The cover from our first issue -- January 2003!

The cover from our first issue -- January 2003!

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MeasureIT Issue 15.3

Joint editors, Bill Jouris and Richard Gimarc


About This Issue

Author by Bill Jouris, Joint Editor

We are pleased to present you with this month’s issue of MeasureIT. This issue is packed with great articles, timely advice, and reports from CMG events around the world.

We would love to hear from you; feel free to send your thoughts/comments/questions and concerns to either Richard or me. You can send your thoughts to me at or to Richard at . Of course, there is always the formal route via e-mail to We read and respond to all comments.



1 Stephen Balzac

The Blofeld School of Management
Good management requires helping your staff, including junior managers, learn from their mistakes. Stephen talks about how to use predictive scenarios to help them learn without making errors which will cause serious harm.


2 Suhanya Jesudason

Book Review: Java Performance: The Definitive Guide
Suhanya gives us a review of Scott Oaks book on Java performance. And an unexpected use which she found for it.


3 Claire Cates

Memory Caches
Claire provides us with an overview of how cache memory works. And talks about how to make it work more efficiently.


4 Alex Podelko

Breaking Performance Silos
Alex reminds us that managing application performance requires looking at all of the parts of that system. You can’t look just at memory, or just at processing, or just at IO or just at the network.


5 Bryan Drake

Paper or Presentation?
CMG’s IT Capacity & Performance Conference accepts both papers and presentations. Brian talks about the difference, and offers some advice on which one should you submit.


6 Denise Kalm

The Fast Track to CMG Paper Acceptance
Got an idea for a paper for CMG 2015, but less idea about how to put it together? Denise gives you a look at the mentoring assistance available to you.


7 Regional Events

Here are the events in CMG regions over the next couple of months. (For more details, and the latest updates, see the calendar page on the CMG website.)


8 About the Authors

A brief overview of who the folks are who wrote these articles.

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