The cover from our first issue -- January 2003!

The cover from our first issue -- January 2003!

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MeasureIT Issue 15.4

Joint editors,  Richard Gimarc and Bill Jouris


About This Issue

Author by Richard Gimarc, Joint Editor

We are pleased to present you with this month’s issue of MeasureIT. This issue is packed with great articles, timely advice, and reports from CMG events around the world.  

We are starting something new in this issue with a section titled “I’ve seen this before”.  In this section we will be republishing papers or articles on topics that have gained momentum or have increased in importance.  In this issue we include a paper by Adrian Cockcroft from the CMG 2006 International Conference titled “Utilization is Virtually Useless as a Metric!”  If you have suggestions for other papers that make you think “I’ve seen this before”, let us know. 

We would love to hear from you; feel free to send your thoughts, comments, questions or concerns to either Bill Jouris or me.  You can send your ideas to me at, or to Bill at   Of course, there is always the formal route via e-mail to  We read and respond to all comments.   

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1         Chris Greco                    Capacity Planning and Project Management

In this article Chris Greco compares capacity planning to project management.  At first glance, most people would consider those to be completely separate disciplines with little in common.  However, Chris does a good job of describing their similarities in terms of three factors; cost, time and performance.  The bottom line is that project management and capacity planning can learn from each other; the jobs we do are not that different.


2         I’ve seen this before     Adrian Cockcroft     Utilization is Virtually Useless as a Metric!

The title is sure to catch anyone’s attention since utilization is one of the primary metrics we use every day.  This paper was presented at CMG 2006 when two major technology advances were in the early stages of widespread adoption: virtualization and multithreaded processors.  Adrian uses a measured approach to describe how some of the fundamental assumptions we have been tacitly using need to be reexamined to see if they are still true.

What makes this paper import today (almost nine years later) is that there are still pockets of resistance.  Utilization is an important metric, but too often we are misusing the metric or not fully understanding what it represents.  Adrian’s proposal is to focus on headroom; that is, instead of looking at how much of a resource is being used (utilization), we need to change our perspective to look at how much additional work (transactions) can be done (headroom).  This paper is an excellent reminder that we need to fully understand the metrics we are using and make sure they are appropriate for the task at hand.


3         Rick Lebsack                  Getting to Know Rick Lebsack: CMG International President

Back in May, CMG’s President, Rick Lebsack, was interviewed by Practical Performance Analyst.  What makes the interview interesting is that you get a personal view of how Rick initially got involved in CMG and his vision for the organization’s future.  Perhaps the best thing about the interview is that it puts a personal face on CMG.  Take a few minutes and learn something about how we are working towards making CMG a more relevant and vital organization.


4         Alex Podelko                 Exploratory Performance Testing

Alex takes a close look at the subject of exploratory performance testing, especially in the contest of performance testing new applications.  Exploratory performance testing is most valuable when you have the responsibility to design and develop test plans for a new application.  Exploratory performance testing is a way to gain an early understanding of an application’s dynamics, performance and sensitivity for a number of use cases and workload volumes.  It is interesting to note that you may already be doing exploratory performance testing without knowing it.


5         Amy Spellmann & Richard Gimarc   CMG Digital Library Update

Amy and Richard describe the current (and growing) state of the CMG Digital Library.  Our Library has an impressive set of content from webinars, conference papers and MeasureIT.  The surprising new addition is our webinars – we currently have a set of 11 recorded webinars that are currently available for viewing.


6         Bryan Drake                  Training & Education at CMG 2015

Bryan highlights the 35 sessions at this November’s CMG conference that are focused on training and education.  These sessions include half-day workshops (5) and CMG-T sessions (30).  This is a large number of sessions that are intended to provide educational opportunities on a variety of current topics.


7         Richard Gimarc             Events and notices for USA and international groups

Richard gives a summary of upcoming events from USA regional and international groups.  If there is an event that Richard missed, please let him know.


8         About the Authors

A brief overview of the individuals who wrote the articles in this MeasureIT issue.

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