you can use immediately to benefit your organization!

The Preliminary Agenda, Conference Registration and discounted Hotel Reservations are accessible on the Conference web page (or cut/paste into your browser). Review the conference brochure, also on this page, for more information.

The Conference Committee looks forward to seeing you in Atlanta this November!

Steve Clark
General Chair
Performance and Capacity 2014 by CMG
CMG’s 40th Annual International Conference
November 3-6, 2014
Georgia Tech Conference Center
Atlanta, GA.

CMG is in the Webinar Business!

Due to the overwhelming demand for our recent webinar “A Revolutionary Approach to Capacity Planning“, we are excited to announce we will be repeating the presentation LIVE on Monday, September 8 at 12:00 pm CT. Your presenters are Amy Spellmann and Richard Gimarc. Register HERE.

Don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of this exclusive educational opportunity as we gear up for Performance & Capacity 2014 in Atlanta this fall!


Here’s the abstract:

It is no longer sufficient to utilize yesterday’s outmoded approach when planning for tomorrow’s applications, systems and facilities infrastructures. We need to revolutionize the practice of capacity planning.

This webinar will examine the current scope and focus of capacity planning and propose an innovative methodology to evaluate, predict and plan for the all-inclusive Digital Infrastructure.

And now to the stuff you opened this email doc for in the first place:

Contents of the MeasureIT August 2014 issue (Issue #4, 2014)

1      Dr. Tom Wilson           An Operational Analysis Primer (Part 3: Modeling)

This is part 3 of a 4-part primer on operational analysis. In part 1 ([Wil14a]), I introduced operational analysis and focused on applying it to evaluation at the system level. In part 2, published in the last issue of MeasureIT, Tom extended evaluation to the resource level. In this part, Tom will describe how operational analysis is used for modeling. This is predominately where much of the literature focuses its attention. Part 4 in a future MeasureIT issue will investigate some other operational analysis topics.

2     Stephen Balzac            The Light is Better Here

Although based on a favorite joke many of us have heard, Steve makes a point of following a rigorous process of problem definition and solution generation and review. At one time or another, all of us have been guilty of not understanding the problem we are trying to solve before we dive into an equally haphazard choice of solutions. It’s a cautionary tale that many of us can re-learn to save ourselves lots of time and trouble. Read on.

3     Clea Zolotow, et al       Clustered Database Reporting Solution utilizing Tivoli

Clea and a couple of her peers have put together an overview of clustered database reporting for selected database implementations. It’s a relatively quick read and helps you get up to speed on this interesting technology. Here’s the abstract:

Each different midrange database type, such as DB2, Oracle RAC, Sybase, MS-SQL (i.e., SQL-Server), and Informix, has a different architecture leading to a different reporting methodology. This paper shows architecture for utilizing Tivoli’s Composite Application Manager (ITCAM) to provide reporting for many clustered databases. It shows which databases and which architectures are supported and which require custom tooling. Standard reporting is then identified for each supported database system. At IBM, this is part of the Global Server Management Architecture (GSMA) and part of the Netcool Event Management System.

4     Scott Chapman           What I Learned This Month – Flash Express

All you mainframers: remember back to the days of Main Storage and Expanded Storage? Well, it’s baaaaack (sorta)… it’s called Flash Express and it’s available as a new optional hardware feature on the zEC12 machines. Think of having SSD storage inside your PCIe drawer in your processor. Scott (as usual) makes a coherent case for this interesting feature, which during Scott’s first encounter was used for paging using 1 M large pages. Interesting read. Takes me back a ways. Thanks, Scott.

5     Michael Salsburg      Hybrid Application Management – Managing Above a Cloudy Infrastructure

Here we’re trying a first for MeasureIT. We’re allowing past contributors (Michael is a much decorated veteran of CMG conferences and MeasureIT) to provide interesting links for the broader MeasureIT audience. In this case, we’re linking to Michael’s Blog. Let us know what you think of this as a delivery/outreach mechanism. In this blog entry, Michael reflects on how our industry has changed, particularly in the last several years. The last several years have allowed not just one, but several disruptive technologies such as Software as a Service, as implemented in either a private or public cloud combined with new go-to-market models such as DevOps to radically restructure both the costs and time scale for providing capabilities to our respective customers.

6,7   Tom Kelman           Events, notices for national/international chapters

Tom provides his usual useful summary of upcoming regional and international events.

8     About the Authors

A brief biography for each of our authors.

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