CMG recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of computer measurement and performance evaluation. CMG presents these awards at the annual conference:

AA Michelson Award Winners

Albert Abraham Michelson was known for his technical accomplishments in measuring the speed of light and for his role as teacher and inspirer of others. CMG presents this prestigious award to recognize and encourage the same combination of technical excellence and professional contribution found in only an exceptional few. Nominate candidates for the 2015 AA Michelson Awards.

List of AA Michelson Award Winners


J. William Mullen Award Winners

Bill_MullenThe J. William Mullen award is given in memory of past CMG president Bill Mullen. This award recognizes his contributions to CMG and the profession of information technology. The award recipient is an individual who exhibits both technical excellence and an engaging presentation style.

The intent of this award is to reflect the nature of the individual for whom it is named. Bill Mullen was a man of exceptional intellectual brilliance and personal charisma, and was widely known for his excellent technical presentations at many professional conferences throughout the world.

List of J. William Mullen Award Winners


CMG Graduate Fellowship Award Winners

The CMG Graduate Fellowship program is open to full time graduate students in Computer Science and related fields. It is intended to encourage and support research in the areas of measurement, modeling, management and analysis of system and network performance. Details of the program vary from year to year and are available by contacting Please note that the Fellowship program has suspended but may be resumed in the future.

List of CMG Graduate Fellowship Award Winners


Best Paper Award Winners

Each year, conference papers judged exemplary by industry peers receive these conference honors. These papers reflect the best of the best offered at the conference.

List of Best Paper Winners