What is the difference between a National CMG membership and a Regional CMG membership?
The U.S Regions and International Regions have their own memberships separate from National CMG. The Regions are special interest groups that conduct meetings & conferences throughout the world. Being a member of a region does not give you access to the National’s CMG member’s only section, discounted CMG publications and/or discounted CMG International Conference registration.
When does my membership expire or need to be renewed?
I signed up for MeasureIT, can I access past proceedings?
What is my username?
How do I reset my password?
Does my Company have a membership?
Am I still an Active Member?


What are the Hotel rates for the current Conference?
What are the registration fee for the Conference?
What is the difference between a Full Week Conference vs. a Corporate Full Week Conference option?
Are Hotel & Travel accommodations included with the conference registration fees?
Can I change my original Registration Option which was already processed to different one at a later date?
When will the details of the current Conference information (such as registration prices, hotel info, and agendas, etc.) be posted for my company’s conference/training budgeting purposes?
How late can I register for the conference?
Can I use a Purchase Order Number to pay for my registration?



Where is next year’s conference, and/or futures conferences?
What types of Sponsorships are available for exhibiting at a CMG conference?
What type of companies or organizations exhibit at CMG conferences?
Are there opportunities for Exhibiting Companies to present to CMG conference attendees?
Can my company exhibit at the annual conference?
Can I recommend a company for CMG to approach to exhibit?