The cover from our first issue -- January 2003!

The cover from our first issue -- January 2003!

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MeasureIT Issue 16.1

Editors: Richard Gimarc and Igor Trubin


About this issue

We are pleased to present you with our new issue of MeasureIT. This issue includes three papers from our members that provide relevant information on three different topics; Web performance analysis, data visualization and capacity planning

We are interested in hearing from you; comments, questions, or suggestion for articles.  You can send your ideas to or   Of course, there is always the formal route via e-mail to  We read and respond to all comments.   


1         Analyzing High CPU Utilization Issues on an IIS WebServer hosting multiple Web Applications & Services Using Crash/Thread Dumps

By Murthuja Shaik & Madhu Tanikella

This article is a case study describing how the authors used the Microsoft Debug Diagnostic Tool to diagnose a high CPU utilization problem observed during a load test.  The paper walks you through the steps of (a) observing a performance problem and (b) using the Debug Diagnostic Tool to pinpoint the root cause of the problem.  This paper is a good introduction to the use of a tool that would be a good addition to your toolbox.


2         Better Information from Better Data Visualization   (PDF)

By Nicole Arksey & Scott Chapman

Nicole and Scott’s paper is part of our “I’ve seen this before” series.  This paper was awarded Best Paper at the CMG 2012 International Conference.  What makes this paper worthwhile is that it gives tangible and usable advice on how to convert data visualizations from being basically serviceable into ones that tell the story we want to tell.  Introductory sections review the basics on color selection, chart types and techniques to show data relationships.  The most valuable part of the paper is the second half that walks through a number of examples of transforming initial visualizations into ones that truly tell a story.

If you have suggestions for other papers that make you think “I’ve seen this before”, let us know.


3         The Languages of Capacity Planning: Business, Infrastructure & Facilities  (PDF)

By Amy Spellmann & Richard Gimarc

Amy and Richard were invited speakers at last year’s CMG 2015 conference (unfortunately the paper did not make it into the conference proceedings and is being distributed via MeasureIT).  This is the third paper in their series on the Capacity Planning Stack.  In this paper they examine how language affects capacity planners as they negotiate and collaborate with the different areas within today’s Digital Infrastructure; namely the business, application, infrastructure and facilities teams.  Each organization generally functions as a silo and has their own terminology and vocabulary.  The goal of the capacity planner is to understand, translate and blend these different views, metrics and languages into a coherent description of IT service delivery.  This paper describes a communication plan and common language that promotes capacity planning across today’s Digital Infrastructure

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