The cover from our first issue -- January 2003!

The cover from our first issue — January 2003!

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MeasureIT – Issue 14.5, 2014

Joint Editors, Bill Jouris and Richard Gimarc

About This Issue

by Bill Jouris, Joint Editor

We are pleased to present you with this month’s issue of MeasureIT. This issue is packed with great articles, timely advice, and reports from CMG events around the world.

We would love to hear from you; feel free to send your thoughts/comments/questions and concerns to either Richard or me. You can send your thoughts to me at or to Richard at Of course, there is always the formal route via e-mail to We read and respond to all comments.



1 Tom Wilson                                            Operational Analysis Primer – Part 4

Tom winds up his primer on Operational Analysis. This month, he talks about some features of operational analysis that he hasn’t seen discussed in the literature.


2 Joe Bauer and Rachel Apgar                The Role of Organizational Maturity in Process Adoption

Joe and Rachel talk about the need to align the kind of processes you are trying to adopt with the existing culture of the business.


3 Madhu Tanikella                                     Are Network and Application Performance Related?

Madhu talks about what you can do early in the development of an application to help avoid network performance problems when you finally implement it.


4 Scott Chapman                                         WILTM: Counting Pages

Another great ‘What I Learned this Month’ article from Scott. This month Scott talks about how a feature in a new release of the operating system, which is intended to help with paging, can actually cause spikes in paging activity. At least, until you find the new system parameter which will let it not do so.


5,6 Tom Kelman                                          Events, notices for national/international chapters

Tom provides his usual useful summary of upcoming regional and international events. Also included are links to the minutes of the latest meeting.


7 About the Authors

A brief overview of who the folks are who wrote these articles.

Call for Content

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